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Monday, May 28, 2007

NorCal Big Brother 8 House Guest Auditions

From the Northern California CBS Affiliate:

On Wednesday, April 11, Big Brother 8 house guest hopefuls lined up at Cache Creek Casino for show auditions and their shot at fame. They gathered video from some of the best and worst video taped auditions and posted them. Click Here to get to the video links for each contestant and watch their auditions.

After you watch, please vote here in our comments section for the contestant who you think is the best. You could vote there too, but unless you live in Sacramento, I'm guessing you have no need or desire to register on their website.

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Blogger Carolyn said...

My votes:
Jacquelyn Fonbuena - She's a live one, although I wasn't wild about her statement: "I like to drink alcohol a lot, and oh yeah, I'm a single mother." I'll give her the benefit of the doubt, and chalk up that unfortunate juxtaposition to audition nerves.

James Reeves - This guy looks reallly interesting to me, in terms of HG potential. The only drawback, Not sure if he'd pass the psych test on the way in, as he seemed on the brink of tears during the audition - could be too much of a loose cannon for them, but then again....

3:41 AM  
Anonymous Meemma said...

OMG!!! The teeefs!(sorry,long)

I have absolutely fallen in love with Kenneth Campbell. The comedy value he could add to the show is insane! I've got a handful of quotes from him already:

1. " well as my mental, uh, stuff, that's pretty good too."

(This next one is priceless--)

2. "I'm a pretty bright guy, at least I like to think so...and uh, I did graduate from college, don't remember which one. It's in there somewhere(points towards what I assume is a stack of papers). How do you NOT remember which college you graduated from?? LMAO.

3. "I eat like a race horse."

4. Q: What sets you apart from the others?
A: "Well, I don't hear myself snore, so, I'd be okay."

5. "I used to be good lookin'..."

He says he wants to go on the show to lose weight. Umm, sir, the "Biggest Loser" is to the left, to the left...ON ANOTHER NETWORK!

This guy has got to be in the house. Pure entertainment. Plus he told the interviewer that he was offended by her question when she asked him about his teeth. How can we get him in the house? ROFLMAO!!!

8:04 AM  

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