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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Good Morning... Ouch

For those of you who would like to see the final moments, here's the end of part one of the HoH Comp, captured by Quirkydude:

A Closer Look at Dick's Final Moments
Captured by Codinome

I'd recap these to give you the conversations, but I am seriously in pain. I can't even imagine how the guys are gonna feel when they wake up. Lord, give them all strength.

Immediately following the comp, while the guys got into warm clothing.. as much as they had the energy to put on their bodies, Dani fixed them both tea, hot soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. All of the competitors were very sporting to eachother.

This comp should have been named "Who can get hypothermia the fastest?"

In the following clip, captured by TheRealDeal2006, we see the extent of Zach's exhaustion. He doesn't speak until 2 minutes into the clip (FYI), but the timbre of his voice when he does, speaks volumes.

I wish there were more good videos of Zach to put up, but there just aren't.

Another immediately following the comp - Dick breaks down and Dani comes to console him. Wait for it... till about 2 minutes in. Captured by TheRealDeal2006:

Here's Dick & Dani around 3:20am BBT. Dani's reassuring Dick of how well he did in the comp. Dick is a hurtin' puppy.

4:29am BBT
Dick asks for a Hug and a Kiss.
Dani's been hugging and extremely supportive this evening,
but she's not ready to break down the last walls...
Give her time.
Captured by Codinome

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Blogger Heidi Petrelli said...

It was great seeing Dani fix food for everyone and console her father.)

10:04 AM  
Blogger JustBeechy said...

Zach winning this first round makes me wanna throw up in my mouth!! Not to mention making me VERY nervous for Dick and Dani=(

10:05 AM  
Anonymous dell griffith said...

it is amazing how dick and dani's relationship has changed...i think it finally sunk in that her dad would do ANYTHING for her...she saw the pain he was enduring and i believe it hurt her to see him going through this comp...i teared up and got chills as i watched the way she comforted, consoled and praised him when he was done...the relationship that they have built in the house is worth way more than money

10:09 AM  
Anonymous dell griffith said...

and carolyn...i hope you feel better :)

10:10 AM  
Blogger Evel Girl said...

I agree Heidi. It's good to see that nurturing side of her. I really feel for Zach and Dick. Seeing how cold they both were. Dick in pain and Zach so cold he couldn't get the spoon to his mouth. Poor things.

10:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great clips. Thanks Carolyn, for all your hard work!

10:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone else get the feeling that after Caroline was done with the over night feeds that she past out on some random couch in her house and had almonds and protein bars scattered around her? lol just a thought

10:15 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

thanks guys... and ashley, for the record:
1 pot of coffee
2 protein bars
1 little bag of almonds

and a sugar free popsicle once it was all over.

collapsed in big beautiful bed, on top of the covers.

going back there now.

10:19 AM  
Anonymous katie h said...

*goes to make carolyn some chicken noodle soup and a grilled cheese sandwhich* you did a great job, dad ... uh .. i mean carolyn, you did a great job!!! Only 2 more comps to go, we .. i mean uh .. you've got this .. just hang in there ... you're doing such an amazing job !

;) you rock

i too loved seeing the small role reversal between Dick and Dani ... it's about time we see her takingg care of him ... wonderful, wonderful moments. They really do need to think hard about DANI going into the question comp against Zach, I truly believe she would be better than Dick ... as much as i love him!

10:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awe that was so cute, her consoling him was so touching. wish she could have given him a kiss though, I think it would have made him feel a lot better.

10:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder how much of this the jury sees. It's hard not to feel pride and compassion for all these people after watching the end bits. I know this is a game, but it makes you think of all the people who go through such struggles when it's not a game - Our soulders, Katrina victims, 9/11 (and all kinds of people all over the world) etc. Humans are amazing.

It's hard to hate any of them right now. But maybe later ... ;)

10:24 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

nap time.

10:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think I like my description better. lol. It shows the drive that you have for big brother, although no one could ever question your drive because come on you do about 10 posts a day and are very much the big brother source for up to the minute news. I appreciate it and hope that your body will understand soon lol.

10:28 AM  
Anonymous deb said...

Awesome clips, thanks all for sharing as they were priceless. I just couldn't watch them suffer last night but I checked online at 4:30 and wasn't happy at who won.

However, after I watched the clips my eyes just started leaking and I felt so touched by all of them that I couldn't even dislike Zach anymore (well, at least not for the moment-LOL!). When Dani told Dick it was ok and he let go, I lost it and I rarely cry.

Thanks for manning the helm Carolyn. I certainly wouldn't have had the stomach for it, but I so appreciate you for this whole season.

Deb in WA

10:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dick u were amazing last night. to all u bitter dick-haters: kiss my a#s. u people r clueless and stupid. dick showed true heart last night. he stayed up there way beyond what his body alone could handle. the love for his children kept him going the last 3 hours of the comp. i loved seeing dani actually worried and concerned for her dad. i think she realized that she does love him. she saw he will do anything for her and she hated seeing him suffer.i think last night was the start of a new,more caring father-daughter relationship. dick is so amazing. that comp was designed for zach's body type-no doubt. bb wants to make the final 3 as nerve racking as possible, plus they want to keep the donato haters watching. no matter what, the worst case scenario is that zach makes it to final 2 against one of them. no matter what one of the donatos is winning the 1/2 mil. say what u want, zach will not get the jury votes! never! i hope dick is at the end. if zach goes i think he will take dick! if dani goes she will take him as well. regardless dick is in final 2, which is all i really care about anyways! my man dick is looking like the winner of bb-thank u jesus! i love him so much! dick marry me!

10:38 AM  
Anonymous Holly said...

Carolyn... do you know why dani kept saying "it's Jenn on a pedastool"? What does that mean?

10:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it was mean of her to deny him an I love you. I still feel she is playing him to the end and then she will brush him off again. I also feel like she is keeping him close so if he wins he will give her part of the money....which I'm afraid he will. If not, I wouldn't mind him winning. Other than winning alot of comps I have not like d her game play. She is just as conniving as anyone she has talked crap about, she just has her father do the dirty work in hopes of seeking her approval.

10:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank god ! Go Zach !

Soooo Jameka did win the veto - did you all catch that Dick said that ? No mention of cheating - so that whole blue ball thing was a fluke. This is the 1st yr I've watched this show, has this ever happened ? Do they address it in the show or is it just brushed under the carpet and we move on ?

Thanks for all your hard work and for all the updates.

10:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As much pain as Dick put on the others in the house, I'm very glad to see he had tears. Well deserved. No one deserves to be treated the way he has done, game or no game. Glad he is in pain & tears. Good job BB8.dkiw

10:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, nurturing Dani until her dad wants a hug, kiss, and I love you.

10:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

jen on a pedastool means=remember when jen and dick were the last ones standing on the log w/ a cup on their head in the veto comp on dicks 1st HOH. mike kept messing w/ dick to make him fail. dick let jen win so she would pull herself off the block and therefore dick could put up mike. what it means is regardless if zach (like jen) won or not they still can get what they want in the end! w/ jen it was to get out mike. w/ zach it means they still get to compete in #2 comp and no matter what one of them plays #3 comp. #3 comp is all that matters, if they win they go to final 2 since winner of #3 picks who to evict and who to take to final 2. hope that helps!

10:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm so glad Zack WON....

I maybe alone in that statement but I don't care. I don't like Dick I think he tatics are replusive....and as I have mentioned before does it matter how you get there...or that your there???

11:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought Daniele deserved to win this game, but Zach has been playing this game better than anyone else the last two weeks. Daniele stopped playing after pov. Where Zach used a renewal of faith strategy to win Jameka's vote. She is the key to the jury with her influence over Amber, Jessica, & Dustin. Jameka's endorsement will be huge in the final jury vote.

Dick's trash talking backfired last night because he was attacking a secure person. Zach's laugh & "Is that all you got" were classic. I've been waiting for someone to mirror Dick's insecurity attacks(mastermind/control issue & tattoos) There is a psychological theory that SOME people with conservative mothers get tattoos to punish their mother for not feeling loved as a child. I think Dick's mom being an ordained minister explains his hatred of the idea of god. (Inner child can't get over mommy didn't love me, mommy loved god) It might also explain why he wanted his mother to raise his own children.


11:11 AM  
Anonymous holly said...

Thank you anon 10:54!! =)

11:20 AM  
Anonymous hockeymom said...

Carolyn, thanks so much for all of your hard work...first thing i did when i woke up was check your site knowing you would have stuck it out for all of us sleepyheads who cant stay up!

What a brutal, brutal know Dani wouldn't make it - it's amazing that Dick held in as long as he could. Zach had a huge advantage with the rain pounding on his fat head.

I know we were all annoyed that Dani wasnt outside for parts of the end - obviously she was inside getting food ready for I guess we can all cut her a break, since her true intentions were clear at the end.

i was really touched to see her bring out towels for both Zach and her Dad, and to make sure that both of them were shows that no matter the ugliness and game play, in the end they are all human and were all suffering through it.

I checked BB7 this morning to remind myself of last years' comps...the 5 minute endurance where Boogie let go on the volcano knowing that Janie and Erika would have to take him and Janie letting go with one hand by mistake, and then the 2nd comp where they were harnessed and had to pull themselves around that contraption...Boogie's strength gave him the advantage over Janie...I guess the 3rd comp was questions...

So I really think that Dani should take comp 2 and then she can kick butt with the questions since Zach can't remember anything...and maybe he will be so exhausted from last night that he will be even less of a threat.

Do we know when comp 3 will be?

11:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was crying watching the interaction between Dani and Dick. I think she realizes now how deep his love is for her. She saw his hurt and determination and how he was heartbroken over his failing body.

I see hope in the future... :sigh:


12:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been a fan of Dick from the beginning. He had me at Hello. Got tired of his brash game play and strategy.

But he won me over last night. The guy is amazing with determination. Unfortunately, having an older out of shape body did him in. Unless Mike and Nick was there still... I don't see anybody lasting as long. Especially not Eric.


12:28 PM  
Anonymous Tella said...


Don't be too stressed out. Zach did a phenomenal job and has a much stronger body and he was hurting. He deserved this win.

Now Dani will take round 2 and then tomorrow fight it out for HoH in a Q&A on the Live Show with Zach. Depending on who wins.... it will be D&D in F2 or most likely Dani and Zach. Then if people vote for game play and not personal vendetta... Dani should have it.

I also believe Dani will make right and share with her family... and that includes Dick and Vincent. I think he heart may have softened up watching her dad fight so strong for her.

12:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10:49..I was thinking the same thing. She is such a brat.

12:39 PM  
Blogger Cliff O'Neill said...

I'm sure Dick will be gracious in defeat and will be the model of sportsmanship in competition.

So, Dick .... nyah.

12:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have to say, after the horrible battle that went on during the challenge, I am very pleased to see all 3 competitors being peaceful and calm with each other. It might be due to the exhaustion, but still, it is nice to see.

12:42 PM  
Anonymous Tella said...



on your nap!


12:42 PM  
Blogger Mike M. said...

I was initially touched by Dani's eventual assurance to Dick that "it'll be allright, no matter what happens" before he dropped out of the competition. Fixing soup and sandwiches for both of them and telling her dad what a great job he did was also very surprisingly sweet coming from her. However, I think what Dick really wanted was that hug & kiss from her, a show of affection outside of the game. The fact that she denied him that just further solidifies my hope that she is next to get the boot in the BB house. She is an extremely selfish person, who had brief moments yesterday of selflessness. Dick gave every ounce of himself to protect her in this game and she couldn't even properly thank him. Go Dick & Zach in the final two!!

1:30 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

she really did hug him plenty... and in the end, supported him to the best of her ability... as p.o.'d as i was with her standing inside too long for my taste, she really came through for her dad and for zach when it was all over (and her dad before then).

1:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why couldn't she just give the man what he asked for?????????????? That showed her true character. She's not trying to mend a relationship, she is only playing a game and she needed Dick to get this far. She had plenty of hugs him when he won HOH or POV. She's just as much a user as she claims everyone else in the house was. (making Dick do her dirty work) She wouldn't share her winnings with him if her life depended on it. But Dick will share with her, to keep her in his life, but she'll be gone when the $$ is.
Just my opinion, thanks for the opportunity to share it.


2:03 PM  
Anonymous kels said...

that video of

he deserved to win. gracious and strong. but he looks so worn down.

2:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The people who are upset with Dani about not hugging her dad, did you hear that part about saying something to the DR and prod. (James)?

Dani says something in DR about how much she loves and admires her dad. Dani thought James (the producer) told Dick. So, she does say things, maybe she just doesn't like the idea of dealing with all of this in the Big Brother house.

I think they are closer now than before the game.

Great job Carolyn!

I hope Dick or Dani win part three. If it isn't a D&D it will be the last time I waste my time watching Big Brother.

3:04 PM  
Anonymous think.reciprocity said...

I cried my itty bitty eyes out with this competition. I'm a mom of a 19 year old who's behaviour & treatment towards me is far less than desirable much of the time. We'll see how he matures over the years. But, for now, he's 19 & completely self-absorbed. He has his shining moments of kindness, but they are few & far between.

Dani is many of the things folks have said about her - but, she's SOOO young, I don't judge her harshly because she is so immature. I do not believe she would openly share with Dick or Vincent if she won - would feel resentful "BUT, I Won IT... I don't owe YOU anything". Again, she's young & emotional in that way.

Anyone who says she hasn't done anything in this game is not really paying attention(I've seen a lot of folks say she's riding Dick's coat tails). She has been FIERCE. And, even though she is young, immature, & emotional in many ways - she has shown great focus, discipline, & restraint throughout the game.

I think she has played a phenomenal game but would pick Dick over her to win. Dick, with his many flaws, has impressed me - even after disappointing me with his behaviour over the last couple of days.

In this competition he shined as a father. I cried. I really cried. I understood that it was the father in him who was driven to go on. When Dani would speak of Vincent, he would strengthen. He ain't perfect, by a longshot, but, he does love his kids. He stuck in there through thick & thin & really needed Dani to say, "It's okay" & to keep saying it so he could be done with it.

As for Zach, I am impressed with him although I didn't think much of him throughout the game. I think we all misjudged him. (I don't know anything of these strange comments & therefore won't comment on them)

I believe he's been playing a clever game of observe & lay low until it's your turn to pounce! He was in the zone & there wasn't anything Dick could do psychologically to get to him. Amber really would have been the better choice to take this far. She didn't have that inner strength, discipline & resolve that Zach has.

I'm torn between wanting Dick to win & wanting Zach to! To me, Dick winning is also Dani winning (but don't feel it would be the same in reverse). Can't wait to see the rest of this & hope that some of Zach's strength is shown to the jury - or he may not have a fair shake. I don't know.

That's my 50 cents for now...

Thanks for putting this all together...

3:17 PM  
Blogger Beth & Eric said...

Zach could've been an a** after that and all the taunting, but I think he was a gracious winner...

3:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just want to say that that clip of Zach made me really want to cry first he was abused verbally by Dick and he did such an awsome job on winning and then he looked like he was about to pass out from hypertherma sorry guys but Zach deserves to win!!!!!

4:43 PM  
Blogger JudyD said...

Watching the video of Zach trying to eat while shivering was sad.Got to give it to him though he won one of the hardest comps ever.Hope he doesn't get the flu.

Then I really cried when I watched poor Dick trying to shed those wet clothes and Dani coming to his aid.They may not have had much of a relationship at the beginning of this season but last night showed us all there is hope for the two of them.

This was by far the most physically demanding comp I have ever seen.I really can't believe the men were there for over 7 hours.Hope they all get medical attention today.worried about Dick getting pnuemonia.

Right now I really could care less who is in the final 2.Last night and into the early morning hours those three battled H*ll on earth.They made me proud to be an American when they helped each other.Dani came through for those guys with hot soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.

5:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've thought Zach was a little quirky or creepy on several occassions.

I don't agree with some of Dick's tactics & think he takes things way too far while just trying to "get into their heads".

I don't like to watch when Dani gets snippy and gives her Dad the silent treatment, when he has been calmly trying to talk to her.

Zach did an amazing job in that competition last night! And Zach's behavior after enduring Dick's tactics during the comp was impressive when he told Dick he was amazing at the end. I have a new found respect for him.

Dick also did an amazing job. I've seen his love and devotion to his kids throughout this season & last night it was just so much more obvious. He may not be a typical Dad, but that doesn't mean he wouldn't die for them!

Dani was also impressive. She didn't like seeing her dad hurting & knew he wouldn't stop unless she ok'd it. She took care of both her dad & Zach when they needed her. And as far as not "kissing" or saying "I love you" to her dad, I can understand why. (And she did give him a hug) She's still cautious & trying to protect her own heart from getting hurt again. I truly do think she loves her dad, it's just hard for her to admit it or show it to him. Throughout her 21yrs, she has had people that she loved leave her & I think she just has learned to hold back, & in someways has that philosopy of "You can't get mad and leave me if I leave (or don't care) first" I can relate.

I do think D&D are on the right track to strengthing their relationship. Eventually, Dani will grow up a bit & she will realize that she can't change who her Dad is. And neither of them can give her back her childhood & make it like the "Cleaver's". And she will learn to accept that. (I did)

I will be okay with any of them winning. But am still rooting for the Dynamic Duo Donato's!


5:54 PM  

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