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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Happy Endurance Comp Day!

It's 6:40 am in the Big Brother house, and Dick and Daniele are up playing cards at the tiny dining table. I really hope they get some more sleep soon, or tonight's Endurance Comp could become a huge upset for them. All depends how late BB lets them sleep today...

They did both sleep between the hours of midnight till around 4am BBT, but they've been up playing with the deck of cards BB gave them ever since. Zach and Jameka have both been sleeping pretty soundly since around 11:30pm.

Dani: I think after this game, I'm gonna try to sleep again.
Dick: Ok... I'm down for trying to sleep again.
Dani: Maybe they'll let us sleep till 3.
Dick: No, they're gonna wake us up..
Dani: If we have to clean the house.. yeah, but we'll clean and just go back to bed.

They've been on a 24 hour lockdown since about 6:30pm BBT yesterday, so they're just over 12 hours into it. Shockingly, Dick's doing pretty darn well with the nicotine addiction thus far.

The houseguests know they have a live show today, and they've figured out that Jameka will be evicted tonight, and they know there's construction happening in the backyard for a comp, but I don't believe they've clued in to it being endurance.

As of a few minutes before 7am BBT, Zach's up changing batteries and then back to bed up in the HoH Room... and at 7:06am BBT, Dick and Daniele are both in their beds... while visions of dollar signs dance in their heads.

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Blogger Cindy said...

I'm glad they went back to bed. Perhaps now that they've eaten they can get some more sleep.

I was thinking that Dick is doing well with not smoking. I wonder if they gave him a patch?

7:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Carolyn, any word on the so-called "cheating" by ED? (He apparantly recevived a letter from Vincent, which contained code that was concocted by ED and Vincent prior to the game.) The controversy I heard, was "should he, or should he not receive punishment in the form of penalty NOM?". What are your thoughts?

7:23 AM  
Blogger higgie said...

I'm sorry for asking a question here Carolyn, but, I dont know where else to go for an answer. I heard this in one of the chat rooms this morning. Dani uses pov, takes herself off, Zach has to put someone else up, he puts himself up, Jam now has a vote....Dani evicts Zach, Jam evicts Dick. A tie...Zach as hoh breaks the tie and Dick goes home. Is this possible??? Tell me it can't happen please!!!! Can hoh put himself up and still break tie. I apologize for asking u this here...I'm just freaking out lol.
p.s. maybe this can go under the "rumour" category lol

7:26 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

cindy - i dunno.. could be.

cass - i really think the rumor mill is working overtime on this one, and i don't think he will get a penalty nom. the letter was too old to be of any assistance to him when he got it, and BB makes penalty noms on the spot... Could it happen anyway? Sure. I just don't think it will.

Hi Higgie :) So nice to see you! I really don't think the HoH can put himself up, and as a nominee, he would have no vote... I think people are just freakin out cuz there's been nothing else to do...

7:31 AM  
Blogger higgie said...

Ok...phew...thanks so much Carolyn for responding. I didn't think so either...think I'll keep my mouth shut in the That'll teach me for going in a "strange" room! I'm way too stoked to see the Donatos in final three, so, nothing but positive thoughts for me today! Miss you!

7:36 AM  
Blogger Innamorata said...

I can barely contain myself to be honest with you!!!!

p.s. Oh and by the way Carolyn, I am a Survivor FANATIC, so if you're willing, I would love to help you do a blogspot on that show :-)


7:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

YAWN...omg BB is soooo boring now. Sniff sniff...AND its almost over!! What in the heck am I gonna watch now?

7:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree w/Alida! This is the first year that I've gone on-line with BB and I think it would be great for Survivor! Your blog has been a great way of seeing the "trust house guests" and not what CBS wants us to see on tv. I haven't gotten the live feeds yet, but I think next year I will. Again thanks for all you do!
Smooches to you!

7:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL, I think the whole penalty nom thing is funny. Of course they WON'T do that. Forget about ratings and it being the last 2 episodes (which is hard to forget). But the whole code thing is silliness. Dick could just be boasting (he does like to boast), and if he was afraid of of being punished all he had to do was keep his mouth shut. They would need a forensic examination for this one - seriously. Someone would have to review the letter and conclude it was really coded (which is near impossible), they would probably need a polygraph, and more importantly, it was Vincent who broke the rule not Dick. They would have to give the penalty nom to Vincent - and he's, uh, not in the game.

About HOH's, they can't put themselves on the block. They talked about this rule sometime earlier in the season. Forget when, but they were chatting about it and stated the rule.

7:55 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

alida, beth... re survivor...

i tried doing it last year, and as much as i love survivor, there are a couple of issues:

1. It starts SO SOON after BB, and I seriously need a break!
2. Unlike BB where we have 100% access via the feeds, with survivor we are at the mercy of the producers and editors...
3. It only airs once a week...
4. Nothing is out of the question. ;)

7:57 AM  
Blogger Innamorata said...

Makes sense, Lord knows you deserve a break!

If you could show me HOW, I could do most of the work for you love. I love things like this and it could be cool having a forum to discuss things like we did here!


8:06 AM  
Blogger Cliff O'Neill said...

I dunno. I thought I heard D&D saying how the first part of the three-part final HOH is always endurance.

(I love/hate the fact that so many contestants know so much about the game this season. Nice that they're fans. Not nice that there are fewer surprises.)

8:12 AM  
Blogger alesbo4u277 said...

I am so excited to watch the comp tonight on the feeds! Words can NOT even explain how excited I am! On top of it Dani & Dick have are both in the comp! Can I get a hell yeah!

8:15 AM  
Anonymous MoNYC said...

Cliff, I could see how the fact that the players are fans can be annoying but at the same time I think that it can only make BB step up their game and add more interesting and challenging, er, challenges (unless BB decides to bar fans from the cast, which is VERY difficult I would imagine).

8:21 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

hail, hail - the gang's all here :)



8:22 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...


Fear Not! ;)

You can re-watch the feeds if ya want! They'll be running the whole season over again, starting right after the finale!

Also, after the show is over, they're gonna have exclusive interviews with the HGs and exclusive coverage of the finale, etc., etc...

8:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a great post! I can't tell you how glad I was to see BB give them a deck of cards. About time!!!

In their beds with dollar signs dancing in the heads! Love it! They better get some rest, who know's what BB has in store for them tonight.

I'm off myself to get a nap before hitting the store to load up on munchies and caffeine for later tonight.

Thanks again for keeping me updated when my real world interrupts.


PS - My vote is that BB gave ED nicotine gum to keep the peace. I'm a smoker so I should know... you can't smoke after wearing the patch, but you can soon after chewing the gum without serious side effects. Gotta keep the Donatos healthy so they can keep counting those dollars.

8:55 AM  
Blogger Cliff O'Neill said...


But who will fill us in on the live Survivor feeds from the tribes' monkey cams?

9:29 AM  
Blogger Ashley said...

I'm so sad I'm going to miss the whole thing. It's my boyfriends birthday today and I think he might be a little annoyed if I picked Big Brother over him.

9:34 AM  
Anonymous bianca said...

they do know it's an endurance comp today.
they had a talk yesterday, or maybe the day before, dick was saying how final 3 always involvs an endurance holding on to their key.

9:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what time will they show the endurance comp. on the live feeds? will it be after the west coast show airs?

9:45 AM  
Anonymous Jeannie said...

Oh a Survivor Blog what a great idea woo hoo, I missed the last two seasons of Survivor but I may watch this one. It would be great to continue here with everyone, I love it and Carolyn your the best for all that you do for us, we really appreciate it here. CANADA LOVES CAROLYN.

10:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dick's son confirmed that the letter contained code so there are no ifs ands or buts about that. Also in the contract they have to sign to be on the show it states that if they are caught cheating they will be sent home.

Of course this is Dick so rules don't always apply. However, since Jen took the time to read the rule book when she was penalized I am sure that there will be some problems when she finds out about the letter.

I am sure that next years HGs will love Dick because all communication from the outside will probably not be allowed.

2:09 PM  

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