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Friday, July 06, 2007

It's Getting a Little Catty inside the BB8 House

The Veto Comp finally ended, and all the house guests chowed down on some pizza, including a couple who were on slop and apparently won slop passes, which Jen (the butt) did her share of complaining about.

It didn't take long for Amber to sidle up to Daniele and make an attempt at becoming bff's. When we last saw them (the feeds cut out a second ago), they were chatting up a catty storm about Jen, and how she hikes her shorts or bathing suit up her bum, and then positions herself in front of camera. Daniele saying, "How much attention does she need??!" More whispering ensued.

From this angle, it looks like Amber may have changed her mind about staying up on the block, as she's somewhat slyly campaigning herself off. It wouldn't surprise this blogger to see Jen up there in Amber's place tomorrow. Not one bit.

Of course, I sincerely doubt that would make production, the network or the camera department very happy. Jen's tush has got to be quite the draw for all of them. So far, though Boogie may feel differently, she hasn't displayed any other real attributes.

Meanwhile, Carol still sits on the nomination block, as well. She seems pretty calm about her circumstances. Perhaps she'll make a move later on tonight.

And the feeds are back on again! :)

Images supplied by Branbees

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