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Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Overnight Report

07/20/07 11:10 PM
Mike, Kail & Jen Discuss the Game & the Veto Comp
Mike: Nobody's intimidating me. I'm bigger than the game. You've been nothing but loyal to me. I want to continue that right on through.
Jen: I'm not part of the alliance, so I'm alright if it's not used on me.

They all agree they can no longer trust Zach. Their plan for the veto comp is as follows: If they are the final 3 in the veto comp, Jen is to throw the comp to Mike, so he can use the Veto to remove Kail from the hot-seat. They believe Zach would then be the replacement nominee, and that Jen would very likely survive such a situation with flying colors. They think Zach will be voted out by a margin of 8 to 0.

Jen: What about Daniele rallying people against me?
Mike: They want Zach out more.

Then Mike launches into the longest monologue we've heard out of him since he entered the Big Brother house! Who knew he had all those words stored up. ;) I guess Dick inspires him.

Mike: He's on a big power trip... and a big ego trip. He just came out of a situation - from bottom of the barrel up on the block, to HoH. Now the people who were out to get him are on the block... That's why he's on this big power trip and he's just like 'wow'. His ego's really big right now because of it. He wants to run the show right now, and he thinks he can run the show. He certainly has the power to put up who he wants, and he certainly speaks his mind enough, but it doesn't mean he knows everything. It doesn't mean he can intimidate everybody, and it doesn't mean he can boss everybody around and tell them what they're gonna do, and what they're not gonna do. He can make all the threats in the world he wants to me... which he's not gonna do - he's not gonna threaten me about it. He's just gonna simply say, 'if you're using the PoV, you're a target', but I'm already a target, so it's no big deal.
    ***Take a bow, Mike. Catch your breath.
11:35pm BBT
Kail, Mike & Jen - cont'd.
Kail: Dick admitted he lied in his nomination speech.
Mike: Did you feel betrayed by my vote to evict Joe?
Kail: (indicates she wasn't) I'm just amazed Evel admitted to it.
Jen: I understand why... He admitted to that lie, so it looks like he's come clean, and he can have his other lies remain unquestioned.
Kail: You don't have admit to it when you're in charge.
    ***This may be the most telling statement Kail has uttered since she entered the BB house. It's how she approaches the game, 100%. She comes from a place where she is in charge, so she feels no responsibility to admit to anything.
Kail lets the others know she's not in for Zooma Zooma tonight. Jen leaves to go play. Mike stays back with Kail, and she reveals her "I'm all alone" strategy to him to assuage his guilt.

Mike: Did you feel betrayed by me? I didn't want you to feel that way. It was my mistake for not telling you that the house had changed. I thought you knew I was changing my vote, even though I didn't say it.
Kail: I did not feel betrayed by you. I am letting Evel think I am all alone. He said "we will form together out of survival." I told him, "I guarantee you I would never line up with Nick or Zach." I told him, "I don't know where Mike stands." I told him, "Mike never lied to me." I told him, "I don't know where I stand with him." To get back to your question, I feel loyal to you. I feel we have the same philosophies and ideals. I did not and do not feel betrayed.

Mike: It was my fault. I would say hate me for what I did if it makes you feel better.

Kail shakes her head.

Mike: I just wanted to make you aware of that.

Kail: I probably said I was surprised, but I don't think I ever said betrayed. That's too strong a word. I do want to let you know Evel accused me of going through the house....the order of the keys is the order he will go after targets. It was Nick, Zach, you. I can't win against Nick.
Mike: It's the other way.
Kail: So he'll put you.
Mike: He doesn't bother me. He doesn't upset me. I can look him straight in the eye and say "so what."
Kail: I don't want to go up against you. I'd really rather go up against her (Jen).

Buoyed by alcohol and the insanity of BB incarceration, Zach tore off all his clothes and streaked, from the inside of the house, through the Backyard and into the pool. Everyone was cheering, and rather mischievously grabbing his clothes and his towel.
    ***Pics in earlier post.
He was able to find another towel.

Zach seems very pleased with himself now.

Mike & Kail
Round Room
Long, judgmental discussion of Dick and Dani's relationship. I'll spare you.

Amber, Nick, Dani
1:16am BBT
Amber: Did you look at him when he was running? I did!
Dani: It's so small! It's so small!
Nick: Shhh.
Dani: Don't shush me!

1:30am BBT
Daniele, Jessica, Jameka

The girls are gossiping about Kail and Mike, primarily... talking about how Kail is crying in her room... saying "if you're going to mope around like Carol, you're going to go home."

Jess: I thought she (Kail) was gonna corner me and campaign. I was surprised that Mike didn't deny anything Dick was saying to him earlier. I'm more surprised that he did not get put up against Kail.
Daniele: Did you see his face when he got a key? That stupid "Mike" face... Kail is so fake! Nobody wants to be around her.
Jameka: Maybe she wasn't going to put you up again. Maybe things change...
Daniele: No, both her and Mike would!
Jameka: hmmm..
Daniele: She totally acts like this moral and nice person who's loyal, but everything she says is based in lies.

They move on to discuss the MRA...

Daniele: I think Mike will vote with the majority. Those people are selling themselves out left and right.
Jameka: Quite possibly the worst alliance ever.
Jessica: If they'd won this week they'd be good.
Daniele: They're all selling themselves out. First Jen, then Kail. Nobody cares about each other. Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy. 1 free week! We each need to win HoH to have 4 free weeks.

The girls descend into Zach mockery...

Daniele: He kept talking about "unleashing the beast."
Jameka: He did? The ones that talk about it...
Daniele: That was gross. It was really gross. I'll have nightmares.
Jessica: Whenever I saw him running, all I saw was a hairy patch.
Daniele: He always says he shaves his wiener too.
Jessica: He does? It was hairy.
Daniele: He talks about how he shaves other guys.
Jessica: Maybe he's gay.
Daniele: He's so fake.
Jessica: (teasing)You like him, you know it. You want to make out with him.
Daniele: Ewwwwwww!

And on to Jen... and her liberal display of her bald cooch on the live feeds the other night...

Eric joins them up in the HoH... and gets in on the mock Zach act.

Eric: I wanted to tell you I effin' hate you. Each and every one of you. Even you on your birthday. I find it to be completely unacceptable that I am going to be alone in the small room with Zach and it's the three of yours faults directly. He's going to sexually rape me! He's ridiculously small. Is it just me, or is there a problem there? Maybe it is because he's such a large man, and it's not proportionate.
    Eric's not lyin'. Check out the post titled "Zach's Liquid Courage" for confirmation. ;)

Jessica: After I saw one flop, I turned away.

3:04am BBT
Dick and Daniele
Dick: Kail was crying earlier. I tried to tell her that I didn't put her up to make her feel miserable. I put her up to send her home.
Dick: If Kail picks Mike to play PoV, and Mike wins and uses it, Zach goes up, and Jen goes home, then Mike and Kail go up next week...
Daniele: It's probably going to be something Kail's good at...
Dick: Or Jen
Daniele: What? A naked contest?

Time to turn on the feeds, folks! It's now 8am BBT, and the Creatures have been awoken for the Veto Comp!

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