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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Big Brother 8 - The Only Known Fact

It's been a slow news week in the pre-bb8 world. Sure there've been rumors and myspace hacks (that actually weren't hacks at all, but complete imposters), and even a semi-finals bb8 hopeful spilling the beans about the process and what he perceived as the focus (high school, bullies, etc) for the season, for what that's worth. It's all speculation at this point.

The only fact is this: Big Brother 8 is now less than one month away!

Now there's something to cheer about. :)
  1. Who among you will be joining us watching the feeds?
  2. Any first timers?
  3. Do you have a room you like to go to?
  4. If so, where's the most drama: on the feeds or in the chat? ;)
  5. How psyched are we?!?!?
Please let us know here in the comments section of the blog.. see.. where it say comments right below this post... a little to the right. ;)

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Anonymous Mr N!c said...

I've got the live feeds the last two years. i think i might again this year!..i can't help but watch the hoh challagne that runs over!...
Im so excited..

12:30 AM  
Anonymous Luvlyness said...

I am an avid feed watcher!! I've been watching BB since season 1 and the feeds since season 4. Drama? It's on the feeds! I don't get involved in the chat room variety. Ok, I might roll my eyes or something but that's about it LOL Let the games begin because I am ready for Season 8!! Wooohooo!

12:39 AM  
Anonymous Miranda said...

I got live feeds last year and LOVED every second of it. I am a newly wed with a newly-purchased home this year, so I don't know if hubby will let me spring for the live feeds since he knows I will sit in front of the computer the whole time. Last summer, I brought my laptop to class and watched the feeds during class (with the volume down of course)... Shhhhh... don't tell my teacher :o)

SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!

3:54 AM  
Blogger Ravinon said...

I'm very very excited for the new season. I'm going to get the feeds again this year. Ive made some wonderful friends from last seasons feeds. I was part of the 51 room until about mid season when all hell broke out. Let the War games began! My group is already talking about what room were gonna get into this year. LOL Unfinished bussines is all i gotta say of course all in fun! XOXOX ravinon

5:14 AM  
Blogger Viscious_Sins said...

This will be my 1st year for live feeds. Hubby just doesnt know it yet but he will agree since he is a huge fan. He is just not into the spoilers but he will be amazed by what you dont see on the show. I was only in 1 chatroom for BB and that was for the 1st season and it was on webtv lol. I am so excited to meet the new house guests and so is hubby. BB is the best Reality TV show ever lol. I can hardly contain myself cnsidering I had no clue it was to begin in less than a month all thanx to TYAVM for being awesome peeps and getting the word out. We love you as much as we do the show lol.

GBY all ^j^

11:03 AM  
Anonymous Kim said...

I've been a BB watcher since season 1. I ordered the live feeds for season 6 and 7 and will have them for 8. I am so addicted to the happenings on the live feeds I have no time for chats. =)
Saw the new commercial yesterday for BB8 with Janelle saying, "What goes around comes around, right?" It was awesome and I am excited for BB8. xoxo- Kim

12:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've had feeds since season 3...
Love the feeds but so addicting..
I will get the feeds but try to
limit myself... I said limit... LOL

I'm a room 10 roomie... for the past 2 years... last season tho they kept shutting down rooms so we did alot of wandering... and searching for friends.. hopefully this year CBS can keep it together..
Can't wait till July 5th!!!

(-: Debi

11:56 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

y'all are so sweet!
just popped into the hotel business center (i'm out of town for a cousin's wedding) to check for comments to publish, and myspace stuff, and.. i'm just touched. :)

6:36 AM  
Anonymous michelle said...

i haven't decided if im getting live feeds yet...they are so i really want to spend my summer stuck to my computer..........cause if i get the feeds i will be stuck to my computer.....danged if i do ....danged if i don't lol

7:41 PM  
Blogger ddugo said...

I so cant wait!!! let me know if ya need any help!

3:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the new season to begin and glad to see BBDish back for one more round! Yeah!

3:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey all BB fans!! This is bravebaby3 from feed 1 room 9!! There is a large group of us that meet there every year and have since the beginning of chat. :) We have so much fun together, we even do a christmas gift exchange. We're all excited for the new season to start, and can't wait for the live feeds as well!!! Last year we had some of our friends from the east coast with web cams showing the show to those of us on the West Anything to get to watch it together!! Cant wait till July!!

9:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been watching since S2 - feeds to halfway thru S3! You bet your sweet bippy I'll get them again this year. Unless I have to deal with school bullies - then honestly I don't know if I can watch at all, I'm hoping it's a complete rumor!

Looking forward to 7/5, or at least until we start getting some leaks about the house and the houseguests...

Karah in Florida

8:48 AM  
Blogger Heidi Petrelli said...

This is the first year I have a chance to get the feeds-I am very excited about it!

6:30 PM  
Anonymous DogMom said...

This will be my third season for the live feeds, and I love it! I am an addict, but I am on the East coast so all the fun in CA starts after I'm in I record it!

10:03 AM  
Anonymous noodlehead said...

Feed 1 Room 7 is the bomb! Let's hope this year are regular rooms are available and we don't have to impose on the neighbors while we wait for it to open.

noodlehead looking forward to some interesting feeds!

4:48 AM  

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