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Friday, July 20, 2007

The Big Brother House Has Become Nocturnal

If you've got some time before you go to work, turn on the feeds. In response to Dick's new position as HoH, the house has gone nocturnal. At the moment, 5am BBT, Eric, Jameka,

Jessica and Daniele are up in the HoH room with Dick.

The houseguests are on inside lockdown - and all suspecting a huge comp is being built in the backyard.

Nick hasn't had a chance to speak privately with Dick yet, but Kail has (cue ominous music), and between her and a few other people, a significant amount of doubt has been cast upon Nick... Not enough to change Dick's mind about nominating Jen and Kail, but enough to make him really question Nick's loyalties... :::sigh::: Zach's too... Mission accomplished for Kail and Jen - at least to a point.

A full overnight report will be posted by 9am BBT. It's gonna be a long one, folks! They've been up gaming all night long.

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Anonymous genniekap said...

say it isn't so!!! E.D. cannot doubt Nick! Please... just focus on the riff raff in the house (Jen and Kail)! Hopefully ED will have a heart to heart with Nick and realize that he truely is harmless!

5:33 AM  
Blogger Cliff O'Neill said...

I am sooo bummed. Why do y'all like Dick!? I just cannot STAND that man! Kail's no prize, but no one gets on my last nerve as much as the Master Spitter. Grrrr.

OK, maybe Amber. Like, why is Dustin friends with her?!

I suppose I'd deal with Kail leaving (she has too sooner rather than later), but not my Jen! My precious, precious Elastigirl!

7:48 AM  

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