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Friday, July 06, 2007

First Impressions on the 24/7 Live Feeds

The feeds finally cut on last night at 9pm HGTime, midnight eastern. For the first hour or so, it was a big jacuzzi fest. Jacuzzi, pool and billiards, with a little workout room strategy session thrown in for good measure.

We learned early on that Carol and Amber were the HGs that Kail the HoH had nominated for eviction. Carol is passively vying for votes: "I'm not going to campaign against Amber. She's my girl," while Amber is quite intently pursuing every vote she can get. Thanks to Amber, we actually had some really nice strategy talk going on on the feeds last night. So far, it seems she's locked up the following votes: Dick, Justin, Zach, and possibly Daniel and Jessica, according to Dick, since Daniele has become very close to Jessica, and Carol is Jessica's rival.

Since the battle for the Power of Veto will be held today, all of this campaigning could well become a moot point, but that's how it stands so far.

Also, the HGs, are all wondering if the three enemies will even get to vote, since they were safe from nomination...

Last night on the feeds was quite an education in the personalities of the houseguests. The biggest surprise was Evel Dick: not so evil after all. In fact, after watching him last night, he's quickly rising as a favorite. He just seems genuine and nice. This morning he shed real tears over the relationship with his daughter, so there is a real man in there, and he has heart and not just the bravado we were shown by the editors of the tv show last night. One of our friends who was a live feeds virgin till just last night sent this in:
    Seeing Dick break down and cry just now all alone over his daughter really showed me a different side of him. It's almost uncomfortable, because it is so private. He's a decent guy though - a bit gross on certain things, but a good guy.

While Dick's appeal has risen dramatically, Joe's has plummeted. The feeders we've talked to pretty well unanimously can't stand him, and are happily awaiting his ouster. It's that lack of self-editing... he's just a little too showy and a little too needy. P.S. He's most definitely still got feelings for Dustin. Dustin, however, seems quite over him.

Nick. In addition to the eye candy that is Nick, last night we learned he's rather interested in Daniele... If anyone's looking for a pretty-people showmance, this could be it. Seems Jen and her, like, would-have-been-appropriate-on-South Beach-but-not-in-the-house-up-the-tush-bikini, is quite interested in Nick too, but while her body does provoke the thoughts, he doesn't have much to say to her thus far.

Nick's a good Minnesota boy. According to Amber, while she was lying in the hammock with Dick, Nick "Didn't lose his virginity till he was 21, and he's only been with 5 girls." Dick being Dick was, of course, astonished. Nick's game seems pretty focused on the flirt - male or female. In that respect, I guess he's a more evolved version of Howie.

The only thing that made my jaw drop (apart from Nick's wet body) last night was when he admitted to having given a guy a bj, but he's not gay. He made the statement whilst in the jacuzzi with Joe, I believe, and I think it may have been more game play than honesty.. or perhaps it was honest, but told purely to further ingratiate him into Joe's fantasy life, and establish a bond that will bring Joe to his side if he ever needs it.

These are just my first impressions on the 24/7 live feeds. The overnight report will be posted by 9am HGTime (noon eastern) in time for BB to wake them all up! Check back periodically for more! I'll be making a concerted effort to NOT drive our myspace friends nuts with bulletins every 20 minutes, but there will be updates!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Carolyn. I don't see Danielle staying long in the house. BTW did anyone get Showtime2 last night? I did so did many others from what I heard.
Let the games begin.......
Thanks for the best blog as usual Carolyn.

Debbie in NY

6:09 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

We're watching both... Showtime has the same thing that's on the live feeds, but only 3 hours a day... Personally, I prefer the feeds, cuz I get to choose what I'm watching. ;)

6:19 AM  
Anonymous Stacie said...

thank you for the girls are great!

I agree with the Dick and Danielle situation it is just uncomfortable to say the least!!

7:36 AM  
Blogger DollFacee said...

lmao your bulletins don't drive me crazy on myspace. i actually love them! way better than the stupid foward ones.

i wish i had live feeds! or showtime2. urgh! but i depend on all of you guys to dish out the dirty secrets! =]

11:04 AM  

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