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Monday, July 02, 2007

Janie's Perspective on the Big Brother 8 Houseguests

Ever wonder what some of the former HGs might think of the current ones? Well, a bulletin went out on myspace a little while ago from our friend Laura, whom many of you know as Popples. In it she quoted her friend Deb, who had occasion to speak with Janie from seasons 6 & 7. What follows is the bulletin in it's entirety. Enjoy.

    ***Since posting this last night, I have learned that the source is incorrect. Such is the nature of the myspace bulletin... To my current understanding, this actually comes from Seriously Will...WTF, a members only forum, and was a chat recap written by JFan.

"Hi Laura, Janie had a chat and this is what she said, Will told her this, kind of interesting... I'll be keeping an eye on this girl. I'm adding other things Janie said about BB also...July 1st

"She said today the HG's would be going into the house and the first day walk around they house like an idiot and have your first dinner and hoh

She wanted to know if we had seen Laremy's predictions on Jokers???? Said he is way off.

Janelle said the house this year is her favorite. Then suggested that it is nicer because they have a bigger budget as they aren't shelling out 2 grand a week for HG's. They have to give $700 for new houseguests

Janelle loves the new cast and said that she can't wait to pick out an amazing dress for the wrap party and meet the cast . So far she wants to meet Dani (a fellow blonde bombshell) and Mike because he is super hot.'

She asked who are favorites HG's are so far. Someone said Nick and she said she likes Nick too but hopes he is not meathead!!!

Janie said she and Will are still friends and he keeps talking about the ringer he put in the game. She said the ringer is Jen. Will told her to watch for a t-shirt and she had a t-shirt with a slogan on it. He has given her other hints too so Janelle is sure it is Jen. Will also has told her things like "I will see you in the BB House this summer."

She thinks it is cool that Dick and Dani know each and thinks they probably have a pre-game alliance. her favorite HG's are Dani, Mike, and Dick (Dick only because she met him, she knows he will play good and he is a big fan of the game.) Someone told her Mike was gay and she wanted to know why all the good looking guys are gay

She said she is getting the feeds and will be totally addicted. Also reconfirmed that she is doing HC at the end of July.

Talking more about the the HG's she said she thinks Joe is going to be America's player and that they are going to want him to flirt with guys. Said Howie did that and he didn't even get paid. In discussing who would get evicted first, Janelle said she used to think Kail but she recognized her from the BB6 auditions and knows she is a big fan of the game. So like Dick she will probably do well. Janelle predicted that Carol or Jessica will be the first one voted out. She said it is always a woman that is the first out because they are easy targets especially when they can't work together. She said if they were a bunch of ugly chicks like in BB6, the could work together but since their are no hags in the bunch, we should expect cat fights. Someone mentioned she was able to work with Sarah and Rachel and Janelle responded, I know ... I was calling the Nerd Herd Fugly. Said she was able to work with Rachel and Sarah out of necessity

Janie talked a little more about Jen as the CT ringer. She said Will and Boogie just want her to mention Chilltown. If she tanks they won't want anything to do with her, but if she does well they will tell everyone they won three times. She doesn't think Boogie and Jen had sex. She thinks they just want to try to help her be popular or win something ... said "who knows? You know Will and his cryptic messages (he does them to me too)."

She told us to watch out for her t-shirts with slogans on them because she is supposed to be wearing them. They won't be restaurant advertisements thought just slogans like "Jenius" and CT. She asked how Will and Boogie got their ringer on, and she said she doesn't know the details: only the very little she has been told. But she said Jen would not need help to get on the show."

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Anonymous GOPinkforJanie said...

Your friend Deb must read Seriously Will...WTF? regularly, her recap from Janie's chat their's almost verbatim. Hmmmm It is a great site, I dont blame her!

Thanks for the other updates!

6:27 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Like I said, this came from a bulletin our friend Laura/Popples sent out, in which she quotes her friend Deb, who in not a known entity to us...

I'll be updating the source/credit list for this one...

6:36 AM

6:37 AM  
Anonymous Ryan Says!!!!!!!! said...

I love how Janie says what everyone is thinking, I love that girl!

8:42 AM  
Blogger Chelle said...

I love Janie also......only thing that could make this better is bring back Kaysar...;.......

10:08 AM  
Blogger gayle said...

I love janie and Laura too!! I wanted janie or kayser to win. Don't hate ya all(lol) I loved those guys!! Thanks for keeping us all up to date Carolyn. Can't wait! No company or phone calls please.. lol
love ya girls !

5:05 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Thanks everyone :)
I just got home from dropping off a couple orders at fedex... MAJOR torrential downpour on the way back.. lightening so close you could see it inside the car.. i'm a little shaky, but very happy to be home :)

6:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nick..poor Nick, he is so sexually confused...admistting that he has given blowjobs to guys, etc. and also stating that he wants to make his DAD HAPPY and get together with a woman on the show. I think Nick needs to do what Nick wants and not worry about dad. It is obvious that he wants to get with a guy, but he also may be bi. NICK, live for YOURSELF, be happy.

2:26 PM  

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