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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Overnight Report

12:15am BBT
Nick & Dani
Flirt Game Tonight: Strong to Quite Strong

Dani: What's one thing you would change about your past?
Nick: Nothing.
Dani: I wouldn't've dropped out. I would have done more with school.

They lay in bed whispering in the dark. Dani thanks him for something, and they continue the silent staring, interspersed with more whispering. In a very sweet gesture he's made more than once tonight, shirtless Nick runs his fingers across her forehead and down her face to her chin. After a few more minutes of this...

Nick:(whispers) You make me wanna do stuff.

Nick's heart is beating so loud you can hear it on the feeds. After a bit of movement under the covers (that I'm not going to speculate about), Dani gets up and goes to her own bed for the night.

Dustin & Amber
12:55am BBT

Dustin: Today was intense.
Amber: I hope one of us wins HoH.
Dustin: I wanted it so bad. I was thinking about my family today... I don't know where my mother lives.
Amber: What do you mean?
Dustin: She's kind of the reason I'm in the house. I don't know where she is or if she has a job.
Amber: Is she on drugs?
Dustin: No.

Dustin feeds her a story (true or not, who knows) about her being this big secret, and Joe knowing the secret, and Dustin being concerned he would tell everyone in the house... that's why he had to get him out.

Jameka, Jessica, Eric, Dick
1:00am BBT

They're still laughing about Zach's package, and now they've moved on to giving it nicknames:
    Zach and the angry inch
    One inch

After talking about the war, Jessica's brother in Iraq and politics, they move on to Kail...

Jameka: With the votes the way they are, Kail is going to think she befriended everyone back in the house, and she really is going to be excited for the next week.
Dick: I think she is going to have an attack, but she's not that stupid to think that she befriended everyone... She's going to know something's up.
Jameka: It's all about the majority. She wont really know what to think.
Dick: I don't really want her to. I want her head to spin off her shoulders, so when the HoH comp comes around, she wont know up from down or left from right.

1:55am BBT
Amber: Jameka had a dream I won. I look at the pictures, and my instinct in my heart is that it will be me and Jameka in the final two. It freaks me out. When Jameka told me she had that dream, it was too much. Something about the number 7 or something, I dunno.

They're talking about their distrust of Nick.
Eric: Numerically it's good to hold Nick hostage and save him, but Nick should be one of the first to go.
Jameka: Nick put his hand out to shake Joe's hand when Joe got evicted and Joe refused. Nick lied about it and said Joe just didn't see his hand.

Dick: Nick is the kind of guy who will use his charm and flirting to get by and get in the final 5.
Eric: Nick is a pro-athlete! He's a monster at anything physical. When him and Zach compete, it's not even close! It's not a huge component of the game, but Nick will take any challenge that's physical.
Dick: We all need to be careful about what we talk about with Nick, as far as the game. Nick goes to bed early, so late night is the best time.

Eric and Jessica say they don't talk game with Nick.

Dick: I have to, because of Daniele. Nick could be ruining Daniele's life outside the house.
Jameka: When Daniele leaves, I don't think things are gonna be very good with her boyfriend.

3:45-4am BBT
Jessica, Jameka, Eric and Dick all go giggling together to the Diary room to do a session together about Zach's "misfortune."

4:36am BBT
Jessica's Bed
Dick & Jess
Dick: DO you think it makes more sense to get rid of Mike or Kail this week?
Jess: Well, I really prefer Kail. She runs the whole thing, but I'll go along with whoever you want out more...
Dick: I honestly think the best choice is Mike... If we thrown Zach under the bus..
Jess: No.. he's too easy to get out later.

They discuss the merits of ousting Mike a bit, then move on to bonding over being a part of "the 3" enemies, and Dick lets her know he's adored her since day one, and that no one else can know what that felt like coming down those stairs, but the three of them.

Backyard Couch
Dick - Alone
The Dick at Night Show!

It's on right now... Fire up the Feeds! :)

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Blogger Denise said...

I think Dick is making a huge mistake if they don't get rid of Kail. I think it will blow up in his face

7:12 AM  

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