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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Secret Alliance on Big Brother 8?

It's been a heck of a night in the Big Brother House and on the feeds. There was the official "date" between Jen and Mike. Then the unofficial, but much more enjoyable, hammock flirt session between Nick and Daniele. Then the mope fest of Carol, who's gone a bit manic, flipping between crying and dancing in the backyard at the drop of a hat.

At almost every turn, whenever 2 people were engaged in a private conversation, Joe popped in to talk game. Joe fancies himself in a separate alliance with just about everyone, and a couple of groups. There was even a discussion about coming up with a name for the supposed alliance of 6... they're working on one.

Surprisingly, the most interesting conversation of the evening was between Nick and Zach. Zach showed up to hang out on the hammock with Daniele and Nick just a few minutes after Joe had left, and they'd gotten their flirt back on. He came and the conversation fell flat, but he wouldn't leave. I was thinking, cock-block, go away, but then he lay down on the hammock with them, and a few minutes later, Daniele got up and went inside.

As soon as the sliding glass door sealed shut, Nick and Zach began to talk in hushed tones.

Nick: I'm in like with her.
Zach: What does that mean?
Nick: I really like her.
Zach: Me too. She's a cute girl.
Nick: She doesn't let on until you really talk to her, but she's a really smart girl. She knows a lot of big words, and she's very personable.

Nick mentions how he'd like to keep her in the game, and Zach says he doesn't think it's a good idea.
    ***He seems a bit insecure about it, actually.
    Beware the mighty showmance. Smart man.
    Especially since Nick genuinely likes her.

Nick: It looks like Jen is getting set up for the next week here.
Zach: Eric was talking about it too. People dig their own holes.
Nick: That's what happens. You know what happens next.
Zach: It has nothing to do with me.
Nick: The beauty of it is Nobody, NOBODY has a clue about you and me.
Zach: (nods agreement)

Then they start talking about doing a money share for a win... 50k to the non-winner.

So... this is the first time I've seen them speaking so intently, and certainly the first time there's been any mention of an alliance between them. They spoke together so easily, I'm inclined to believe it. They seemed to have a bond that extends beyond the Big Brother House.

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Anonymous Maine Man said...

Just a thought, do we know anything about Nick's real life brother? (although they look nothing alike, I think)

3:49 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

still searching for info on this alliance.. if any of you come up with something, please drop us a line on myspace. the link for our myspace is on the front page of the blog on the left side in DishyLinks.

7:17 AM  
Anonymous kim said...

Great find! There's so many alliances already it's hard to figure out who is really true to who. I thought for sure it was a given with Nick and Daniele just because they're stuck at the hips. Maybe Zach can talk Nick into getting rid of her. It's so early in the game it will be interesting to see whose alliance is strong. The long stares and flirting with Nick and Daniele gets on my nerves. Are they seriously that mesmerized with eachother after 6 days?! (and she has a live in boyfriend.) I don't know we'll see.

11:23 AM  

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