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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Dick Using the Veto on Himself?

9:12am BBT
Jen & Eric

Jen tells Eric that Dick is using the Veto on himself. She's concerned she'll be going up. Eric tells her not to worry, and says they should talk instead about on getting ahead in the game.

Jen & Eric in the Jacuzzi
Captured by BB8house

Meanwhile up in HoH, Amber tells Jessica about Jen waiting for an opportunity to get Eric alone. Amber believes there's reason to be concerned about Eric and Jen - she just "knows" - in that special Amber way - they have something devious going on. Jess listens, but she is hard to read, in terms of whether or not she gives weight to anything that comes out of Amber's mouth.

9:42pm BBT
The Usual Suspects
As expected, Mr Talk Big Do Little is backing out on his offer to go up as a pawn. He's concerned there'll be a tie. Jess assures him that she wouldn't vote him out in a tie, but Dustin says, "Ive made enough bold moves this week. I don't think I'll be able to control my mouth if I'm up against Dick." What a shocker. As soon as Dustin's bravado faded, Amber offered herself as a pawn. Jameka too.
    ***Okie Dokie then! I'd prefer the Pompous Buffoon, but I'll take another herder..
They're really nervous over which one will come down, but determined whichever Donato stays on the block, goes home.

Here's a clip from the HoH strategy session, Captured by BB8House.

10:29pm BBT
Dustin, Jameka, Amber
Dustin's laying out the ground rules for his pawn nomination...

Dustin: If it's against Dick, I don't have a problem going up, but if it's against Dani, I don't want to.
Amber: That sounds good.

Both Amber and Dustin think Dick's not going to use the Veto on Daniele.

Amber: I would totally flip if it was a 4 to 2 vote, and one of us left.
    ***Put on your unitard and get warmed up, Amber!

Dustin: Well, I like how Jen was talking to us all yesterday, and then she leaves us to go talk to Daniele.
Dustin: If Dani and Dick both stay on the block, Daniele needs to go, because she is a stronger competitor. If the nominations stay they same, we want to make it a tie, so Jess can send Dani out. Jameka, do you trust Eric's vote?
Jameka: Well I gave up 5 HoH's. I would hope there's some loyalty there.
Dustin: I think Eric should go up against Dani, and I should go up against ED.

Safe from the nomination chair either way, Amber and Jameka agree with Dustin.

Here's another clip, captured by BB8House:

Meanwhile, Eric, Jess, Zach and Dani are downstairs playing Beer Pong at the Dining Room Table.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey carolyn did you hear when daniele said that if she wins HOH/Americas Choice she wants a letter from Nick? How Cute!

11:03 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

love it! :) thank you. i heard it, but i was involved in writing a response to something kinda heated, so the joy of it slipped past me. :) thank you for bringing me back to the happy place. ;)

11:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a question for carolyn...

Okay, I know that nobody in the BB8 house is above reproach at this point, but I'm honestly baffled by why you want Dick to stay in the house! He's verbally abusive, physically threatening and a pretty hateful human being. I know the so-called "New Nerd Herd" have had their petty, lying, self-righteous moments - but I just don't see the rest of the house laying the hateful personal attacking smack down that Dick does on a daily basis. His petulance and childish behaviour is crazy and uncomfortable to watch. So I guess I'm just wondering if you can enlighten me as to what you see as positives about keeping him around?

Having said that - your site rocks and I love the humour and insight you gals give to the show! Well done.

Steven in Toronto

3:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey ya'll! Good morning!! I just heard Dustin accuse Dick of stealing his kings robe... Is that true? If it is, do we have video of it?? Did Dick throw it on the roof like he did with Dustins Tshirt??? Lol!
Have a great Monday everyone!
TTFN - Diane

5:00 AM  
Blogger Cliff O'Neill said...

1.) Carolyn, that thing wasn't an attack on you at all. I was supremely pissed at someone here, but it wasn't you. I wub you!

2.) Game: Jessica has to know that if Daniele comes off the block, she has to put up Jen (boo) or Zach

(Zach could become the professional Kail now that she's gone. Is that a job description, isn't it? "I am writing you to apply for the position of Professional Kail that you advertised in the Cleveland Plain Dealer. I believe my invisibility and general oddness would make me a valuable asset to your organization. I shall contact you in the HOH to arrange an interview at your earliest convenience.)

3.) I know the King's robe is ridiculous. But I'm all in favor of everyone grabbing every last one of Dick's smokes and throwing them on the roof. Schmuck.

8:08 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Cliff - lol.. i searched high and low for this comment of yours so i could respond and thank you. Glad i finally found it! :)

2:41 PM  

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