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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Dick & Dani Discuss Jessica's Fate
& the Veto Comp & Janelle

UPDATED with New Videos and Commentary
Scroll down. ;)
7am BBT

Dick and Daniele are still up and chatting outside on the couch. The conversation is Jessica, Jameka and the eviction this week. At the moment, things are looking up for Jessica. Daniele thinks it would be best to keep her. Strategically speaking, it just makes more sense to Dani and Dick, because if they get rid of Jessica this week, they lose 2 votes on the jury: Eric's and Jessica's.

Here's the clip, captured by Quirkydude:

Dani also spills the beans about what Amber whispered to her when she was leaving the house, "You have to get Eric out!" Dani tells her dad, "Well, duh! We tried that 2 weeks ago and you wouldn't do it!"

Dick takes the opportunity to buffer Dani's mood even more,
Dick: Well obviously, America doesn't hate you.
Dani: No. Just Janelle.

Then Dick waxes poetic about Janelle some more... Dick is smitten.

Janelle made Dani feel great... and since she "absolutely loves her," for Janie to have put the Veto around Dani's neck was very meaningful for her.

Dani: For her to be like, 'I love you' to me?? I was like, Oh my God... With Jessica, it seemed like she kinda liked her.. with Eric, she didn't even address him by name!

Here's Why!
Captured by Codinome

Dani: Then she comes up to me and she's like 1-5-3!! That was so cute!.... Then she was like, "I like your bandana." At first I thought she as mocking me, but then I could tell she was being sincere...

Dani Beaming about Janelle &
Janelle's Treatment of the other HGs
Captured by scootie668

Dani feels like there's gonna be another comp or event of some sort today...

7:22am BBT
Now they're debating the possibilities again... Keep Jess or Keep Jameka? That is the question.

Spark up the feeds folks! It's gonna be another rollercoaster.

7:42am BBT
They're still at it!

8:45am BBT Dick's still up and outside on the couches. He's telling us why he can't sleep:
"Well, my daughter and I are *this* close to winning $500,000! That's huge! (pauses) And Janelle told me I'm hot. OMG. "

That's enough to make any man lose some sleep.

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Blogger Heidi Petrelli said...

Yay Janelle!
I like how she reacted to the HGS.=)

9:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Jessica goes home it's her own fault she should nominated Dick and Danielle like Jameka and Zack told her to....its in her best interest to of gotten Dani out of there and she blew it.

9:16 AM  
Anonymous cai said...

"That's enough to make any man lose some sleep."

and let's not forget, a 44-yo man at that... =) who wouldn't be smitten with Janelle? i'm a woman, happily married, and i'm smitten with her since S6.

should ones word be held above all else in this game, with $500k at stake? i really don't know... all i can say is - go Donatos!

9:46 AM  
Blogger Doug said...

I wish Eric would stop trying to be "Mr. Protector" of Jessica! First of all she is capable on her own, and secondly, he hardly has the track record to be able to say that he will protect her and she will be safe and that he will win, secure, etc. things for her!

I think Janie had a great read on the HG's! : )

9:51 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

heidi - ditto!

anon@9:16 - we shall see...

cai - :) right?! hehe. (re janie)
it's kinda like the joke in the beginning of the season, "Hey, I've got 500,000 dollars. Can ya hold it for me? Just give me a handshake..."

Doug!! are you out of computer hell, hon?

9:54 AM  
Anonymous MoNYC said...

I love that first Donato clip. They are so great when they get along and are happy and SO bad when they're not, it's such extremes with those two.

Being the pragmatic person that I am, if I were in Daniele's situation, I would leave the noms as they are. I wouldn't remove either Jam or Jess because chances are neither one of them will vote in a manner that suits my best interests whereas Eric is more likely to. Plus there's even the minimalist tiniest chance that Zach can still put ED up. I mean it's doubtful but anything can happen.

It's in the D's best interest to keep Jameka because in the next HoH neither she nor Zach will be able to compete and then it'll just be them against Eric. Otherwise if Jess stays, then Dani and Dick will be nominated together by the new HoH in the second live eviction and I bet Dani will be evicted in that scenario, JEric will now be the powerful ones along w/ lapdog Zach and the Donatos will become singular.

10:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it is a bunch of BS that Janie was allowed to give compliments/putdowns. A little unfair I think. Not even calling Eric by his name. Loving the Donatos. That's crap.

11:08 AM  
Blogger Beth & Eric said...

I KNOW that this is just a GAME. It's a TV show that I care way too much about! BUT -- These ARE real people and these are their lives and relationships. It's not so wrong to be worried about Jessica and Eric, is it?!

I guess it's because I have my own Eric (literally and figuratively) with the same ex situation when I met him, and look at us now! I guess I'm rooting for the same success in their relationship...

Call me crazy, I know!

(And, I also agree that it was unfair of Janelle to play favorites... Oh well.)

11:24 AM  
Anonymous chulah said...

Did anyone catch what D/D were referring to when Dani admonished Dick to watch what he said about "he should have been on BB6"? one of them referenced Dick "in Band with Janelle" in BB6 and then Dani went on to say that Dick had also slipped up and mentioned his affiliation with Arnold Shapiro (then, of course, we were cut to blue waves)! Anyone have insider info on what ties Dick may have had to BB6 and Janelle?

11:26 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

beth - just so ya know... (in case you don't) Right before they were called out to the veto comp, eric made a comment about janelle that she looked like miss piggy and another about her weight... she very likely heard it...

11:30 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

chulah - it's no secret dick's applied more than a couple times to be on the show... and been a finalist.

11:32 AM  
Anonymous Melissa said...

Beth and Eric,

I am on the same page. And just so you know I am just as torn up and nervous about Eric or Jess getting evicted. I know I care too much. I'm gonna hold my breath until Thursday and cross my fingers that everyone stays true to the LJC.

I love these 2 and really hope they do make it to the end, if not both, at least 1.


I also agree that Janie playing favs was unfair. I don't care if it was just her "personal" opinion, the HG are smart enough to know it wasn't JUST that. It was influence from outside the house, just like the banner.
I know most peope won't agree, prolly cuz everyone loves


11:38 AM  
Blogger Heidi Petrelli said...

I am pretty sure Janelle's site has her side of what happened. It is also on Jokers.
She didn't go in there and
play favorites. Eric not only insulted her,he ignored her after that. She cheered everyone on.

11:52 AM  
Blogger Beth & Eric said...

I know Melissa! I'm holding my breath for Thursday AND for after the game is over!

12:01 PM  
Anonymous jen donato said...

the trouble with Eric is he cannot keep his big mouth shut when it matters most. he thinks everything he says is funny. it is not. i'm through with him being AP since week 2. i hope Dani uses the veto on Jess, puts up Eric, and kick him out.

...and these are my honest opinion.

12:36 PM  
Anonymous Rallen said...

OK, I have heard that janie was encouraged by some fans to say eric you are a P.O.S...but she said no way, she would never compromise the game like that and since she had been in that situation she would not feel right about doing it. She also said she could not show faves for anyone. Now that aside, picture you are standing there very excited and you hear some little weasel make a joke at seeing your photo that it is a morph of "Janelle and Miss piggy"...what would you do? I am have the understanding that she cheered for all of the HG's, but because Eric insulted her and then avoided her she is questioned. I honestly would not have been as composed. She did give him a hug and said hi. More than I can say for myself...and if you are honest probably more than you as well.
Oh and remember Eric was also given help by the DR and by knowing who america backs, so he is being helped as well.
Personally I think calling someones mother at work......well crosses a line Janie never got close to.

12:51 PM  
Anonymous LAUR said...


3:50 PM  
Anonymous Deb said...


I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but the folks on this site were just talking about it the other day and said it meant, I adore you.

Please, anyone, if that's incorrect do let us know because I was always curious too. Thanks.

Deb in WA

4:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with you Heidi, Rallen and Cai. Eric stuck his foot in his own stupid mouth by calling Janelle names. Just his luck she heard it. So what if she didn't call him by his name after that - she did better than me in being nice to him at ALL in spite of his crudeness. Janie was fair. Eric was a supreme jerk.

Yaay Janelle!


7:13 PM  

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