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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Big Brother 8 Overnight Report

It's been a really fun night in the Big Brother House, so in that vein, this overnight report is going to be a bit different from most.

Funny quotes of the night:

10:37pm BBT
Dustin: Every day, Jen looks more and more like a transvestite.

10:45pm BBT
Amber: When will we found out who's America's favorite? I think I'm America's favorite.

10:54pm BBT
Amber, Dustin, Nick & Dani
Dustin's leaving to go to the bathroom...
Amber (to Dustin): Don't leave me. I don't wanna be the 3rd wheel.
Nick: No, no. First you have to be two wheels. I'm one
wheel, ready to commit to a bicycle. The other one is a flat.

America's Player Task:
Around 1:45am, in the Big Room, Eric lets us know that Kail is America's Pick for Eviction in the following conversation with Amber & Dustin:

Eric: Maybe the group should reevaluate their decision to evict Mike... Just because one person said Mike should go, we shouldn't automatically do it. I believe we should have an open forum where all of us get together and weigh our best interests. I have information about Kail... she may be targeting the 'more neutral' players.

Dustin: Let's talk about it now, then.

Eric: (just planting seeds) That's fine, but we have until Thursday.
    ***Ok, now we know.. It's another Live Vote this week. Thanks, Eric!
Dustin pushes to have the discussion tonight.
    ***For Eric's sake, I really hope Dustin doesn't stay true to form and run ASAP to Dick with info.
Immediately following this conversation, Eric changes direction completely, in a beautiful mis-direction, and makes a play for the pranksters who've been hiding his clothes.

He's been planning this move for about the past day now, and he orchestrates it beautifully.

Eric gathers all of his clothing from the SR where Nick and Dustin have been hiding it, and puts it all on, so he looks like
he's wearing his entire retrieved wardrobe at once.

He tosses a couple of their favorite things high up into the covered lighting in the living room, and calls everyone together for his announcement. The crowd is delighted.

Dustin's shocked.
Nick 'White Men Can Jump!' retrieves his items with ease.
Dick is tickled by the whole thing.

Mike Remembers he's Here to Play the Game:
In a very quick conversation with Jen, it suddenly dawns on Mike that he needs to start amassing votes for himself. His argument: people have to start deciding who they want with them in the jury house. He asks her for any info she might have on who people are leaning toward.
    ***It's not much, but it's a start.

Jedi Training, Drunken BB8 Style:
3:25am BBT
Living Room

It starts with just Eric and Jessica, just goofing around in the living room, and soon grows to include Dick, Jen and Jameka.

Eric: What color is the couch?
Jess: Red.

Jess: What color is the wall paper?
Eric: Green.
Eric: What color are Dustin's nipples?
Jess: Red.
Eric: They're more of a peach color.

Nick passes by and toots out loud.

Eric: What color is Nick's underwear now?
Jess: Brown.

At 3:41am BBT, the HGs are starting to fade, or maybe they're just gearing up for their 3rd wind. :)

Apart from a very short version of the Dick at Night show, that was it for the night.

The feeds are gonna be very intense from the time they all wake up today, till tomorrow night at the Live Vote, and then it'll all start over again! With Eric trying to accomplish his task and get Kail evicted, and the nominees working their own angles... it's going to be a very game intensive next 36ish hours.

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Blogger Pablo said...

Just so you know:

"vain" means conceited.

"vein" refers either to (from

1. one of the system of branching vessels or tubes conveying blood from various parts of the body to the heart.

6. a body or mass of igneous rock, deposited mineral, or the like occupying a crevice or fissure in rock; lode.

7. a natural channel or watercourse beneath the surface of the earth.

10. a condition, mood, or temper: a vein of pessimism.

11. a tendency, quality, or strain traceable in character, conduct, writing, etc.; manner or style: to write in a poetic vein.

I think you meant #11. In any case, they sound identical and it's a very common mistake. Just thought you would like to know since you wrote "sp?".

Love the website, btw. Excellent job!

5:07 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Thanks, Pablo :) I was writing this starting at around 5am, on a few sips of coffee, so I reserve the right to a couple of 8th grade errors. :) Appreciate the correction and your presence.

5:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i like the pic of Dick and Jen together. i think they will be good for each other... i hope they team up... i also hope America will be given the chance to let Amber know that she is NOT LIKED at all!

nice blog, by the way. my first time here, and will surely come back.

7:51 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

thanks, anon :)

8:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad america voted to evict kail Hooray!!!!
Amber for America's choice lmao! Amber should only know she isn't liked!

Deb in NY

8:35 AM  
Anonymous monimomo said...

LOVE the new and improved way you've posted the Overnight Report. Much easier to read! Thanks. :)

9:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i want to see more eric & jessica! they are cute

10:17 AM  

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