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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Early Afternoon in the Big Brother House

The HGs are on exterior lockdown, and have been for about the past 90 minutes. I sincerely doubt there's actually anything going on in the house to call for a lockdown... I'm thinking BB just wanted their butts outta bed! It worked. ;)
Very impressed with Dick's ability to avert his eyes from Jen's rack here. Like her or not, he's male, close by and human.

Here's Dani talking about how much $$ she makes at Hooters - about $150/day... mmm.. P.A. rate (worst possible) 10 years ago. No thank you. Get another job, Dani.
In case you're wondering where Nick is: he's right next to Dani where he belongs, just hidden by Zach. Shirtless and hidden. There oughta be a law. :::sigh:::

On the Nick/Dani front, btw, Dani was doing the highschool girl thing this morning, gossiping about Nick to Amber, and saying loud enough for her dad to hear, "I'm so over it!" We'll see about that. But.. awfully considerate of her not to be too overt about the whole thing on her boyfriend's birthday.

Dick: I really don't remember anyone from BB6. Kaysar was a tool. The only one I liked was Janelle, and not because she was a hot chick - because she kicked a$$ in the competitions.

As of 2:08pm, Lockdown is over! They are free to move about the house, and apart from Eric and Amber, still in the pool, all have gone in.

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