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Monday, July 23, 2007

The Overnight Report, Part Deux

Dick & Amber
9:40pm BBT

Immediately after his blowup with Daniele, Dick's apologizes to Amber:

Dick: Please don't take anything I say like that personally. Don't think I am accusing you of anything, just come to me and ask me...
Amber: I can't come to you when you are like that...
Dick: Then come to me when I calm down. I tell you things I don't tell anyone else...
Amber: I think you tell everyone everything.
Dick: I do tell everyone things, but I tell you more. When I said I don't want anybody else in the HoH room, I didn't mean you. You are welcome anytime - you know that. I was pissed at them and the situation, not you.
    ***Dick goes on a bit about his former home life.
Dick: Don't break down so easy. Put on a F'in shell.
Amber: I have been trying. It is just me, you know.
    ***Dick goes on about how he sees himself perceived in the house, his mistrust of Nick and Zach, Dani's relationship with Nick and how he believes it costs her in the game, his personal issues with Dani, his belief he'll be backdoored at any given nomination, and on and on until...
Dick: I am sorry I approached you the wrong way...
Amber: You are right, you did.
Dick: That's why you need to remind me. We both have our faults. Let's help each other. I love you very much. (They hug)
Amber: I love you, too.
    ***Ahh, but all is farrrrr from good in Dick/Amber world.
11:31pm BBT
Nick & Amber
Nick relays the story of his fight with Dick to Amber. She, in turn, tells Nick about hers.
Amber: I told Dick he's changed since he won HoH. I'm scared to talk to him now, because G-d forbid, if I cry.
Nick: Don't worry. Things will work out. (they hug)

Basically, Dick, Amber and Nick are working the house tonight, telling everyone who will listen about their problems with the others... Real sloppy game play tonight, folks. Too much information being doled out to too many people.

Amber & Dick are up until the wee hours, but not with each other. Amber ends up with Jameka - talking her ear off about Dick, and Dick ends up outside with Jen, of all people, confiding in her about all manner of things! Actually, they get along famously when they're alone together. If they could forge an honest alliance, they'd have it made.

Jen, by the way, prior to her conversation with Dick was busy informing her "alliance" of Mike and Kail about the things she hears... the fight between Dick and Dani, Nick and Amber bad-mouthing Dick, Zach being the new Joe, Nick being torn up over Dani... it's all fair game.

Whilst talking to Dick, however, she made it clear that she really doesn't trust Kail anymore because, "for 19 nights, I slept with her, and she never mentioned the 4 person alliance," suggesting if they were really so close, she would have brought her in.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amber bugs me. And it's not even her crying. She is a HUGE gossiper. She talks crap about everyone. I can't wait until' she gets caught up in it all!

11:36 AM  

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