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Monday, July 23, 2007

Overnight's Part One
The BB8 Sunday Night Blow-ups

The Overnight Report: Blow-up by Blow-up!
UPDATED to include Nick's outpouring to Dani
The Overnight's Part 2 - aka - The Late, Late Report - Will be posted around 9:30am BBT

Nick & Dick's Blowup

8:35pm BBT
Dick: Mother f'er! I'm effing furious!
Nick: At me?!
Dick: The situation!
Nick: I kicked them out though!
Dick: That pisses me off. They're not going to use my motherf'ing room for scheming.
Nick: I told you I was going up there. Dustin was there...
Dick: Then Dustin left!
Nick: And I told them to go.
Dick: I am not going to discuss this in front of effing Kail.
Nick: 15 minutes of effing silence! You can look at the effing tapes!
Dick: I don't trust you.
Nick: Don't trust me? I don't give a f---! If that compromises me? I don't care! I'm effin' pissed.
Dick: I'm pissed!
Nick: I didn't want these effin' idiots to follow me!
Dick: What the eff is she (Jen) doing up there in my room?
Nick: I don't know! She's following me too!
Dick: I don't want all of those people up there. I don't know what to think.
Nick: I told you flat out I like your daughter. I'm effin' perturbed. I was getting away from people because I wanted to think... This blows! I'm going to be a bad mother-effer. I told you, man to man, I'm looking out for your daughter.
Dick: You have to understand. We're not outside. There is no one I trust 100%, including my daughter.
Nick: I don't give a f--- if I win! I did not come on here to be a Boogie kind of guy! I don't to have my parents say "you're a bad kid." I'm not going to turn your daughter into this season's Erica. I'll go on the block next week. I don't give a f---!
Dick: This is not a threat!
Nick: I am not taking it as a threat! I have to put up a front and hang around people I don't effing like. I like your daughter, but she has a boyfriend and I can't do a effing thing about it!
Here's the Video of Nick and Dick's Argument by auntjulie

Dick & Daniele's Blow-up:
During Nick and Dick's blow-up, Daniele stuck her head out the sliding glass door twice, interrupting to tell her father she needed to speak with him, and was quite put off when he sent her away and told her he'd be with her in a few minutes...

9pm BBT
HoH Room
Dick & Dani

Dani & Dick yell at each other in the HOH room - AcousticGrrrl
Dani says he is talking down to everyone in the house. Dick calls Amber a basketcase. Dani says to leave Amber alone. Dani says she's getting the brunt of what Dick is doing.

Dick: You're going around telling people "my dad's gonna evict you"?!
Dani: I never said any such thing! You can believe a bunch of strangers if you want. Dick: You were joking about it, but people say you said it.
Dani: I never said it.

Dani: Everyone is getting so mad at you, saying you're on too much of a power trip. It's not fair! It's not the game I'm playing, and it's not fair I have to deal with it all the time!
Dick: It' not fair I have to deal with your relationship with Nick all the time.
Dani: It's my game to play. I don't go out of my way to make a scene (like you do!)! I get along with everyone.
Dick: I get along with everyone great.
Dani: (bratty tone) OK.
Dick: When did you become so smug?!

Dick: You knew so long ago... Why didn't you tell me Nick was in an alliance?
Dani: It was Nick's place to tell you when he wanted to, not mine!
Dick: Why are you being like that?!
Dani: Because you made Amber cry again.

Dick & Dani's Argument, by auntjulie

Dick and Dani, part 2, by auntjulie

Dick's exasperated.. Their conversation ends poorly, with Dani cutting him off and ending the conversation prematurely... Dick can't take responsibility for Amber's tears... He does go and mend fences with her shortly thereafter... or tries to... He makes repeated efforts in Dani's direction too, throughout the night, offering at least twice on separate occasions and privately to go into family counseling with her when this is all over, and always reiterating how much he really does love her. Unfortunately, it seems to fall on deaf ears.

After fighting with her dad, Daniele goes seeking her confidant, Nick, finally. The two of them have been ignoring each other all day, and Nick's been in rare form - really hurting.

9:20pm BBT
Nick in Hammock
& Dani sitting on the ground, crying.
(Jen in Jacuzzi)
Nick: Hey.
Dani: What?
Nick: Talk to me. Can I talk to you? Will you look at me? Here's the deal. Basically, I like you so much that its tearing me apart, OK? I know the fact of the matter is after we get out of here, you're gonna go back to your boyfriend. So I'm f-ed, because I just got out of a 3 year relationship, and I'm so into you, it's not even funny. And I know there's doubt... there's part of you that can't trust me. It sucks. This is how I am, this who I want to be to you. I don't want to put you into positions because you do have a boyfriend and it sucks. And then your dad gets on my effing ass, because I wanted half hour alone... Dustin comes up, and we talk about me and you, and how that isn't going to work in my favor. Then Zach comes up, then Jen comes up. I am listening to the Ramones, and they are sitting there staring blankly...
    ***All of this is 100% true.
I tell both of them to effin' leave. They leave, and then your dad comes up and says 'I am kicking you out, because I don't trust you.' Then he follows me out and we hash it out... I am effed with Zach, because I told him to f off... Eff it! That is where I am, and your dad doesn't get it: I am more hard core than him. But there are ways you have to play this game. I am worse than him! I am looking out for you, Jameka and Amber. I like your dad, but I am not looking out for him. I told him, "I am looking out for certain people. You are not one of them. If you have other questions, come ask me, because now I am compromised. I am outed, so F--- it."
    ***Dani sits next to the Hammock in tears during this whole tirade.
So there it is... everything on a silver platter. I like you, you like me, but there is no chance it will happen when we get out. There are things that tell me you don't trust me 100%, but you can't fake emotion. I can't. I'm not that good an actor, so whatever...

The video below shows them after they've mended their own fences... making nice nice.

Nick & Dani, On the Mend - by triziam

Nick and Dani - Almost Back to Normal - by triziam

Dani - Nick Flirt, by triziam

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Anonymous doug said...

Drama, drama, drama!

Who knew Dick would start to self implode?

6:56 AM  
Blogger Biskit said...

JUST when you thought Dick could have been the GREATEST HOH of ALL TIME, he goes and messes it up. All he had to do was keep his cool and play the game and it could have meant smooth sailing to the final 2. I am still wanting him to win, but it is REALLY going to be TOUGH now!

8:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank you so much for all the videos & transcripts! BB8 Dish is the best!

8:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Daniele is being a little brat. She is kissing Nick's butt after all his sneakiness but she's being that way to her Dad. I can't wait until she goes!

10:31 AM  

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