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Friday, July 20, 2007

Big Brother 8 Overnights

Midnight - 2:00am BBT
The Crux of the Kail & Dick Discussion - It went on for quite a long time, but I mean to spare you the most redundant bits. This was the key discussion of the evening, with the private conversation between Dick and Daniele coming a close second. I'll be posting the Dick/Dani convo at the end of this post as soon as time allows.

12:30am BBT
Dick: What you did is totally f'd up. I'm a really nice guy, and I had a really hard time watching you go and campaign for Joe. I felt both of you would dig your own holes.
Dick: I was going to honor our agreement, until I found out what you were doing...
Kail: I don't talk much, but when I do it's meaningful...
    ***and now the big pitch...
Kail: I was in a 4 person alliance...
Dick: I know.
    ***Swing and a miss for Kail.
Dick: You Mike, Zach and Nick.. But you're forgetting to mention Jen.
Kail: Jen was not a part of it! She's just a friend. Anyway, my alliance sold me out... Zach and Nick. I was true to my alliance.
    ***Dick in unmoved.
Dick: When we had our talk in the hammock, I was ready to honor our agreement... but then you turned on me. You're going up, Kail.
    Yippee-kai-yayyy, Mother Theresa.

Dick: I know about the alliance. I know it's Nick and Zach with you and Mike. jen's a part of it too...
Kail: (goes into a long explanation of how the alliance happened... hand shaking and the like).
Dick: Why are you telling me this now? Are you trying to save your own ass? (he laughs) You're betraying your alliance.
Kail: I was very loyal to my alliance... I took one for the team. I didn't want my alliance taken out, but only Mike and I were loyal.
Dick: Mike wasn't loyal either. The vote was 9-1.
    ***Dick's had enough of her.
Dick: You're going to go home. I'm going to be sure of it... unless you get POV, and then I'll put one of your alliance up.
    ***referring to Mike.

Dick: Alliances always get broken up. Yours went nowhere. You can't blame me. What you get is what you deserve... Zach gives every girl in here the creeps, but he's totally loyal to me, so why would I put him up?
Kail: I have no one. I am not a threat.
Dick: I'm promising you: if you don't win PoV, you are going home.

More will be added to this post within the next 15-20 minutes... I'd rather give it to you a little at a time today than make you wait forever for the whole thing!

BACKYARD - Laundry
Nick & Dustin
12:45am BBT

Nick: I never talked strategy with Mike... I don't care about the money> I want pople surrounding me that I want to win the game. Amber is totally wonderful..27..has a kid.. Dani: shes a bright girl, shes totally sexy, she has other things, I would never f*** her over...but if I wanted someone to win the money, it would be Amber.
    ***handy to say that to her closest ally.
Nick: (cont'd) I wanna squash the whole thing up there: Mike, Kail, Zach and Jen. They are hermits. Jen is effing stupid. Then there are 8 left... New and Dani, you and Amber..that could work out. We need to split the top room up.
    *** more than a little smarmy with the Amber pandering to Dustin, but I believe Nick is telling the truth here
Dustin: Get Kail out first, then we'll see what Mike is about. He's f'd without Kail.
Nick: She's the brains behind it.
Dustin: Amber and Dick think its Mike being the dominant male with the weak females.
Nick: Mike's come at me. He wanted me to vote Danielle out this week.
    ***as if!
Nick: (cont's) That's why Dick can trust me. Cuz I told him..
    ***They move on to discussing the formation of the MRA
Nick: Zach approached me right after we entered the house. He got me alone and said, "Hey, me and you?"
Dustin: I had one conversation with him on the 4th day when Amber was put up.
Dustin: Zach says that he never watched the show until last season... He thought Will and Boogie were cool. (pause) They were the shadiest f'ers in the house! Then he says, "Hey, me and you?" Too hard too fast too soon
    ***They continue on Zach's game style a bit, then...
Dustin: Revenge is not a game you wanna play in the BB house.
Nick: I want to extend to other people... I hated being cornered, and I couldn't say no to the alliance... until Dick.

Kail & Dick
Dick: Even if you get the PoV, one of your alliance is going.
Kail: I have no alliance any longer. I am alone. Even if I were to stay, I would never go back to the MRA.
Dick: Eventually people turn on you. It's a game. You turned on me.
Dick: (con't'd) Your alliance was so transparent, it was stupid. Once I called you Mrs. Robinson, even Mike stayed away from you.

Kail goes on and on about how her handshake deal was betrayed.

Dick: Look, making alliances that early on with people you hardly knew was just stupid. Everyone in the house wants you out.
Kail: I'd like to know who "everyone" is.

Zach interrupts wanting to talk to Dick. Dick and Kail head up to HoH, but their conversation is constantly interrupted after this point... so we'll move on.

More of the overnights will be posted just below in just a few minutes.

Dick & Kail, cont'd
Now in HoH Room

Dick: If you hadn't campaigned so hard against me, I'd be gunning for Jen, not you. Telling bits and pieces to everyone is just as bad as a lie, Kail.
    ***He's done with her...
Dick: I want more time with my daughter, and if staying in this game is the way, so be it. It forces us to be together. There's no game play between me and Dani. It would probably be easier for her if I left.
Dick: (cont'd) Did you know there's a website, "how to win BB"? "Never get into a big alliance." Do you see how happy and carefree the house is tonight? This has to be the best beginning of any season ever, I should get a bonus.

Dick questions her about how she can be this church-going conservative mother, and call Jen, who's such an exhibitionist, her best friend.

Kail: I don't judge people. If I'm so stupid, then I'm not a threat.
Dick: You lied to me, so all deals were off. On my Dick at Nite show, I told everyone what I was going to say. I am open and in your face, I don't fly under the radar. Everyone knows what I am.

And that's enough of that.

2:30am BBT
Dick, Eric, Jameka, Jessica
Dick tells them what Kail said...
Dick: She threw her whole alliance under the bus.
Eric: I knew who was in the MRA a few days ago.
Dick: Nick came to me a few days ago and said he had something he had to tell me... then Jen told me last night she was in an alliance. Everyone betrayed everyone.
    It's called Big Brother. ;)

A bit later on, Dick had a private conversation with Dani up in the HoH room.. he expressed his concerns over Nick's trustworthiness, and Dani came to Nick's defense, pointing out, among other things, how Nick was completely unwavering in his support for Dick last week. Dick's just a bit sketchy on Nick, due to all the badgering from Kail et al last night, but he's relying more on their history and his gut, and for now, his nomination choices remain Kail and Jen, with Mike as the alternate.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love Dick for being so open to kail about how much of a moron she is.
Sidenote: I love that you already have the "nominated" red box by Kail's name in your header! lol

9:13 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

lol :) thanks. i was hoping someone would notice that. hehe. i just couldn't resist when i was making the new header last night.

9:28 AM  
Blogger JustBeechy said...

I wonder who Dick is gonna put up with Kail to garantee her going HOME:)

9:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great update Carolyn. I fell asleep watching showtime. I have it taped and will try to watch it later.
All I have to say is WTG Dick and amen on his choices of the 2 he is putting up. I called that and knew he would leave Mike as the 3rd.
I loved the fact Dick came right out and told the scared Kail your going unless you win pov. Let's pray she doesnt! Amen Dick Amen.

Deb in NY

11:21 AM  

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