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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Creatures are Stirring

UPDATED @ 10:30am BBT
It's 9am BBT, and the creatures are beginning to stir. Mike's been up for a little while now, toodling around the kitchen. Everyone else is still in bed, but there's movement...

as if they wont be asleep much longer.

There should be a lot more scheming today, as well as some potentially serious fireworks, now that Dick has wind of Kail's activities.

As I wrote that, Kail woke up and came downstairs to join Mike. She launched immediately into game talk, asking Mike about Daniele and why she was crying last night, and does she know what happened... and has he spoken to Dick... and...

Kail: I don't know if Evil knows, but I've been working really hard to get him evicted, and if he does know, it's more important than ever now.
Kail: Jen hasn't said so directly, but I think she knows. I think Nick told her. She hasn't said so for sure, but she knows.
Mike: He probably said something to her when it looked like she was gonna be putting him up... to save himself.

Turn on the feeds, folks. The game talk's already going, and they haven't even finished brushing their teeth!

9:15am BBT
Feeds cut out... Possibly BB waking the HGs. Mmm.. nope.

9:40am BBT
Nick's up too. He spoke briefly with Mike.
Kail has now told Mike she's convinced Nick is playing both sides.

In my perfect world, the boys dump Kail. She's become a liability. I think the boys are on the same page with that.. Time will tell.

For the moment, the Kail and Mike show continues... 32 hours till the live vote folks...
10:15am BBT
Kail: I am so upset at Nick right now. If we find out he's playing the other side, I am so calling him out.

FYI, lots of new screencaps on bb8dishcaps.

And BB has now woken up the house.

10:30am BBT
Mike to Nick.
Mike: We need to find some time today to talk.
Nick: (nods agreement)

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Blogger JustBeechy said...

Geeeeeeeeeeezzzz I can't stand her!!! When they were introducing everyone that first night and she said "I'm gonna run this house like i run my town"...or something of that nature...right then is when I thought OMG she's gonna be a handful. And sure enough... Trying to get rid of everyone's favorite Dick...LOL! How dare her! =)

9:22 AM  
Anonymous genniekap said...

I agree... she is also full of herself. In a totally different way than Jen is. Get rid of both of them. Good riddance to bad garbage!

10:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nick is way more a liability. what's the point of being in an alliance if u're not aligned with them, and now he's told 2 people.

once he met dani he forgot what the show was about.

11:00 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Anonymous - I really think it's more a case of making an alliance with people before you have any idea what they're about/who they are... just for the sake of being in an alliance.

Is Nick a liability to the MRA? Sure, but so is Kail. Her personal agenda rarely agrees with that of the other 3 members... and they're beginning to notice it. Finally.

11:17 AM  
Anonymous Stephen said...

Ugh- Screw Jen... I want Kail to be the next one gone. She is the type they are gonna have to backdoor... if she gets nominated straight away she will convince people to play the veto for her.

2:04 PM  

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