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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Overnight Report

Just the most important stuff...

10:20pm BBT
Nick & Zach
TEA CUP - Game Talk
Zach's asking Nick about what he's heard vis-a-vis targets.
Nick: There's been a lot of talk about you and Kail.
Zach: We have 4 chances for HoH.
Zach: I don't have any idea who to put up...
Nick: I think Jessica and Eric.
Zach: Danielle stills scares me...
    ***For pity's sake, Zach.
    Get over it.
Nick: That wouldn't be good for me, because nobody would trust me...
Zach: She is really the only one I'm worried about. She will come after me. Dick wants Mike and Kail up - 100%. We need to watch out and stay away from that.
Zach: Joe is probably out for sure. I need more time with you, so I can get the target off me.

Zach: Dick's kind of giving me the the idea that he wants to align with me, but there's the whole thing with Dani.

Nick: The vote is done. Joe goes..
Zach: The other thing that bothers me is Kail doesn't use discretion at all.
Nick: I know...
    ***lol, unlike Nick who has now told Dani & Jen about the existence of the MRA.
Zach: I want to keep the four of us tight, but if she keeps giving and dishing the sh*t, then it could get ugly. I gotta talk to Mike about this, but she divulged some information about all of us to Amber last night.
Nick: What about Jen? Is she a part of us now?
Zach: She's our easy out when we need it. She doesn't have anywhere to go, and it's better to have her on our side then theirs.
Zach: If we get HoH next week, we control the house, because we have four votes. Then we just ride it out...

Dick comes over and spins the cup, effectively ending the conversation.

10:45pm BBT
Joe & Dustin
Dustin has now told Joe directly that he cannot vote for Joe to stay, and Joe has dissolved into some seriously bitter attacks.
Joe: I am where I am because of Amber and you. I would appreciate honesty from you. don't pussyfoot around this. You are not me, you are not the Master of being able to spin things how you want them to be. I am the master of indirect lies. You are the master of direct lies... I knew two weeks before you told me that you had cheated. I knew at the canoe race.
Dustin: But that wasn't a lie. That was the truth...
Joe: How rude for you to give me a rehearsed speech! How could you let me open up like this when you knew you weren't going to vote for me?
    ***drama, drama, drama...
    and I'm saving you from most of it.

Dustin: You asked me too. Just like you will ask everyone else in the house. The person you are in this house, I don't like.
Joe: So my world is rocked, because here comes Dustin into something that I worked for and dreamed of, and you piggybacked on...

11:42pm BBT
Nick & Daniele
Dani: What are they all doing outside?
Nick: I'm going to bed. There's certain people I just don't wanna be around.
Dani: Who?
Nick: Jen. I'm cool with everyone else.

Nick: I'm going to bed.
    He's gently caressing her in a pretty open invitation.
Nick: Then we can go back to being us.
    ***When Jen's HoH is done.
After a few moments of comfortable silence, he comes over and hugs her. A they're leaving the storage room, he bends very close to her head, and she says, "Ewww!," so I'm thinking he said something gross. Not close enough for contact.

They both head to bed. For the moment...

xx2000xx Video of the Storage Room Conversation

xx2000xx Video of Nick & Dani in bed

See the next post for the Private Dick and Daniele late night conversation, and check out the post after that for a video of some late night silliness with the topiary deer.

By the way, as of this writing, at 5:41am BBT, Dick is still up, alone in the backyard, and doing the Dick at Night Show. Spark em if you gottem! :)

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