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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Overnight Report

As you can well imagine, on the night before eviction day & a brand new HoH, there were a ton of important conversations happening very late into the night. For that reason, I've chosen to eliminate the most references to the game many of the HGs were playing together outside on the couch, as well as the vast majority of the Nick/Dani hammock flirting. There's just too much going on!

10:00pm BBT
Jen & Kail
Kail: I don't have Eric. He told me that E.D. is staying... we don't have the votes.
Kail: I'm so frustrated that Zach won't change his mind. It is in his best interest to vote E.D. out.
Kail: Nick's lying to Joe.
Kail: We need Nick's vote to make it work, and I don't see that happening.
Jen: Joe's confident.

Nick & Daniele
10:00pm BBT
Nick: Do you think we're the most anticipated couple in Big Brother history?
Daniele: (laughing) You're stupid.
Nick: I wonder if before we entered the house, people were saying, "He looks like Mandy Moore and John Ritter and she's skeletor, they should hook up."
Nick: People think we're a couple, and we are -- a couple of nerds.

HOH Room
Joe, Jen, Kail
10:05pm BBT
Joe: I have Nick's vote.

HAMMOCK (cont'd)
Nick: Your dad is watching me.
Dani: He likes you.
Nick: His ideal wedding is you and me.
Dani: He's not invited to my wedding.
Nick: Really?
Dani: Probably.
Nick: Like I said before, even if you don't think it, I really do care about you. Okay? You understand that?
Dani: Mm-hmm.
Nick: Good, now kiss me.

Zach & Jen
10:15pm BBT
Jen's trying to get Zach to change over & vote out Dick. She's using the chess board to indicate all the players. Zach couldn't be much less interested.
Zach: If I win HoH, I'll put up Dani and Dick.

Eric, Jameka & Amber
11:55pm BBT
Eric: If I could've chosen anyone to leave, it would've been Joe.
Eric: He's annoying & full of sh*t.
Amber: I can't f'ing wait.
Eric: Who hasn't gotten on your nerves?
Jameka: Mike, he doesn't talk.
Eric: I'm not sure I appreciate Mike silently eating a banana staring at me.
Jameka: Sometimes I get on my own damn nerves.
Eric: There are 2 people who haven't gotten on my nerves.
    ***Indicating Amber & Jameka.
Eric:There are 6 who annoy me everytime I see them!
Amber: 4 for me.
Jameka: I'm not sure. Jen, for sure.
Amber:Jen, Kail, Zach and Joe.

Daniele & Joe
He caught her on her way out of the DR, and is still trying to work her vote.
Run for your life, Dani!

Eric & Jameka, cont'd.
11:55pm BBT
Eric: Joe is going home.
Jameka: (agrees)
Eric: We shouldn't put ourselves out there for him when he doesn't have the votes...
Eric: Joe will go, and you really shouldn't risk voting in the minority.
Jameka: I'm worried about what to tell people. I'm still on the fence. I don't want to lie.

Eric tells Jameka about Nick almost going up, about Joe's deal making.

Eric: Nick and Dani are a threat. Nick and Zach talk too much.
Eric: But keep in mind, Joe is going home.
Jameka: Mmmm
Jameka: I'm all for getting the liars out.
Jameka: I think of the house, you, Jess and I are the honest people.

They discuss how they won't be put up next week, and their belief that they aren't at the top of anyone's hit list.

Jameka: The game has shifted.
Eric: Nick, Dani, and Joe went to Jen and offered a deal. If Jen would put up one of the "floaters" -Jameka, Eric, Jessica, Dustin, or Amber- instead of Nick or Joe, then the following week two more "floaters" would be put up.
Jameka: Well that changes things! Now I can't trust Nick and Dani.
Eric: Obviously the deal wasn't taken, but it could be next week.
Eric: As long as Dick, Nick, and Dani are there, it's a free week for everyone else.
    ***Nice closer, Eric!

Nick & Dani
12:20am BBT
Nick: I'm totally voting for your dad to stay.
Nick: Joe might be mad at me, but I have to look out for my future father-in-law.
Dani: Shut Uuuup!

Dustin & Dick
90 minutes later @
2:00am BBT
Dustin: Just in case you go home tomorrow, I want to tell you how much fun I've had with you in the house.
Dick: I've enjoyed being in the house with you, too.
Dustin: There are very few people in the house that I've really opened up to and shown myself... you, Amber and Eric.

Both voice their agreement that Eric is one of the best guys in the house. They touch on the whole Joe Gonorrhea of the mouth thing, the rumor going around that Dani and Dick are a secret alliance, and then:

Dick: Is your vote a vote for Joe to go, or for me to stay?
Dustin: It's for you to stay. I'm praying you stay in the house.
Dick: The only vote that really concerns me about flipping is Zach.
Dustin: Zach hates Joe. He wants him gone more than anyone.
Dustin: Joe's going tomorrow. You're staying & Kail is shaking in her knock-off shoes.

Both agree that Zach is likely to go up this week, and Dick says how he'd really like a week off from the nomination chair. They continue in a mutual admiration society vain...

Dustin: Honestly, when I left my goodbye message to you, I was bawling...
Dustin: When I left mine to Joe, I was a robot. I literally just stared at the camera for one minute and said nothing.
Dick: Wow.

Their conversation moves on to Dick's relationship with Daniele, and how he is perceived in the house.
Dick: It is a very emotional deal.
Dick: I think a lot of people in the house think of me as....
Dustin: ...someone that runs around and cracks jokes.
Dick: Yeah. That's what people think, and I try to be totally honest to people, but I'm not. I'm a human being. If anyone was in my situation and didn't shed a tear, they'd be f'd up. I feel. I hurt. When she hurts, I hurt. It's nothing to be embarrassed about.
    ***It's called being a father. ;)
Dick- I have my ups and downs. I've had good things in my life... like my kids... but I had lows that affected them: like divorces.
Dick: Ya know I am ok with people who make mistakes with drugs... There's people like that, and then there are people like Kail, who lives in Rainbow f'ing Oregon with 300 people. Yesterday I had a talk with Kail, and it felt really good.
Dick: I told her to run away from Jen... that she was digging her own grave.
Dustin: Exactly!! But she didn't, and magnified it by 100,000, and she's going on the block.

They move on to discussing Jen.

Dick: She was so upset she only got one day for nominations.
Dustin: Exactly! She wanted to prance around with her f'ing tiara... But, you know what? Her entire plan is screwed.
Dick: The only thing she did was stir the pot.
They move on to praising Nick as a player and a human, and their conversation wraps up shortly thereafter.

Just shy of 4am BBT
Dick & Jen

They're engaged in a conversation that would surprise most of the house. It ranges from game to world politics, perception of the US in the rest of the world, diamonds (blood), the preponderance of fake boobs in L.A.... and back to game.

Dick: I'm going to speak my mind, call people out and not avoid conflict...

Dick: I really think the premise of this season's show was really all about me and Daniele... and they just threw in the two gay guys and the two old girlfriends.

Dick: Why did you put me up?
Jen: I knew you were a vote for Daniele to stay.
Dick: I don't know what it is about you two... You could have made a great team.
Jen: I know!
Dick: I think it's the whole attention thing with Nick.

45 minutes go by...
Dick: The biggest mistake you made was ignoring my deal to you...
    ***when he went up to her 5 minutes after the HoH comp.
Jen: I couldn't not put you up. That would have been just silly. It would've looked ridiculous not to put you up.


Dick: Right before the PoV was probably some of the best tv footage they got so far.
    ***Mmm.. nah.. they kinda blew it, but it certainly had the potential to be...
Dick: ..and it was all because of you... The most fireworks in the shortest amount of time on BB.

30 more minutes go by and Dick really sticks his foot in his mouth, bringing up Dani & Nick, to Jen of all people!
5:10am BBT
Dick: Dani came to me about her feelings for Nick.
Jen: I doubt Dani will have Nick at the end of the game.
Jen: Your daughter seems very inconsiderate to her live-in boyfriend at home by spending 24 hrs a day with Nick on national television.
Dick: (with a preface to Jen that she must keep this a secret) What you don't know about it is that my daughter's a wreck about it, and she came to me about it, of all people, after not talking to me in 2 to 3 years.
    ***Dick... um... SHUT UP!
Jen: A wreck that she's doing that to her boyfriend?
Dick: Yes.

Dick: I came in to this game not wanting to win anything, but because of my position, I have to put up any combo of you three -Jen, Kail, Mike - and no one will care in a blink of an eye
Dick: I would hope that you'd reassess things and make some changes.
Dick: The Mrs. Robinson alliance will be broken up... It's a huge mistake for you to join an obvious alliance so early in the game.

At 5:30am, they wrap it up, saying...

Dick: It was nice talking with you.
Jen: You'll see. You'll really like me outside of the game.

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Anonymous Krissy71 said...

Very good stuff!! I 'm still hoping Dick stays in the house! I was very shocked about Dick and Jen's conversation, it was actually an intelligent conversation coming from Jen which surprised me. It seems important to her that she wants Dick to like her. She's been trying to convince him that he would really like her "out of the house" and he's wondering "why the hell can't he like her in the house?" Why is she pretending to be something she's not, cause nobody likes this act she's doing in the house?**I believe that is what Dick is thinking.

8:55 AM  
Anonymous Doug said...

After seeing Dick and Jen and how well they related thismornig I came to a conclusion that I really don't think they are that different afterall.. It's just that their approach is VERY different.

Personally, I am finding with Dick that he is starting to get a little cocky and preach with people, which I don't like. He is an outstanding player thoug.

Jen I dislike, but she is starting to grow on me. Although I don't always agree with her decision making, she isn't a dumb person.

8:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Noo, Noo, Noo what the hell is Dick thinking opening up to JEN of all people about something Dani confided in him about.. Grrr!! Thats a sure way to get her to stop opening up to him when she just started. What is he thinking? UGhhH!!!

9:25 AM  
Anonymous Stephen said...

While I agree it is stupid of Dick to have told Jen some of the things (like the Nick and boyfriend back home stuff which can be later used as ammunition) I was pleased to see them have that talk. I honestly think if Dick Dani and Jen teamed up they could be one of the ultimate power teams in BB history. The liklihood of that happening... is about the same as Jen giving up her red unitard. This is gonna be a great season!

1:39 PM  

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