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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Kail's New Tactic

7:30pm BBT
Living Room
Kail & Jameka
Kail: I've washed my hands of it. I'm done.
    ***ok, so leave Jameka alone.
Kail: His tactic of intimidation has worked.
    ***and your tactic of manipulation and lies hasn't.
Kail: He verbally threatened me in front of everyone.
    ***that he was going to put her on the block.
    oooh.. scary.
Kail: I don't want you to feel any pressure from me...
    ***a bigger crock of bull, i've never heard.
Kail: I'm so glad I came to talk to you. He had me so down.
Jameka: Don't even give him credit.
Jameka: Do something about it. That's all you can do.
Jameka: I don't care what people tell you, I don't care what people tell him. When you walk into that Diary Room, you have one vote. One Vote.
Jameka: Whatever.. Whoever you are comfortable with.. that's who you need to spend time with. Everybody's wired differently, and you can't fault one for being different than another.
Kail: I feel like I talked too much yesterday... but I feel so much better talking to you.
Jameka: Well I'm here for everybody, and I'm honest... I like to add to a conversation, and I like to comment on things...
Kail: I need to go back to my quiet self.
Jameka: You are a little quiter than you've been... you need to be you.
Kail: (back to Dick) From Day one, I don't know why he's pointed me out...
    ***You get the picture. She's coming at it from a more subtle, victim angle now. Force didn't work. She's still campaigning as hard as ever. Just quieter.
Jameka: You have to see it from his angle. He's accustomed to everyone coming to him and telling him everything. he's a bartender. You wont tell him anything, ever. of course he doesn't trust you.
Kail: THat makes so much sense! I don't share things with him cuz he's not my pastor, he's not my husband, etc.
Jameka: But then Dick internalizes that and sees you as untrustworthy...
Kail: But I'm not going to tell him my life story.
Jameka: You don't have to, but you have to be open to it.
Jameka: One person. One vote.
Kail: I feel so much better.
Jameka: Know the God that you serve. Know the God that you serve. He's much bigger than anything in here.

Here's the video of Dick vs Kail, as captured by DaisyMae on youtube.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I will say it again. Kail is no good. She's a Miss Holier than Thou type of person. She must be exhausted from all this work of trying to call every single shot in that house. Can't she just let people be who they are?

8:15 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

ummm.. nope.
cookie cutter woman from a cookie cutter world.
welcome to the big city, kail.
now go home.

8:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dick was just calling her out! She gave him her word and now she is backstabbing him. (um would Jesus do that?). Good for Dick for confronting Kail and yes he would do it to anybody in the house if they were spreading lies!

Jamka is becoming my favorite! She doesn't gossip about people.

8:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so sick of that 2faced Kail I can't wait till she gets sent home.

9:01 PM  

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