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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Big Brother 8 Afternoon Update

We got a lot of background information today... and a BIG gaffe from the Control Room. Someone left the sound on during a Diary Room session. Oh Boy. The unemployment line is to the left, dear.

Here's the Dish:

Around 2:00pm BBT, Carol gave Amber an earful about the background to the feud. Carol put it all on Jessica's mother, whom she refers to as a "psycho mom" and the "ultimate extreme pageant mom." Apparently both Carol and Jessica did pageants, and Jessica's mother just put a ton of pressure on her. "Jessica's mom is the main reason we never made up. I couldn't handle being around her mom."

Carol's issues extend beyond Jessica's mother, however, as she wasn't at all shy to let Amber know "how shallow, how childish, and how stupid the things Jessica's says are."
    ***Like I said a few days ago, this reeks of Mean Girls to me.
    There's got to be more to it: something specific that neither of them is divulging, and it's not $5.

Carol: Jessica's mom was always like, 'you have to be the prettiest, have the best body, be the best looking. My mom encouraged me too, but it was with, like, grades.
    ***too bad it wasn't with, like, expanding, like, your vocabulary.

Around 20 past 2 BBT, we joined Dick and Dustin in a conversation about Daniele. Dick is concerned about her weight, and he's astute enough to question his role in it.
    ***we're concerned about it too, Dick.

Dick: She's changed from a young teenager into a woman.

Then he moves on to her weight...

Dick: It's so evident when she's walking around in her bikini.
Dick: I'm worried about her being on slop. She's so f-ing skinny. It wouldn't be so bad, if it wasn't for up in here (indicating the collarbone) that you can see the bones.
Dustin goes on to share his own battle with eating issues. He lives in fear of getting fat.
    ***Call me crazy, but I'm thinkin' gonorrhea might be worse.


Small BDRM - 2:30pm
Zach, Nick & Daniele

They are lying on the tiny beds talking. The flirt is on. They're all tongue in cheek discussing Nick and Daniele's upcoming wedding, possible locations and honeymoon potential.

Nick: I'd like to go to Italy.
Daniele: We'll be like Rob & Amber.
Nick: What do you think of these names? Slyler for a boy, and Tristan for a girl?
Zach: Are you going to save the first kiss for the wedding day?
Nick: Yes. I don't want to spoil this relationship.
BB VOICEOVER: Zach, Please come to the Diary Room.
Daniele: They want to give us some alone time.
    ***Smart girl. Relationships are ratings.
In a BIG snafu, we actually hear some of the Diary Room Audio with Zach. I don't remember that *ever* happening before. Whoever goofed it is extremely lucky it was caught before it became an issue. It's pretty safe to assume Zach walked in with his microphone still on, and someone forgot to have him remove it.

Female Voice: How are you today?
Zach: Too much sun.
Female Voice: Let's talk about the veto comp yesterday. You weren't chosen to play, those that weren't chosen to play had to go to HOH, tell us about that....
Zach: Yes there were some of us that were not allowed to play in the HoH, um, er, uhh Veto! and we had to hang out in the HoH room.
    Then the DR sound cut out...
Dick and Dustin discussing Daniele, still, but now having moved on to the father-daughter relationship.
Dick: (shaking head) I was afraid she would bash me.
Dustin: No, nothing like that. It's totally respectful.
Dick: I'm not blaming her for the relationship, but it takes two to tango.
Dick: I've never given up on the relationship, and I've always been there... I've always tried.
Dustin: It's got to be a lot of pressure with the two of you in here together.

It's too much for Dick. The discussion moves to Carol and Jessica.

Dick: There has to be more to it than just two teenage high school girls fighting. That they could have found that anywhere. There has to be more to it.
Dustin: (laughing) They're the lovers gone bad.

Amber, Jameka & Dustin
2:46pm BBT
Amber's getting really worried about the votes, and the possibility she may not have enough. Dustin is understanding, but not willing to do any legwork on her behalf. It's just not "his bag of chips." The conversation continues about campaigning and her regret at not having won the Veto.
    ***Which she said she wasn't going to use anyway.
Moving Ahead to 3:15pm.
Amber & Jessica

Amber and Jess are whispering in the pool about Carol... again.

Amber: All Carol does every day is cry.
Jessica: I wouldn't want to be known as the cryer!
Amber: Hopefully Eric votes for me.
Jessica: (wistfully) If they hadn't cast her on the show, I wouldn't have seen her for the rest of my life. I would've be fine with that.
Amber: Do you have any mutual friends?
Jessica: No. We go to different colleges. I hear from people...
Amber: Carol isn't tied down at all, and she's whining about uprooting her life. I had to make plans for my daughter...

Amber: I wonder why they brought you in to be blindsided and not her.
Jessica: She told me she wouldn't campaign.
Amber: So fake. I hate that.
Jessica: Me too!

Planes fly over

Amber: I feel badly... my daughter is watching. She's 8 - I am probably going to look like a mess...crying.


Nick, Zach, Daniele & Carol
3:40pm BBT

Daniele: It's always so cold here.
Nick: Want to cuddle?
Carol and Zach: (teasing) She wants to!
Zach: I can see the fire burning in your loins, Nick.

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