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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Big Brother 8 House Guests Studying the Twist Clues

2:07pm BBT
Dick & Dani

Dick: Please forgive me, ok? We need to get over this and just move on from here.
    ***Daniele has picked a really inopportune time to pick a snit with Dick over a perceived slight outside. Get over it and work with him!

Amber & Jameka
Amber: Somethings up with Eric and Jen... I think they know each other...
Jameka: But if they knew each other, why would she spill as much as she did about him. That doesn't make sense.
Amber: 3 can keep a secret if 2 of them are dead... 3 can keep a secret if 2 of them are dead... That means one person in this house is keepin a big secret... It could mean so many things...
Jameka: What was the other one? Oh, "a snitch in time saves 9."
Amber: What does that mean? A snitch is someone who tells the truth.
Jam: Someone who tells the truth can save 9. It's 6 vetoes... 6 people are safe. 3 are not. Those 3 bunnies it was 1,5 or 9.. Only 6 vetoes.. Which obviously means double eviction, I would think...
Amber: Wait. 1, 5 and 9. You don't think it refers to the memory wall do you?
Jameka: 1 was Carol/Kail, 5 on the wall was Kail/Carol and 9 was Jen... Woah, Yeah, Yeah.. I say yes on that one.... What...
    ***apologies, I couldn't hear the difference in the 2 words with jam's pronunciation.

Amber: There is no little enemy.. That was about him.. He's not an enemy.. he's here to help.
Jameka: A snitch in time saves 9...
Amber: So basically someone who tells the truth in time will save 9...
Jameka: Mmmm.

Eric comes out...

The girls stop talking about the clues... Ask about everyone else...

Dick comes out... He believes he recognized the little person from somewhere in Hollywood.


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Anonymous Stephen said...

What is HWD?

2:23 PM  
Anonymous MoNYC said...

Ugh, Dani SO needs to get over herself. For one moment. Preferably NOW!

You rock, Key Player C!

2:24 PM  
Anonymous Jumpinjud1 said...

This is CRAZY!! This is why i love BB! All the blogs are going crazy. Some say BB is outting eric, others say its a double eviction week. I have no idea. All i know is that i will be glued to the feeds tonight.

2:30 PM  
Blogger erin said...

what r your takes on it carolyn? I think it has to do with the next HOH. What were ED and Dani arguin about

2:31 PM  
Blogger danserchic said...

Slightly revised:

Three can keep a secret if two are dead
-----Dustin, Amber, and (Eric);; Dustin lied to Amber about voting to evict Eric v. Kail

Fish and visitors stink after three days
-----Don't leave your trust out longer than neccesary

What a tangled web we weave when 1st we practice to deceive
-----Lying in the game will stab you in the back eventually.

There is no little enemy
-----either the donatos or the LNC is stronger than the impression they are giving?
-----The little guy is there to help, not hinder the houseguests

A snitch in time saves 9
-----Getting rid of Eric will improve the game for everyone else
-----If someone tells some sort of secret, there will be no eviction this week?

It is not enough to succeed. Others must fail
-----Only one person can win the entire game?

After all, what is a lie, but a truth in masquerade (Lord Byron quote)
-----its on page 714, if the link doesn't work. read what comes right after masquerade.
-----in every truth, there is part of a lie;; no matter what the HG say is the truth, there is always some alternate meaning

Always drink upstream from the herd
-----Be wary of the nerd herd, even members of the nerd herd.

2:33 PM  
Blogger danserchic said...

"1 was Carol/Kail, 5 on the wall was Kail/Carol and 9 was Jen... Woah, Yeah, Yeah.. I say yes on that one.... What..."

I don't get this 1, 5, 9 thing. Can someone else explain this better?

2:34 PM  
Blogger kevin said...

Jam and Amb: do they realize that when they talk they sound kinda.... dumb... naive... the way they are analyzing and interpreting the phrases...

Here's hoping Dick's chat with Eric "We could rock this place..." raises the house IQ with the evictions of Jam and Amb

2:38 PM  
Anonymous Stephen said...

The memory wall is where all their pics are that get black and whited when they are evicted. Carol is the first person on there and Kail is the 5th and Jen is the 9th. Maybe this means that Jen knows a secret because of the 3 of them she is the only one left.

2:42 PM  
Anonymous Stephen said...

Kevin- I don't think they are too worried about sounding dumb or naive as long as they figure it out! Haven't you read some of the ideas I have posted? They are surely much dumber sounding than anything Jameka and Amber have conjured up! Its Big Brother we are talking about- every angle must be covered! :-)

2:49 PM  
Blogger kevin said...

danserchic- sorry you are looking at this through biased glasses... probably Pro-Dick, Anti-Eric

3 can keep a secret if two are dead: don't overthink this one... sounds to me like a double eviction warning.

Fish and visitors stink after three days: I think they'll be having visitors (bunnies, more mad hatters and statues) in the house until Friday

A stitch in time saves nine: this one i think obliquely refers to the fact that there are nine HG's left, but i think the "snitch" is a misspeak... I think BB wants to keep the "snitch" under wraps.

There is no little enemy: this is funny coming from a little person, but i think it means don't underestimate players

the Byron quote is straightforward

drink upstream from the herd: does not refer to any Nerd Herd-that is just baloney on boards and blogs-it just means if you get your drink (info/strategy) downstream, you might be getting sh**ty water

2:51 PM  
Anonymous that guy said...

I'm betting this is for the HOH competition. They'll be asked all sorts of memory type questions.

2:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about 3 can keep a secret if two of them are dead, meaning the 3 secrets at the beginning of the show.. Dick, Dustin & Jessica. Two of them are on the chopping block. Double elimination.


2:57 PM  
Anonymous Stephen said...

Very good thinking, Misty! Me Likey!

3:20 PM  
Anonymous Melissa said...

My thoughts are a Double Eviction coming up. Could someone explain to me how the double eviction works, or how it did in past BBs. Is it 2 short HOH reigns in a week? Thanx!

3:26 PM  
Anonymous that guy said...


Yeah. Contrary to what some people are saying, a double eviction doesn't mean that the two on the block are sent out the door together.

It's just like you said, two separate evictions in one week, with short HOH stays for each. If it IS a DE, the noms will be made right after the HOH competition tomorrow night.

3:50 PM  
Anonymous Melissa said...


So, right after someone wins HOH, they have to nominate 2 people right away, with no discusssion with others or time to think? Do they usually show this on the live show?

4:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have come up with a theory......
the little guy said "fish and visitors stink after 3 days" which means dont overstay ur welcome. there were 6 bunnies with 6 vetos on them which cud mean 6 of them are safe. there are 9 Hgs with 5 weeks left. they cud have a triple eviction within the next 3 days. that way there'll be 6 Hgs left with 4 weeks to go. 4 leave and 2 in the final!!

also wat the guys on stilts said:
"It is not enough to succeed. Others must fail.
After all, what is a lie, but a truth in masquerade. Always drink upstream from the herd."
i think that means dont go along with what evryone says, especailly the Nerd Herd!!!

ok so that's my theory.
tell me wat u think!!


4:12 PM  
Anonymous bianca said...

alex, i like that idea :)

4:27 PM  
Anonymous that guy said...

So, right after someone wins HOH, they have to nominate 2 people right away, with no discusssion with others or time to think? Do they usually show this on the live show?

Yeah, exactly. They'll have the HGs come back into the living room (after the HOH comp) and tell them they're going to do some follow-up. BUT, instead Julie Chicken tells the new HOH that they have to name their two nominees right there on the spot. They did this to George last year on BBAS after he won some kind of Disco Prom HOH contest. It was a trainwreck watching him pull two names out of his ass.

4:34 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

that guy THANK YOU for fielding these while I update!!

4:36 PM  
Anonymous cori said...

This is exactly what BB needed right now! A fun twist that is driving everyone crazy! There are some good thoughts on here..great job!

Thanks girls, for all the updates and videos...i was out all day and wouldn't have known what was goin on at all without this site. thanks again!


4:44 PM  
Anonymous that guy said...

No problem. Glad I could help.

4:46 PM  
Blogger brent said...

Here is what I think.

The mad hatters cards on his hat are 10 3 7.

I think 10 represents the number of guests that will be in the house at the end of this week.( I think that they will bring Nick back)

7 respresents the numbers of a new alliance ED,Dani,jen,Zach,Eric,Jess and Nick

3 Represents Amber Jam and Dustin

5:06 PM  
Anonymous Stephen said...

Alex- Good thinking.

I have purported another way your line of thinking may work out.

6 are safe however THREE get put up on the block via one HOH and after that are each given an important piece of information (could be the same... could be different) and then 2 get evicted at once and one stays. This theory includes many of the phrases we have heard of. the 2 people dead (evicted) while one stays and keeps a secret. The mime's poses of surprise, keeping secrets, etc. Also the 6 people safe (6 vetos)... I still think there is some odd stuff like the cards and other phrases said by the little guy but this is possible and is not as outlandish as some of my other proposals. Haha!

Okay- no commenting for me for a while... I have to be at UCLA for a 4 hour class. I hope to hear all the great comments that are posted while I am gone!

5:17 PM  
Anonymous Melissa said...

Thanx again that guy and thankx Carolyn for keeping us updated!

It is fun reading everyones ideas and theories. Great job!

5:50 PM  
Blogger Jen said...

OK I just have to fave quote of the day is from Zach...when trying to remember all the "clues" he say's--Don't throw stones at wooden sticks!--I almost spit soda all over my screen!

12:03 AM  

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