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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Eric & Jess are Still up

8:06am BBT
HoH Room -

Eric and Jessica are still awake, and Eric is definitely taking his task seriously this week. With subtlety and gentle re-direction, he is doing his best to finesse this one with Jessica. Now we know - his speeches in front of the group are just that - speeches. His confidant is Jessica.

He's running so many scenarios my head is spinning. Notably, he's just suggested he cast a vote to evict Dustin, since both Jen and Zach have promised to evict Dick, and that way, they can blame his vote on either one of them anyway, and use it for fuel the following week.

8:30am BBT
Eric & Jessica
They're still up and talking on the feeds. They turned the lights off a few minutes ago, and Eric is spending his first night up in HoH with her.

Since yesterday, the outlook on Dick's longevity in the house has definitely taken an upswing. Eric's vote is now solid. Zach and Jen are iffy, but I have to believe they are smart enough to realize that voting to evict Dustin is far more conducive to extending both of their games than evicting Dick. They hold the balance of power in their hands, and personal feelings toward Dick aside, they have to realize that in order to render the LNC powerless, they must cut off the head of the beast: Dustin.

As a power-player, Jen must acknowledge that even a tenuous relationship with Dick & Dani, people who can and do win competitions, is better than a nod of approval from Jameka and Amber, one who can't compete for HoH and the other who's dropped out first from nearly every competition, and not intentionally.

The questions that remain are will Eric speak to either or both of them? I doubt it, since he's already spoken to Jess about using his vote to set up one or the other. Will Jessica shun her alliance and vote to evict Dustin in the event of a tie. I can't see it happening, even though it makes the most sense for her game - with Dustin gone, the LNC=Amber + Jameka, and both are completely dispensable at this point.

Eric has planted the seeds with Jessica. Let's see if this beanstalk grows.

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Anonymous bianca said...

i work tomorrow nite :( i dont know what ill do until 10:30 eastern !!!! thank goodness for the internet :)

8:21 AM  
Blogger kevin said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

8:27 AM  
Anonymous america's hater said...

Is Eric's task considered 'completed' if Dustin isn't evicted? I've been kinda confused by this... is his task merely to *vote* to evict Dustin or does Dustin actually have to be booted out of the house?

Because I'd hate for him to be rewarded for only doing the bare minimum.

8:27 AM  
Anonymous Lissy said...

I really want to see Dustin go so I'm glad Eric is taking the task seriously for a change. However, I'm miffed Jen and Zach may vote to evict Dick since they want to get in good standing with the others....can't they figure out no matter how they vote, the NH is coming after them next?

8:37 AM  
Blogger Doug said...

I also heard Eric mention to Jess yesterday that he was thinking about doinging a hinky vote for Dustin. Eric is pretty dumb if he thinks Jessica won't catch on to this eventually. I think she will put 2 and 2 together and realize that Eric did them all, all along.

Also Jess made a comment when Eric was called to the DR in the middle of the night that it was Tuesday night that he was being called. Then, as you mentioned, he came back and discussed his vote going for Dustin again. Jess is a smart woman, and she will figure him out!

Let's hope This will get Dustin out.

Interesting DR is now pushing for Dick to stay!

8:50 AM  
Blogger kevin said...

OK OK I just reread Jokers... looks like Eric got the nod that America loves Dick before beer pong last night.

So Eric is now making sure Jessica is in on his hinky vote. Eric could have used Zach and Jen to make himself the only vote to evict Evel...

But I think his strategy is to do what America is voting for (Jess silent treatment really got to him i think)... even if it means having to put up with Evel's tactics.

9:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really don't think Jessica is that smart to keep Dick. I hope I am wrong. Guess we will have to wait and see just how smart Jessica really is.

Deb in NY

9:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only problem with your thinking Carolyn is... Zach and Jen don't think their votes matter. So unless Eric, or Jess for that matter, tip them off, they'll just vote along with the LNC in an attempt to curry favor or at least make them smaller targets going forward. It's a LOUSY scenario... What could be a simply AWESOME eviction [DUSTIN] will just go down with Dick leaving and total cover for Eric's vote :( What's that mean for us??? BORING...

9:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

for america's hater...
Eric so far (as we know) has only been given the task to have Dustin nominated. On Thursday we will know if he has actually received AP directions to vote for a Dustin or Dick eviction. Even with live feeds we don't get to see the DR moments. But just hope his behavior is indicative of the Vote he will cast - for Dustin. And wouldn't that turn the house upside down!!!
Kelly in MI

9:17 AM  
Anonymous kelly-ann said...

Wow, this is getting interesting. I hope Jen and Zach have the sense to evict Dusting now...
I am starting to get my hopes up a bit too high.

9:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love that with all of Eric's efforts to avoid Jess, BB still considered the task to ignore her FAILED.

I think I want to start referring to Eric as either Beavis or Butthead with his nervous laugh. Ugh!!! If you watch people, you can tell when he's lying by the shifty eyes and the nervous laugh.

Oh, if he is evicted any point, I don't think the AP twist will be revealed as he'll be in sequester and we'll have his vote for the final winner.

Kelly in MI

9:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok how is what Jess and Erica doing (ROMANCE CRAP) any different than Nick and Danielle, at least Danielle never admitted to Nick that she liked him, on the other hand Jess and Erica are both flirting like crazy, they are so so such HIPOCRITES, that's why I like Dick because he calls them like he sees them.


9:39 AM  
Blogger kevin said...

I really really hope the house shows DICK the door. If they don't he will probably win HOH, nominate Amber and Jameka... and try to backdoor Eric... in other words he gets boring and preDICKtable...
Dick fans could eventually be disheartened to see Dick so soft... so flaccid... so limp...

the exciting part is... WHO WILL BE NEXT HOH!?!?!?!
not Jameka or Jessica
Amber-she's terrible at comps
Zach-wouldn't win on principle

I think the LNC5 is doomed no matter who goes home... which is fine with me

Eric will try to keep #'s on his side... #'s meaning the other HG's plus the 5 million or so who watched the show on Tuesday.

But the most important number he can get right now is Jess' home phone!

ps-i can't believe people pay to vote for AP

10:04 AM  
Blogger Christopher said...

Eric really should be pushing Zach and Jen hard to evict Dick and at the same time, talk to Jessica about how they can't be trusted.
So when the vote comes down and if it is either 3-3 or 4-2 (to evict Dick) then he can play it off like Zach and/or Jen cannot be trusted and they did vote contrary to what they said.
I think if Dustin goes, Eric is in big trouble.

10:09 AM  
Blogger JustBeechy said...

Ok I haven't been able to keep up with this for a few days and DAYUM seems like its changed SO much. I thought Jen and Zach already said they were voting for Dick to stay...what happened to that?? With them and Dani and Eric that would put Dustin's a** out the door and HE would be the one with the egg on his face so to speak. Ugh why can't they just do what we want em to....LOL!!!

10:17 AM  
Blogger Cliff O'Neill said...

King Dusty's revenge shall be swift and severe! King Dusty is all-powerful and will repel your wicked wishes against his well-being.

King Dusty will ride on his topiary giraffe to glory and will wield his power over the festering remains of the Wicked Spitter With Scarlet & Ebony Locks!


10:23 AM  
Anonymous that guy said...

america's hater...

He gets no credit in voting for Dustin to leave, as that's locked in for him already, and he has no ability to go against it (which is why Julie just BS's with him during the live vote). So his task is actually to get enough of the house to vote against Dustin, and get him kicked out (or fail the task).

Eric has to realize that if he screws this one up, the AP voters are going to seek brutal vengeance. He already had to ignore his closest ally, he's got to realize that there's a possibility for worse tasks than that. Aside from having to continually seek nomination of, and voting against his alliance, he could be asked to:

• "Verbally assault one player in the house, in front of everybody"
• "Spit in a certain HG's food"
• "Throw someone in the pool"
• "Tell another HG that you will never vote for them to win the $500K, no matter what"
• "Depants someone"
• "Insult another HG's mom"

The viewers and feed watchers aren't idiots. Everyone knows that the situation is ripe for Dustin to leave. All he needs to do is tell Jen and Zach to stick with the Dick alliance and it's a done deal. If he fails this task, he "can dig his own f'ing grave for all I care".

10:26 AM  
Anonymous inca roads said...

I think Zach is pretty solid on voting for Dick to stay & evict Dustin. I think he is very aware his days are numbered if Dustin stays. His conversation to Jessica last night was to set-up a 3-3 tie & ultimately blame it indirectly on Eric the following week. When he said if there is a tie then you know there is dissension in your group. That was his planting the seed if there is a tie then you need to blow up your group by evicting Dustin.
Jen is the wild card & Danielle needs to put some work in to get Dick a vote to stay. The way they've(lnc) made Jen feel uncomfortable the last few days(if she is aware) when she has gone up to HOH may end up backfiring on them Thursday.

10:48 AM  
Anonymous America needs a new player said...

I really can't stand Jameka ~ why hasn't she been put up yet! Give Dick a break, at least he speaks his mind and doesn't start praying when he can't think of what to say next! The religious aspect of this is really getting old! People need to get a grip! Dick is fabulous! He makes great TV!

11:23 AM  
Blogger miamicat said...

Dick's a hottie and I mean that in the innocent terms. lol. Cat

11:25 AM  
Blogger miamicat said...

Carolyn, thank God for all the time you put in keeping me up to date. I for one am grateful. Cat

11:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't understand why Zach is being so loyal to Jessica. Did I miss something? Why wouldn't he be more loyal to Dick/Dani?

11:31 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Hey Everybody. sorry for the delay in comments posting.. i had to go do a photo shoot - i'm the "key player" feature in a fashion issue coming out in september - hehe... anyhow, i'm back, reading through and publishing all the comments now :)

11:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

aw eric and jessica..

11:55 AM  

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