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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Good Morning, Big Brother Lovers!

Welcome to Power Shift Thursday. Tonight, as with every Thursday night, a new Head of Household will be crowned, and the mood in the house will take a dramatic shift, depending upon the winner. New dynamics, new butts to kiss, new HG to ostracize... It's a new game every Thursday.

As I write, it's 5am BBT. Dani's just now gone up to HoH to get some sleep. Dick's in the Diary Room for a moment. Amber and Jameka are up talking game and trash-talking everyone. Amber's HoH plans are still to put Eric and Jessica up - should she win HoH this evening... We shall see, We shall see...

The overnight report will go up around 10am BBT. In the meantime, Who do you think is most likely to win HoH tonight?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

im kind of tied between jessica and dick. and thats ok because im on the bandwagon for the new alliance of 4. i hope of all people amber doesnt get it church bells will ring every minute.....

5:25 AM  
Blogger kevin said...

i chuckle whenever i hear Amber talk about how she's gonna win HOH. She hasn't won anything. she'll go out first or second in the competition.

i can't wait to see Power of 10 with her blowing it (being greedy-remember Amber... WWJD?) on the $100K question and walking away with a measly grand... I have nothing to back that up but i can see it so clearly. (i.e., Amber's visions)

I'd say 90% probability that Amber and Jameka will go up... and Zach will be replacement if veto is used.

5:35 AM  
Blogger Cindy said...

I'm agreeing with you Kevin, that's kind of how I see it playing out. I know I can't wait for tonight's show to see how they handle all of this weeks drama.

5:46 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

gone cycling.. back in about 90 minutes to publish comments and get crackin on the overnight report. ;)

5:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK I may be the only one here that wishes this but I hope Eric becomes HOH. I know a lot of you all can't stand our loyal AP but I'm still a fan. GOOOOO ERIC!!!!

~Lisa (first time commenter)

5:53 AM  
Blogger Ray said...

Dick is going to take it this week. He wants the power again and also to save himself.

6:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If this is a double eviction week then the producers will set up an HoH contest geared toward Amber winning. This being so, Amber's victory still depends on her abilities. (In which I happen to have very little faith. So there!)

If Amber actually succeeds in winning the HoH, she will earn the quick, no-frills version, which will be brief, until the real HoH is crowned in another day or so.

Of course, if Amber cannot win tonight's HoH, then it's anybody's guess. Can you imagine the damage to everybody's plans if Zach were to win?

6:04 AM  
Blogger kevin said...


I'm also an Eric sympathizer. I still don't get the "weasel" tag he gets labeled with. He has no choice but to be deceptive, given his role in the game.

Also pulling for Eric to win HOH... if only because then he'll finally be guaranteed to participate in a Veto comp.

But between you and me (and all these other freaks) I think Jessica is gonna conquer tonite.

6:43 AM  
Anonymous Courtney said...

Enjoy your morning cycle, Carolyn:)

And I have to say I hope Eric wins. I don't think it should be too hard for him, with Jen gone & Dani not competing.

6:58 AM  
Blogger Shana May said...

ohh I hope it is an indurance comp...but usually if that is the case they are on inside lock down by this point right?
I picked Dick to win, but I think zach might be a threat...who knows what he would do if he won. I can't figure him out.

7:07 AM  
Blogger Cliff O'Neill said...

Oh, it would be fascinating to see Eric win HOH, since everyone would be so freakin' confused to see him put up Amber and (I'm guessing/hoping) Dick.

Which explains why that boy throws every competition he's in.

7:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so sick of Amber with her "visions". I am sorry but those are called dreams. We all have them. I mean I have a dream that I will marry George Clooney but do I call it a vision? No though I wish it was.

7:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like Eric, but I think Zach will sneek by and win this game!!
My top 3 favs are: Zach, Eric and Jess (in no special order)

7:37 AM  
Anonymous meemma said...

Is it me or did this week go by very slowly this time? Usually, I feel like the weeks go by so quickly in terms of eviction/HOH Thursdays. This time it feels like it was two weeks long.

Well, if you think about it on a personal level that if you've ever experienced drama in your own life, it "feels" like it takes foooorevvvver for it to stop. At least that's been my experience.
I try to keep the d-word as far away from me as possible.

And I think I want Shrek to win HOH. I want to see what he would to with the power. If not him then Earache.

7:52 AM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

I am hoping and keeping my fingers crossed that Dick wins HOH this week... I am starting to question Zack (he is sneaky) and as for Eric, maybe America would decide who he puts on the block.. that would be interesting...but I don't believe Eric would break his alliance of 4 & put up Dick (I would certainly hope not at least)

7:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not sure, but beginning to believe Eric cannot win HOH (some AP rule?) just like I believe his name is not in the bag for POV's.

I'm just saying ...

7:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Never saw Amber as a possibility til Tuesday show where Dani mentions her coming in 2nd on a few occasions. But Amber isn't a winner. Jameka can't. Zach throws everything. Eric would put the spotlight on himself. Dani can't. So it's down to Jessica or Dick. Hmmm, unless things do a quick change and Jen stays. Now that could be ugly errr, EXCITING.

7:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Voted for Zach to win HOH this week for the simple fact that I can not take one more night of quarters or spin the can on BBAD. The move last week by Eric and Jess really turned the house upside down! With Zach winning HOH this week and him with no "true" alliance, could make this week very interesting. Plus kinda pulling for the underdog now.

8:23 AM  
Anonymous Lanie said...

They cannot do a double eviction week because they will have to come up with nominees immediately afterwards- and that way America cannot vote for who they want Eric to nominate and Eric will not get his say and America will not get there's. See what I am saying people? Not this season.

Whoever wins HOH needs to put up Zach. He has been floating his way through and throwing every single competition he competes in. He is going to float by to the finals if he is not eliminated. It would be hillarious if he forms a secret alliance with Meka.

9:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, I thought he threw HOHs because he didn't want the power...I didn't even think he is contracted not to win. Well, if that is the case then that stinks! Well, if he can't be HOH I guess I'm rooting for the Ogre too. I'm not rooting for those that have already been HOH. You need to give those who haven't won and are still in the game some props! Am I right people?!

~Lisa (2nd time commentor hehe)

9:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As long as its Dick, Jessica or Eric... (no special order there)... I'll be happy.
And I even think I'll skip the feeds today so the live show will be that more exciting.


9:34 AM  
Anonymous meemma said...


I don't why, but your tag at the end of "1st time commenter", "2nd time commenter" made me chuckle.

I equate this comments section with the show addicting! However, I'd like to see you keep up your tags, i.e. Lisa(393rd commenter) I think it's cute and made me smile. :)

9:44 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Lisa :) Welcome!!

10:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I have been reading this blog since the beginning but I was always saying to myself - self, I think I'll comment another time - but then I never got around to commenting. So today I told myself to speak up. I just couldn't let myself be a fly on the wall of this blog anylonger.

So I decided to switch who I want to win HOH again. The ogre would mix things up too much and plus he is just annoying...I want him to just disappear aka get back doored he has no purpose in this game! I'm serious...he's never made any real impact on this game...he's just there to be a dumb ogre! HAHA

So GOOOOOOOOO JESS OR DICK OR ERIC (if he's allowed to even win HOHs that is)

You all are so sweet! I comment every now and again on one of the BB myspace groups (Big Brother HQ) and they never acknowledge my existance. Thanks for the love all!

~Lisa (3rd time commenter - keeping track so meemma can get a chuckle)

11:27 AM  

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