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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Overnight Report

Funniest Line of the Night:
Zach: I can't believe Nick would rather see Eric naked. We were better friends.

Hope Springs Eternal
In terms of late night game talk, last night wasn't particularly intense. What stands out for me is the potential chinks in the armor for the eviction this week. The plan still stands, for the moment, to evict Jess, but Dick's dislike of Jameka and her game play may be just the boost Jess needs to stay in the house. Here's a brief rundown of the anti-Jameka sentiment that was expressed pretty freely last night amongst Dick, Dani & Zach:

11:00pm BBT
Dani: Jameka's so annoying!
Dick: It still annoys me that we're leaving her in this week... I want her to go more than anyone else.

11:05pm BBT
Dick: It still makes me mad to keep her here.
Dani: Well.. then send her home.
Zach: That's not the way to go.
Dani: (joking): Shut up, Zach.

11:10pm BBT
The conversation moves to "how upset Jameka was when Dick told her she was leaving Thursday"... Dani mentions again about her slamming around the room, throwing her shoes... while she was trying to sleep... For Dick, what bothers him most is what he sees as "Jameka's undeserved sense of entitlement." He doesn't believe anyone should feel entitled, least of all someone he believes has really not played the game.

Dick: What makes her think she's so f'ing special?

11:30 BBT
Zach: Are you getting sick of the same repititious stuff with people in here?
Dani: You mean the three of them?
Zach: Yes, now that the line has been drawn. It's fake.
Dani: It's annoying.

11:50pm BBT
Zach: Some people think they can just slide on by without doing a f'ing thing.
Dick: I would really like to get Jameka out this week.
Zach: We can't do that.
    ***I don't know which is funnier to me... Zach calling someone out for sliding by in the game, or his about-face on wanting Jameka out, which had been his personal goal for many weeks...

12:48am BBT
Dick: She won't even look me in the eye.

The question is, will any of this make a difference in the game plan? With 48 hours to go, the only way to know for sure is to watch and wait.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think they should send Jameka home this week. Then E/J would think they still have an alliance w/ D&D! Then then can slam them next week. Or with the double eviction, of course depending on the HOH winner....Jameka & Jessica or Eric this week!

Truly a very interesting week ahead!


8:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jameka needs to go, she has done nothing but sit around going Ummm Humm agreeing but doing nothing. Jessica has played hard and well, even Eric being AP has not done much as far as playing the game. OK, well talk a lot, man does his mouth ever stop?? Get rid of Jameka then Zach and let the 4 of them battle it out..should be a good race to the finish.

8:26 AM  
Blogger Beth & Eric said...

Keep going Dick, keep going... That's the ol' ED I like!

8:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do think it's funny for Zach to talk about people sliding by when he just now won something. How many days are we into the game? Duh, Zach. I also hope that Jameka's annoyance can persuade them to keep Jess. I think their alliance can get them as far as the final 4. If they keep Jess and let Eric or Jess win HOH this coming week, then Zach goes. Then, it's 2 to 1 in the next HOH comp. Odds in favor of D&D winning HOH. Plus, although they don't know it yet, whoever wins this HOH is only gonna have the power for what a day?

8:35 AM  
Anonymous denimdreams said...

I think Jessica should go and I think she will. At the end of the day it's the best possible move for Dick and Daniele. Jessica has never been completely down with this 4 and she plan's on putting D&D up anyway.
Buh-bye Jess.

8:37 AM  
Anonymous jessica stein said...

the question is... who will america make eric vote out???

can you imagine the turmoil if he has to vote out jess (i mean me ;))?!

8:41 AM  
Anonymous jen donato said...

these people never fail to give me a headache.

i don't care anymore who goes home among Zach's nominees. all i care is D or D gets the next hoh.

8:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is not the time to "play personal" - like Jameka sliding along, having made no move, the most liked etc.
At this stage of the game, t is about surviving the next step with the least threathening opponent, i.e eliminating the most potent competitor as soon as possible.

Jess's gut feeling was to evict one of the D&D last week. Missed opportunity!
This week, we will see if D&D will make a similar mistake as the have the opportunity to take Jess out.

We will know only at the live eviction on Thursday - so pretty much a few boring days for all of us on the outside. Worse for those on the block - simmering in the fear of eviction. This is why Dick's plan is pure genius if it works - Jameka will be a mess till the "superpower of Dick" via God's grace saves her (a pact with the devil!); jess completely blindsided, Eric demoralized.
Still there can be another twist on Thursday.

8:49 AM  
Blogger Cliff O'Neill said...

Who does Jameka think she is, acting all entitled and feeling cocky and all? Sheesh, that's the job of Saint Dick the TruthTeller.

9:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you watch the whole D & D skittle strategy conversation(cue:godfather theme music over that conversation), Jessica's gone. This was Dani's Michael Corleone plan, Dick wanted to get rid of Jameka until Dani approached him about evicting Jessica. They don't want Zach to know too much & make the plan obvious. If Dick approached Jameka with the bible, she on principle would've said no to keep up her christian persona. However, if Dick suggets the no side deals with Eric(no pov save), she will approach Dani for confirmation and Dani will close it.(abc-always be closing) Dani can pull the strings on Jameka & she if exposes the ljc or zach's converation with Eric about Jameka on Friday to her that might bury Eric with Jameka.

I don't think Jameka makes it past the double eviction. Eric has a greater chance of winning a pov if he is on the block or if Eric wins hoh, d/d/z win the veto Jameka becomes replacement & evicted. Jameka has to be a priority because if she makes final two now,the jury will vote her winner. Eric will have less hard feelings about Jess leaving if he makes final four as he should.


9:39 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

anon/MJ@9:39 - Excellent assessment

9:44 AM  
Anonymous Liz said...

Quite frankly, I do not think Jessica has played any game herself either! I'm confused as to why people see her as a "strong" player. Yes, she's won two HoHs, but I don't think they were extremely difficult competitions.

She doesn't really make moves for herself and she makes Eric make all of her deals for her.

I think that Jessica is just as much a floater as Jameka.

I think that Jessica should go this week. If the tables were turned, Eric & Jess would pounce on the opportunity to evict Danielle. The thing that sucks is that Dani and Dick will be seen as the first to go against the alliance, although Jess hasn't been 100% in it herself either, since they are acting on it.

Will be very interesting if America votes for Jessica to go home. I would feel bad for her because I dig the showmance between her and Eric...but, I'm certain that it will be ok once everything is out in the open.

9:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

On the jury, there will be quiet a few people who will be "anybody but the Donatos": Dustin, Amber, Jen, Jessica, and Jameka. That's a majority!

Hmm, if Zach or Eric somehow makes it to the F2, they will likely win.

The only way, one of the D&D wins, is a F2 with the 2 of them. Probably, Dick!

9:52 AM  
Blogger kevin said...

mark these words... with Jessica gone, D&D are doomed.

They will be outnumbered soon, and if one of them wins HOH this week, they can;t win the crucial HOH that will keep them (possibly) together for final 3.

If Eric can leave his pouting behind, then the master strategist can assure them Zach goes next week regardless.

I'm suspicious that Dani wants Jessica out to hurt Eric because of the Nick thing. Typical.

If so I hope Dani's plan sends the Donatos packing.

9:54 AM  
Blogger Beth & Eric said...

Kevin -- I think I'm agreeing with you...

11:11 AM  
Anonymous that guy said...

Kevin & B/E...

With Jessica gone, D/D only face off against Eric in the next HOH. If they win it, they put up Eric and they have a great shot at sending him home (thus eliminating the entire J/E pairing). If Eric wins, they still have a good chance to dodge an eviction, especially if they get Jameka's word in exchange for safety.

If Jess stays, they have to compete against both her and Eric (who are looking to put out one of D/D the first chance they get). They go from a 50% to a 66% chance of winning the next HOH immediately upon Jessica's removal.

The following week, even if only one Donato can play for HOH, they're going up against Zach and Jameka. Weak sauce. And at the worst, they lose HOH. Big deal, the POV is the thing that matters the most at F4 to F3. And who would you put money on to win POV? The Donatos or Jameka and Zach? Or, by sticking with the LJC, they could be going up against Eric and Jess. Kinda seems like a no-brainer as to which one I would choose to give myself the best shot at winning $500K.

Getting rid of Jess now, greatly improves their chances of getting to F2, than if they keep her (& Eric) 'til F4.

12:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I realize this is a game. However how can the D&D team really think that turning on their alliance with E&J right now could help them.

Say the D&D make it 2 the F2 with E&J on the jury at least Eric could point out that at least they did keep their word in the game. That would at least make Dick look good in the end.

I feel Jameka is going to be a HUGE threat give the chance to comp. 4 HOH . All these weeks with out comp. You know she is going to be coming out with both barrels. Get her out now before that happens.

The only thing is I don't know how the double evic. works? I am so sucked in to this show I can't believe it. And I never watch reality t.v.

9:27 AM  

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