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Sunday, July 29, 2007

BB8 Dick Consoles Dani about the LNC's Decision

Dick & Dani
3am BBT
Dani is crying about the LNC's decision to nominate Nick as the replacement and backdoor him out of the house this week. Dick is hugging her, comforting her, whispering.
    ***LNC=Late Night Crew
Dani: It sucks! It sucks! It sucks! I need friends! I don't feel close to any of these people.
Dick: It will make you tighter with this alliance.
Dani: I don't care about this alliance! I want friends!
Dick: Did you come here to make friends?
Dani: It doesn't make it easier not having a friend! I don't talk to him about the game, because I don't trust him in the game! It will be hard for me to not have friends in this house!
Dick: You can get closer to Jessica and Amber.
Dani: Jessica has Eric, Amber has Dustin and Jameka. I feel they have their own group and I don't fit in!
Dick: That's because you're always with Nick.
Dani: No I hang out with them too!
Dick: Everyone really likes you. They know it will be hard for you. They want to reach out to you.
Dani: I am so upset about the way Amber called me out. You don't even know. I am really upset. Especially that it came from her. She would never vote out Dustin. I said I was willing to vote him out. She said 'if it's going to be hard for you, we'll vote Zach out!'...Her and Dustin are making it go down on a personal level!
Dick: Jameka and Dustin want Zach out, personally. This is doing something for the group. Dustin had to...after what happened today.

Dick: If I win the next HoH, I will put up Dustin and Amber.
    ***So Kail & Jen survive 2 consecutive noms and completely fall off the radar. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!
Dick: I will be there for you. I will just listen. I will be your friend.
Dani: It's not the same.
Dick: I know it's not. Don't you think I would want someone I really liked in the house?
Dani: I don't know if I won't be able to not let him know if he's going home.
Dick: I know. Think about what you want to do. I need you to promise me if things get weird with him, I need to know immediately.
Dani: I know he will be upset since he's not coming for us! I don't know how truthful he is about everything. If he's truthful about me...I don't know, I think he'll want to know.
Dick: You don't have to do it though.

Dick: This is best for your relationship outside of here. You know it is. This has to be hurting your boyfriend.
Dani: I know.
Dick: This will be the hardest thing you have to face in this house. After this things will be a lot easier. I am so proud of you. You have kicked ass. You are smart, you see what's going on, you are a terror in competitions. I am glad you are on my side. I am very proud of you. Keep that in mind.
    ***Nice daddying, Dick.
Dick: I hate to see you upset.
    ***From this point forward, he's hugging Dani, stroking her back...

Dani: I don't like hurting people I care about!
Dick: But if it's not now, it would be 2 weeks from now. You don't have to feel bad for feeling the way that you do.

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Blogger MRS DALE JR said...


5:12 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

I keep telling you guys... Showtime is not enough. You've gotta get the feeds.

5:23 AM  
Blogger MRS DALE JR said...

My computer is being stubborn and won't let me watch!!!! UGH!!! it's very frustrating, but I do come here to your blog ten times a day to see what new happenings occur... I like waking up to your blogs while drinking my coffee... Your blogs are very infrmative... Thank You for keeping up with everything!!!!

5:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why are they putting Nick up. More so why is the house letting Dustin get his way and keep Kail????
I am sorry this is the first year I have every seen such stupid hgs.
CBS you didn't do a good job this year. Dustin already sold them out for Kail. It's the houses turn to vote they way they want to vote. Ugh another week Kail stays. She will win pov or Jen will and Dick & dani will be put up. UNREAL!


5:45 AM  
Anonymous Jessie said...

LOL Mrs Dale Jr ... exactly what I am doing. Drinking my coffee reading the bb8dish! I don't go anywhere else...

These HG's are REALLLLLLLLLY making me ill! I agree 110% about Kail & Jen, how many times are they gonna slip through the cracks. At this point, if they follow thru with this... I hope the continue to fall thru the cracks just to bite the LNC in the a$$!

Yeah, that's spiteful, but they're being very pigheaded!

6:47 AM  
Blogger ida reilly dunno said...

As much as I love BB I am so disappointed in there decisions! They keep flip flopping! First lesson always go with your first decision and instinct! I totally agree with you Carolyn they keep putting Jen and Kail on the block but never doing anything about it! IF they are near the final four they have only themselves to blame! Let america vote!!!!! Uggghhhhhhhhhh

PS Thanks for the great blog ;p

6:52 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

jessie & ida & deb & mrs dale jr,

thank you so much. :) you make it all worth doing.


6:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kail is turning in to the Will of this group. Always getting nominated and never going home.
If they don't be careful she is going to win this thing!
LNC is stupid for not getting rid of Kail.
Eric is stupid for campiaging for Nick cause he should kno that America is going to want to Evict Kail. I mean we did last week!

7:15 AM  
Anonymous MoNYC said...

Dustin's decision to secretly make nice w/ Kail removes the target from him should she or Jen get HOH. Plus because Kail's such a disliked player it'll take the target off of him should one of his co-LNCers become HOH as well. So in that respect, it's a pretty savvy strategy. I think it's also an attempt of solidify himself as an individual player not just the cute one in Dumber (or is he the Will to Amber's Grace?).

The Nick move does NOT make sense for ED or Dani though. They have to know that. Why don't they know that? Ugh... *sips coffee*

7:22 AM  
Anonymous Elizabeth from Canada said...

THIS IS BS! I go to bed and look what happens! I told you guys last night how funny it would be if Jen wins, and I totally think that is going to happen. By far she seems to be the smartest player (I have to reitorate how little I like her). These people are such TWITS! My whole day is ruined - I bet Big Brother loses ALOT of viewers if Nick goes. He is such a nice guy - I doubt he is even going to care that he gets the boot. It is honestly easy to see how a dictatorship takes hold because these people are like sheep following the leader off a cliff. DUMB TWITS!

7:47 AM  
Blogger Denise said...

I have to agree. This year, the HG are all so dumb. They are letting Jen and Kail get by with everything. If Jen and Kail make it to the final two, i will be so mad. These people need to get their heads of off their butts

7:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

any video for this?

8:33 AM  
Blogger Cliff O'Neill said...

So sorry for all the personal pain this girl is going through, but anything that keeps my insane Jenny Girl in there gets a big "yea" from me.

And can people PLEASE hurry up and get Amber out already?!

8:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Nick goes I'm soooo done .It will be way too boring to watch.Oh and I'm canceling my live feeds also. What a waste of money to watch these Idiots in the LNC.


11:54 AM  

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