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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Big Brother 8 Overnight Report

Since the LNC is running the show for the moment, the overnight's are focused on them tonight. Please remember, the Veto Comp is supposed to start early this morning. We learned last night that it will be an indoor comp, and that in addition to Dustin, Jen and Kail, the chosen players are Jessica, Daniele and Jameka. The HGs also let slip that production said it would last anywhere from 2 to 4 hours, and warned them all to go to bed early and wear comfortable clothes for the comp, so some feel there may be costumes happening. The HGs believe they make be awoken for the veto comp as early as 6am BBT. There have also been murmurs of this being a double eviction week... Kinda doubting it though, since CBS tends to promote the heck outta those.

OK.. on to the overnights!

10:30pm BBT
Jameka, Jessica, Eric

Jameka is unhappy with Dick for disagreeing with her about offering to save Jen and fight for her in the veto comp.

Here's Jen telling Kail all about it earlier in the evening:

Dani joins the group.

ERIC: We just need to remember we want them all gone, and not fight amongst ourselves. We'll be stronger if we stay unified. The order they go out shouldn't matter. I want to keep reminding everyone that there is no bad scenario this week. It's too early to cause fractures among the group. If we stick together, we are all guaranteed another month here... if we stick together.

A few minutes later...

DUSTIN: So POV is tomorrow morning. If I win POV, I will change the noms... to Zach. If Jameka wins POV, she can do whatever she wants. My goal is to get Zach out of the house.
ERIC: How does switching it up tomorrow benefit us when we agreed on Kail leaving last night?
DUSTIN: I said I wanted to back-door Zach.

Dani and Jess both say they are competing to win tomorrow.

ERIC: It's ok for people to lose, because Dustin can still accomplish what he wants if one of the nominees wins.

11:00pm BBT
Amber & Jameka
AMBER: Eric talked to me for an hour and a half in the hammock today, and he really convinced me that Nick has got to go. I really have to stop being selfish about keeping Nick.
TRD Rules

JAMEKA: I just want Jen to go to bed, so I can state my case to everyone. Only selfish people would have a problem with my strategy.
AMBER: Zach has to go this week, because he will put us up.
JAMEKA: Dani just wants me to do her dirty work by not saving Jen.
AMBER: Jen needs to go to sequester.
Jam agrees.
AMBER: Eric thinks so too. I feel so much better now that I got a lot of stuff with Dick and Nick off my chest by talking to them.

Dustin walks in the room.

DUSTIN: I could have Nick go home this week.
AMBER: Zach needs to go this week, and Nick needs to go next week, because I can talk Nick out of putting us up, on the off chance Nick he wins HoH. Nick said he'll put up Zach and Kail if he wins HoH.
JAMEKA: I don't believe him.

Eric, Dani, Jess, Dick
11:10pm BBT
This group of four says they all would rather have Kail out this week.
DICK: Dustin is going to end up splitting up the group by insisting on back-dooring Zach... I really don't appreciate how this thing is playing out.

Eric pontificates about sticking together.

11:12pm BBT
Dustin joins everyone outside.
DUSTIN: Jameka's on her way out.

11:25pm BBT
JAMEKA: I took it upon myself to tell Kail I am going to fight for Jen tomorrow. I didn't want Kail to follow me around all night. I went to Jen and told her the same thing, on the premise that we all agreed last night that we didn't want Jen to go home.
DICK: If we want Zach to go home, don't put him up against Kail, because you are splitting the group.
DUSTIN: I'd like to know how everyone else feels about this. (to Dick)Last week, you changed your mind during the middle of the week, and we all supported you.
DICK: I went along with the group with that decision.
DUSTIN: I just want that same moment of argument. How does everyone feel?

Dustin's question is answered by uncomfortable silence, then...

JESS: I would really rather see Kail go, but I'll jump on the boat to vote out Zach, if that's what the group agrees on.
DANI: I'd also rather have Kail go. Zach is a mess! Kail is a much better player.
ERIC: I don't want to split the group. It shouldn't matter who goes.

Dick agrees with Eric's point about not fracturing the group.

DUSTIN: (to Dick) I do not appreciate you putting words in people's mouths.
DICK: I'm not coming at you, Dustin. I'm just saying that I want to keep the group together.
ERIC: (interrupting) I'm not going to let the group fracture. That's not even a possible scenario.
DANI: You have to weigh out your options... You have to figure out who is less of a risk to the group than the others... even if it's only by 1%. I'm going to try to win the veto, but I will not use it. Neither of the nominees like me, so I'm not saving either one of them.
DUSTIN: Everyone should play to win it for themselves.
DANI: Jen can stay in the house this week... even though she needs to go.

DUSTIN: So 2 people will be fighting to save Jen: Jen and Jameka... and then the most likely outcome leaves Kail on Zach together on the block.
DICK: I'm sorry, dude. I misunderstood your intentions.
DANI: We can talk about this after the POV comp. There is a whole day before the ceremony. There is no need to be stressing over this tonight.

Dustin and Dick both agree this is a good point.

JAMEKA: I just misunderstood the conclusion we came to last night. Half the group thought we'd come to the conclusion that we're going to back-door Zach, and the other half thought we were going to try to get Kail out, and just get rid of Zach if we couldn't get Kail.
DUSTIN: The only reason I didn't put up Zach was because I didn't want to give him the chance to win veto.
DANI: I think we're better off waiting until after the POV to decide.
ERIC: (seeking to move on) Can we get a rundown of any of the conversations people had with the nominees today?
    ***Very nice re-direct, Eric.

Dani & Amber
11:50pm BBT
DANI: I'm worried Dustin's going to be mad at me for not using the veto if I win it.
AMBER: I'll talk to Dustin.

Conversation quickly switches to Nick. Amber and Dani agree Nick is playing too many angles.

AMBER: Nick needs to go.
DANI: I know, but I don't want to be the one who puts him up. Nick either goes next week, and isn't in sequester, or the week after and then he is in sequester.
AMBER: Effin' weasel.
DANI: I'm not going to sleep with him tonight... He's gonna toss and turn in his bed, and try to get my attention so I'll go over there... I'm not gonna be the person who gets played.
AMBER: You will feel so much better when he is gone... with your boyfriend watching. DANI: They can edit it however they want.
AMBER: Just to tell your boyfriend that is how the show is portraying it, but it isn't how it happened.
DANI: I want HoH so bad, so I can get letters and pictures, and then I'll be a whole new Dani. How can he say that he cares about people so much, and then play them so hard?
    ***Dani, Dani, Dani. You're being played, but it isn't by Nick.
AMBER: Nick is here for himself, and he's playing both sides.
DANI: I know. I'm not stupid. I'm going to bed. When I walk in there, Nick'll say "what time is it?"

Amber and Dani giggle.

Dani goes to bed. Nick doesn't say a word. Dani clears her throat... trying to get his attention? Nick scratches his face and turns his head. Both are in their own beds.

12:00am BBT
LNC minus Dani
They're all cracking up at the possibility of Zach being back-doored and Kail and Jen being nominated again next week.
    ***I'm beginning to get annoyed enough to hope Jen wins HoH and sends them all scurrying for cover. This group will eat their own faster than rodents.
They continue this line of thought, saying it would be even funnier if Kail and Jen go up again next week, and even funnier if Nick is back-doored next week, and then Jen and Kail are nominated for a fourth week.

DICK: It would be funny and sad at the same time.

ERIC: Amber told Nick everything we talked about.
    Shouldn't that suggest to someone that Amber can't be trusted?
JAMEKA: Why not back-door Nick this week?
ERIC: I would love that. Nick is really the only person who could cause real problems for us.

Game talk ends right about here, and the discussion dissolves into a game of "given these 3 people as choices, which would you marry, which for a one night stand and which would you throw off a bridge." Funny stuff. Dick comes back outside and joins in after a couple rounds. Here's the clip, captured by auntjulie:

Around 2:45am BBT, the game breaks up and everyone but Dick heads off to bed (or in Jameka's case, to go shower), and the Dick at Night show begins...

Dick has had more than enough of Dustin. Him being HoH has really changed Dick's opinion of him. He'd like to take out Dustin, and watch Amber completely fall to pieces - saying she'll be begging for a voluntary exit. He's not pleased with Jameka's moves of the day either... Eric, he's still happy with, though he thinks he threw the HoH, but he's convinced Eric is on the same page with him about Dustin and Amber.

By 3:40am BBT, all the HGs are sleeping.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really think Dick should be be eliminated sooner than later. He has a way of thinking he is running the whole show even though his words to everyone are always that it doesn't matter to him.

5:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LMAO!!! Glad to see I wasn't the only one who saw Dustin continuously smelling things. SORRY BUT GROSS!!!!!

5:54 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

:) you've gotta check out the videos too.

5:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a little tired of them all! Jess is the only one that just seems to be under anyone's radar. Everyone is on my nerves! Imagine how they feel!

6:24 AM  
Blogger Cliff O'Neill said...

My my my folks! Could we be turning on Dick? ;-)

I sooo agree about how Jen should win HOH and make them all sweat bullets! These guys are smugger than the Nerd Herd ever were.

And I so want to choke Amber! She has so gotten on my last nerve! Why haven't folks seen she's the sneakiest person in the house!

6:38 AM  
Blogger Denise said...

I don't a want Nick leave. I don't know why everyone thinks Nick is such a threat.

7:42 AM  
Blogger Heidi Petrelli said...

Someone in cableland must want a double eviction.
Almost every week(oddly on Sunday)the digital cable guide claims there will be a double eviction.(wishful thinking?no idea)
I am tired of Dick going about being so controlling of everyone. I think if he leaves, there would be changes in the HGS.

10:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the LNC would of fell apart already if it wasn't for Eric. He might be able to pull this off and keep the group together. I hope the first two out of the group is Amber and Dustin.

I agree with Eric about getting Nick out. He is a strong player. He has a couple of those girls melting in his hands. The day Jen was telling him she was putting him on the block when she was HOH it only took him all of 5 minutes to change her mind. He's good... and I think he is capable of manipulating most the girls in the house.

Go Jess! Win veto!! =)

11:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ok so i know he's america's player and everything but i really just cant stand eric
run away jessica!!

12:04 PM  
Anonymous cai said...

when i listen to them saying the same things over and over, i get the feeling that i may actually be listening to the nerd herd... the bible alliance (amber/jameka) is getting into my nerves... go jessen!

12:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't stand Eric either person above. He thinks he knows EVERYTHING because he is a rality show fan. BLAH! Go on about your business and take your crazy eyes and your weird expressions with you.

I used to LOVE Dick but now I can't stand him! He thinks he runs the house. What a total douche!

2:30 PM  

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