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Friday, July 27, 2007

Big Brother 8 Overnight Report

With a new HoH in town, the game started over again last night. There were a TON of important conversations happening all over the feeds all night long. Here are some snippets from a few of the key conversations.

Zach & Dustin
Dustin pays his first dues as HoH.
Just after 11pm BBT, Zach headed up to the HoH Room to plead his case and try to make a connection with Dustin. He came across as such a sad sack, I actually feel sorry for him on a personal level (not game). Zach did most of the talking. Here are a few snippets:

Zach: I miss being part of a project... accomplishing things like at work...I don't have an Amber... I feel like there are people here who don't deserve to be here... I feel like I'm stuck in a Hollywood night club, and I'm back in high school getting picked last for PE. I wish I were more desirable to someone in this house, so I could have a buddy.
    ***oy! poor kid! he's really depressed.
The E-J Mutual Admiration Society
11:15pm BBT
Eric & Jessica
While Zach is up in the HoH Room, the Eric and Jessica mutual admiration society (of 2) are having a lovely stroll out in the backyard, expressing their happiness with each other and with getting some alone time to talk. They acknowledge their side alliance, and believe they are keeping a low enough profile to dodge any major bullets any time soon, especially since Dani-Dick, Dani-Nick, and Dustin-Amber are so much more overt as couple alliances.

They discuss the possibility of including Jen as a side alliance, but purely to aid them in a big power move later down the line.

Eric: When it gets to smaller numbers, instead of waiting for someone to put the two of us up, we should strike first and put them up.
Jessica agrees
Eric: I think Nick is on his last legs, but we need to take him out before he recharges.
Jessica: Yup.
Eric: We really chose to send the wrong person home this week... I knew it, but I just didn't want to push too hard for it. Kail is a much bigger threat. The only reason Amber, Dustin and Jameka wanted Kail to stay is because they thought they could use her.
    A bit later, Eric has a very similar conversation with Daniele, and also includes his theory about the "God Alliance" blossoming between Amber, Jameka and Kail. Daniele sees it too, and although she was raised in the church, she disagrees with bringing it into the game.

Pre-LNC Meeting, Dustin & Amber HoH Solo Chat
2:30am BBT
Dustin & Amber

Amber is doing her best to keep Nick off the block this week, and showing us that she has a much better grasp on this game and everyone's secrets than she's been given credit for.

Dustin: I think you trust Nick more than you're letting on.
Amber: My relationship with him helps both of us...

Dustin: I don't like your loyalties to Nick.
Amber: There are 2 sides to our group. Dick and Eric are going to try to get in your head to put Nick up, because Nick isn't beneficial to them, but he is for us...
I'm also pretty sure Eric and Jessica are in a secret alliance, based on all the time they've been spending together... Danielle is totally on our side, and so is Jameka.

This is a long conversation, and Amber isn't missing any opportunity to pepper her conversation with negative talk about Eric.

Getting back to Nick, Amber lets Dustin know that she wants Nick in the sequester house, because she believes he will be a vote for them to win.

LNC Meeting
Covered in prior post...

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