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Thursday, July 26, 2007

BB8 Nick - How Could They
Distrust this Face?

There's been so much game talk since Dustin took over the power in the house, it's hard to keep up. Nick remains the least trusted person in the house, and in addition to his more obvious attributes, he really seems to be pure of heart and intent, and terribly misunderstood.

Am I blinded by beauty? Sure. Maybe a little bit. Is that amplified by the fact he's a dead ringer for an old boyfriend of mine? Yah, sure, you betcha.

But he's become the scapegoat in the house, and it makes me sad.

Ah well... Here's hoping Dustin neither nominates nor backdoors him. His name has only come up in passing. At this point, Dustin seems focused on eliminating Kail, Zach and Jen first... So much can change week to week, hour to hour, minute to minute in this game, it's a fools errand to plan too far ahead.

Dick is feeling extremely safe. He went up and did a victory dance with Dustin in the HoH room a little while ago. Jessica, Eric and Jameka also have another week off. Dani's very likely safe as well, but Dustin told Dick he doesn't want her included in the LNC (late night crew) meetings, because she tells Nick everything. Dick was not offended.

At the moment, Dani and Dick are having a private conversation about what she would like to have in her HoH room (when people are within earshot) and Nick's feelings for her, and the awkward position it puts her in... Also, they're delving into their own relationship. The best part: they're actually talking, not yelling, and calmly. Communication accomplished. Dick just let her know that she'd be left out of most of the planning conversations, because of her relationship with Nick. She was non-plussed.

I strongly recommend you turn on the feeds right now. There are at least 4 conversations going on at once, and well, basically, it's a brand new game again! :)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey, i just subscribed to the feeds today and ive been trying to connect but every time i do try, it says: "connection to server has been lost. you may be experiencing nextwork problems."

any suggestions?
it's really irritating me & i dont know how to fix it :(

10:24 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

1. reboot & re-try.
2. when that happens to me, i just click ok, then reload the page.
3. call tech support. the number's on our faq page...
4. use real's online tech support - faster.
5. it's been a VERY busy night on real, so there are gonna be some issues for 1st time users... once you work out the glitches, you're gonna love it! :)

10:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank you so much for the advice!! :) i'll keep trying

10:31 PM  
Anonymous elizabeth from canada said...

I think it is CRAZY that they do not trust Nick, for sure he is definitely HOT but he is also so sincere, I really think he is honest. Do people think Amber is playing Nick to get info?

10:40 PM  
Blogger sumarie711 said...

I want a challenge for Eric that can send a message from America that Nick is not the bad guy they think! That would be a real advantage to him in this game, something to tuck away for later...

I'm with you, I like Nick, and want him to stick around!

3:18 AM  
Blogger Doug said...

Carolyn, I think you are blinded by Nicks beauty a lot! :)

5:58 AM  
Blogger Sher said...

blinded by beauty or not... Nick's getting a poor shake of the stick... and Eric IS NOT playing the game for this American! I hope somehow he can get that message.... this imbalance and wrongful misplaced distrust is painful to watch!

7:14 AM  
Anonymous MoNYC said...

Yeah, I don't really get why people are so willing (dare I say, gullible?) to buy into his innocence just because he has a pretty face and some muscles. This is the same kid who has admitted in the DR interviews that he's flirting w/ anybody that can further his game. Honest? Innocent? I think not.

7:25 AM  
Anonymous MoNYC said...

And another thing, Amber is just as much of a blabbermouth as Dani is to Nick, imo.

How's she gonna keep tight-lipped?

7:30 AM  
Anonymous bianca said...

do any of you guys think that nicks talk with dick was game or honesty ?

i think he was being honest.

(the convo in the yard when he was pissed that dick doesnt trust him)

11:11 AM  

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