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Friday, July 27, 2007

Interview #2 with Jessica's Mother

In light of Jessica's new alliance with Eric, and her uncanny ability to really be the only player so far whose name doesn't get thrown into the hat for more than a millisecond by anyone discussing current nominations, we thought it might be interesting for everyone to have a little closer look into Jessica, so we relished in the opportunity to speak with Jessica's mother again today.

bb8dish - Thanks so much for making time for us again today. I know how busy you've been! Jess is really playing an excellent game. She's managed to stay under the radar, and off everyone's hit lists, while still forging an alliance with a very strong player in Eric. What's your feeling on Jessica's new alliance partner? Both in her choice, and him.

J-Mom - I really like Eric as a player, and he seems to give Jessica good strategic advice, so I hope they will both go far in the game. Eric is a persuasive speaker, he is very good at getting the other houseguests to do what he wants, so he was an excellent choice to be America’s Player.

bb8dish - As her mom, do you see any romantic possibilities in her eyes, between Jessica & Eric, or do you think she's gonna steer clear of that dangerous path?

J-Mom - I don’t think she would let anything romantic happen in the house. Jessica has a very level head, and knows this is a high stakes game, and I don't think she would trust anyone enough to let them get that close to her.

bb8dish - If you could choose the perfect final 3 for Jessica, at this point, who would it be and why?

J-Mom - Dick, Jen, and Jessica would be the perfect final 3 from a strategic standpoint, simply because both Dick & Jen have enough people who don’t like them, that Jessica might get the majority of jury votes against either of them.

bb8dish - So our readers can have a better understanding of the process, in terms of a letter from home, is this something you've already written, in the case that Jessica wins HoH?

J-Mom - Yes we have written a letter from home for her in the event she should win an HOH competition. It is hard to write one before she even wins a competition, but you have to write it now, so it will be there if she wins. Of course we can’t talk about anything in the game, so it really limits what can be written. We mainly wrote to her that her brother in Iraq is fine, and all the Marines in his unit are supporting her, her dog (Diva) misses her, we love her, she is doing great, etc.

bb8dish - If you were allowed a 2 minute uncensored phone call with Jessica, what would you want to tell her?

J-Mom - I would make her aware of the America’s Player twist, and tell her that Danielle & Dick are working together. I would tell her she is low man on her alliance team, and will be the first one they turn on, so she should be building an alliance they are not aware of – preferably with Jen. I would also tell her not to be intimidated by Dick, as he really seems to genuinely like her – even though she must always remember that blood is thicker than water. I would tell her to have fun, and enjoy this opportunity of a life time, and to put it all out there so she will not come home with any regrets or saying something like "if only I had..." or "I wish I had done....". And if there was still time, of course, how proud I am of her, that I love her, and miss her!

bb8dish - Thanks so much for talking with us again. Like the rest of America, we're really impressed with your daughter, and we wish her all the best!

J-Mom - Thank you for giving me the chance to talk more about Jessica, and I would also like to say “THANK YOU” to all of Jessica’s supporters who have been so very kind and generous with all the mail, email, phone calls, articles, news stories, etc.

bb8dish - Oh, and thanks so much for volunteering Jessica for the fundraiser for Bekah!

J-Mom - I know she will be touched that you asked her to participate in such a worthy cause!!

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Blogger Heidi Petrelli said...

Thank you for the interview.(and thank you mom of Jessica for
giving the interview)

7:13 PM  
Anonymous Melissa said...

What a great interview. I love hearing from the family members of the HGs to get a different perspective. Jessica and Eric are my favorites at this point! Much Thanks to Jessica's mom and bb8dish. And thanks for all your hardwork. I have always been a fan of BB, but never looked online before this season. Wow I was missing out on sooooo much. This blog was my first experience and it is by far my favorite! With Y'all and BB the summer will fly by which is important since my hubby is stationed in Iraq. Thanks again!

7:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great interview!
Thanks BB8Dish and J-Mom!

11:33 AM  

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