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Saturday, July 28, 2007

BB8 Kail & Jen Plot, Scheme and Fantasize

Kail and Jen have separated themselves from the group to plot and scheme and fantasize about who's getting back-doored. Kail thinks she needs to throw the POV to Jen in order to keep them both there. She's afraid of being up on the block again, but she's pretty sure she can win up against Zach.

Kail: If I win PoV, I can't take you off, because that would look bad.

They believe Dustin may be planning on back-dooring Daniele because, she's such a strong competitor. Then, looking at Daniele, Kail says, "I wonder if she knows her dad's getting back-doored."
    ***Make up your mind, crazy lady.

Kail: I don't want to drink much, in case it's an endurance comp.
Jen: I brought maxi-pads in case it's a long comp...

They move on to discussing how Daniele said she'd shave her head if necessary to win the comp. Kail's shocked. Jen says she'd never do that, because it would make her look weird.

Meanwhile back on the couches, Daniele can feel Kail staring at her and mentions it to her dad. He says she always does that to him, too.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh WAH Daniele. You have to be staring at her to see she's staring at you! I'm sooo over Daniele and I can't wait until she is G-O-N-E! And oh well if they are talking game. It's just them 2 against 7.

The 7 are in an alliance even though they like to bash the MRA one. I hope Zach goes and Jen or Kail get HOH next week and kick one of them out!

Good riddance Late Night Crew! The only one that is halfway decent is Jameka!

2:24 PM  

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