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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Veto Comp Aftermath

Immediately when the feeds came back on after the Veto comp., the first thing we saw was Dick going off on Jen. The next thing we saw was Amber crying. It took a little time to piece together what all of the drama was about, but here ya go...

Apparently, the game had to do with questions which the Veto players earned points for correctly answering. Wrong answers eliminated them from the game. Points were used to buy prizes. It seems that it came down to Dustin, Jen, and Jameka. Dustin took two prizes, $5000 and a trip to Barbados. Jen must have tried to get one of the prizes, leaving Jameka to win.

Dick was yelling at Jen, because she didn't try to win Veto for herself. He said Jen was being selfish, because she knew Jameka gave her word to take Jen off the block. Dick was also upset with Dustin for buying the prizes he did.

Amber was crying, because that is what Amber does...or because she also feels like Dustin was being selfish for taking the prizes rather than trying for Veto.

Jameka consoled Amber in the backyard.

Amber: Are you going to use the veto, even though Jen betrayed you?
Jameka: I gave my word. That's what Dustin wants. God has already ordained who is going to win. This is a test.
Amber: I don't like seeing you being taken advantage of.
Jameka: God already has it planned and this is just one small thing that He has revealed.

Jameka goes on to say that when the money question came up, she was tempted, but the love of money is what is evil, not the money itself.

Jameka: God is so gangster. That is what I love about him. Vengeance is mine, thus sayeth the Lord.

Then a lot more crying from Amber.

Cut to patio.

Dick: You are full of sh*t.
Jen: Don't know what you are worried about. Don't think you are going up.
Dick: You think I'm worried? You're a skeezer. (pointing to groups in the backyard) That conversation is about you...that one is about you...
Jen: Because of you!
Dick: You are just a effin freak and can't control it period.
Jessica: This house is nuts!
Dick: I love it, without a doubt, 100%.

Dick walks away.

Jen: Sorry. I'm sure he will do it to you when I'm not here.
Jessica: I do too. He is crazy!
Jen: I was going to try it and if I didn't get it right, yeah, Jameka was there. If Dustin hadn't taken two prizes he would have been ahead. So why was it my fault? Except for Evil! I just like to confirm that I'm the only person that sees it.

Cut to HoH.

Dick: (Talking about the Veto comp) Jen knew on the last question that Jameka was the only one who could win based on the points everyone had. Jen got it wrong so Jameka will use the Veto on her.
Dustin: I knew the $5,000 was the prize on the next question and I knew I could answer it.
Dick: Jen screwed over Jameka.
Dustin: Kail is a wreck!
Dick: Amber is pissed at you for not doing what you said last night. You need to talk to her but you will never hear the end of it (taking the prizes). Just like when I won the TV.
Dustin: Three things happen after every go off on someone, Amber cries and Dani goes and sits in a corner with Nick.
Dick: If Zach goes up Kail will go home because of what went down.

Dick leaves the HoH.
Kail enters.

Dustin: I was selfish. It was a good thing to not win and let someone else take Jen off the block. People say I'm selfish.
Kail: No you are not! Did Evil say that?!
Dustin: Amber said I put Jameka in a bad spot.
Kail: They will get over it and you'll be the hero of the house. Will Jameka use it?
Dustin: I don't know.
Kail: She has to use it! She would look so bad if she doesn't.
Dustin: I don't know if she'll use it on you or Jen.

Kail starts making a play to keep Zach safe and Dustin to put Dick up to backdoor him. She goes on to tell Dustin that Dick was flipping him off. Dustin said no he was flipping Jen off. Kail continues saying that if Dick comes up there...blah blah blah. Dustin tells he that Dick has never done that. They discuss the Veto comp for a while. Sounds like Kail did horrible.

Zach approached the HoH and Dustin told him to come back later. Then the convo turns to Zach.

Kail: It would be ok to put Zach up. If you do no one will remember that you took the trip and the money.
Dustin: That is exactly how I want it to go.
Kail: I will have Jen's vote and the three you confirmed.

Both laugh like little school girls.
Kail: I get paranoid every time I see Evil talking to you. He is campaigning against me.
Dustin: No he isn't. He doesn't know you are a pawn but he does know that the plan is Zach.

Then more psycho babble from Kail.

And finally, they hug and she leaves!

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Anonymous Elizabeth from Canada said...

Does Kail ever look like SHIT, and what is with Nick wearing his shirt for soooo long - take it off STUD!

10:04 PM  
Anonymous Elizabeth from Canada said...

It is so nice that the house guests are having FUN tonight instead of bitching about each other and scheming all night.

10:11 PM  
Blogger Cliff O'Neill said...

I really don't think it's possible for me to hate Amber any more than I do now.

Agh. She's having another godconvo with Jameka!

I was wrong. I hate her more.

10:17 PM  
Blogger Jackie said...

I am so sick of watching and listening to Amber cry! That is all that girl does. Ugh! I hope she gets voted out next week. I am sick of her.

1:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all this is a reality show. I feel like I am in bible study class. Enough alreday with God jam. I think God has more important things on his mind that JAM & BB!!!!
Like the war in Iraq HELLO!
I actually thing this is the worse bb. CBS did a bad job on picking hgs this year. One cries 24/7 one preaches 24/7. It's a joke this year. If it weren't for Dick and Dani I honestly wouldn't watch it this year. The biggest Joke is Kail is staying another week. These are the stupidest hgs I ever saw in BB history. I have watched since season 1. This year is a joke.

Enough Said!

6:05 AM  
Anonymous Jessie said...

I'll 2nd that Cliff!

just when I thought you and I didn't have a thing in

7:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it just me...or does Jameka sound like one freaky religious zealot?....kinda like the taliban and terriorism. "Praise Allah, Allah says kill Christians". A little serious for BB mindless fun but,pisses me off when people try to justify their actions using religion.

8:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

um hey deb God is omniscient so his mind can be on everything at once
just thought i would clear that up for ya :)

6:38 PM  

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