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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Dick's on a Rampage Again

No one is safe... Here are some snippets... Happening as we speak... Trying to make sure they are all so pissed at him that Dani will be safe. It's becoming a bit transparent to the other HGs.

9:44am BBT

To Internet: "Good morning, internet..this is a great show this morning!!!

To Amber: "Did your daughter ever find your stash?" "There she is internet, mother of the year." "You have to be the ugliest bitch ever holed up in this house... yes, folks, we have a winner!" "I promise on the life of your daughter, that I am going to make you so miserable every f'in day you f'in c--t."

To Eric: "What about you, Eric, my friend, you cant look me in the eye. You will be joining me in sequester very soon and Ill give you a big hug and a c--k in the ass just like Dustin."

To Dustin: "How many times have you sucked your own D--k?"

To Jameka: "I come to you as a humble servant today and I ask that you grant me the magic ping pong ball! For my salvation in this game! Please Lord! Help Jameka pick the Magic ping pong ball and she will save me! As she promised from the beginning! Let's all pray! Heavenly father! Please grant me the magic ping pong ball and help him with his salvation! Thank you lord! Hallelujah! Let's dance and speak in tongues...

Jen, Jess and Eric are holed up in HoH avoiding the madness... trashing Dick... and Dani. They are all quite certain that the live feeds must be blocked for this... WRONG! I expect this will continue until the Veto Comp begins...


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Noone cares when Dick's out there bashing everyone, but if *anybody* says anything about Dani, we all cry about it.

9:57 AM  
Blogger cinderella said...

I used to think he was funny, but he's taken it too far. He had a fit when Kail said something about his grown son! He's talking about a child!

I can't see how it's ok for him to destroy and hide people's property and threaten people. C'mon! I know it's all about ratings but he'd be arrested if he did this in the real world. CBS needs to hit him with a penalty nom.

He gets up in people's face and there isn't much they can do about it! He's provoking them! He's going to sequester? He's going to be so much worse there!

10:01 AM  
Anonymous MC Fresh said...

Another example of Dick being a horrible person, but people just look the other way. If any other HG would say half the things he said, everyone would be calling for their head and for them to be kicked off. He is more of a bigot than Amber is. But its ok because its part of his game plan? Whatever helps him sleep at night. I just do not get why anyone supports him. I love how he calls Amber Mother of the Year, when he is not the perfect example of parenting.
In the end he is just a gay bashing washed up dead beat dad. Why doesnt he tell us some more stories about all his cool famous friends. Your so cool Dick.

10:03 AM  
Blogger Heidi Petrelli said...

Anyone wonder what Dick would be like if Dani got kicked out and he stayed? Would he calm down or get worse?

10:05 AM  
Blogger Benjaman said...

Anyone seeing him crying foul when Jameka accidentally touched him? This man is nothing but trash through and through. As cinderella said if anyone of them were trying these tactics on his daughter he would freakin' lose it. He's beyond being desperate. I so hope they keep it together and vote his daughter out, be interesting to see how stable he is after that.

10:10 AM  
Blogger erin said...

He is doing it on purpose! He wants Dani to be safe no matter what. He isn't saying bad things about a child. He's talking about the mother, who deserves it. Amber lies so much she believes her own lies. Jameka claims to be so holy and talks behind peoples backs and calls ED's mom a b*tch when he never mentioned her family. ED is still one of my faves. He may get a bit carried away at times but hes real.

10:11 AM  
Blogger atmyfingertips said...

CBS should defenitely intervene.

If I was in that house, I would probably leave. I can't deal with that kind of immaturity.

It's not just that he's "blunt", yes, .. obviously, we can all see that. There's a huge difference between telling it like it is, and immature rude-ness.

He obviously doesn't know how to handle himself in situations, he's used to talking down to people (I wonder why he's divorced and his child hates him, eh) and being in control.

Hopefully he'll be out of here next week, then we can actually ENJOY the feeds.

I remember Season 3/4/5 when they actually used to have fun, .. they all chatted about stuff - other than insulting each other and lying, they used to go in the backyard and do fun things to watch. Now we just sit around and watch them whine or ~find love~

I should have stuck to my resolution last year. I wasn't going to watch Big Brother anymore. Now I remember why.

10:12 AM  
Blogger atmyfingertips said...

If any other HG would say half the things he said, everyone would be calling for their head and for them to be kicked off. He is more of a bigot than Amber is.

Entirely, entirely 100% true.

Dani&Dick are like gods to some of these people, they can do no wrong, even when they clearly are.

That's why everyone hated Jen at the beginning, but you don't see anyone hating on Jen anymore, do you? That's why Eric's getting hated on now. It's just whoever goes against D&D, and that is sad.

10:14 AM  
Blogger cinderella said...

I think it would hurt him worse to see Dani walkout! I'd boot Dani out and see him cry more than Amber. Whhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaa! Not so tough after all!

Atleast in the house he doesn't have the liberty he would in sequester. I'd keep him there. He only won HOH cuz others threw it. He's not a good competitor. I sa go for the juggular and send Dani packing!

10:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is harassment. If I was any one of those people who he is talking to like this, especially Jen (when he PHYSICALLY dumped tea on her head) I would be looking for anything in my contract that states that you can't sue somebody for harassment.

And even if there IS something in their contracts that says you can't sue for harassment, that wouldn't hold up in court. Not for THIS... this is flat out slander. I hope you're poor ass broke, Dick, for your sake.

10:17 AM  
Blogger Michele said...

Now I do agree that he may have taken it too far with bringing Amber's kid into it. **BUT** the other houseguests are far worse in my opinion. Have ya'll heard some of the harsh remarks they say about the rest of the houseguests **BEHIND THEIR BACK**? ((Dustin & Amber, especially)) He's trying to make a scene so if one of the Donato's has to go, he'll be the one. That's his game, like it or not.. but at least they know what to expect from him. He's always been upfront with them, while they talk their crap behind everyone's back and then smile to their faces like they are **ANGELS**.
That is atleast how I percieve it.

10:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was awesome. This is going to get so damn boring as soon as dick leaves.

10:34 AM  
Blogger cortnee said...

i totally agree!
they talk to much crap behind there backs
they wait till dick and dani leaves the room then act all tough.
and remember dani has done nothing and they talk all this crap about her.
and the things they say is just as bad as what dick says...
so i dont know why all of yall are saying they should do something about dick when they do the same thing...

10:35 AM  
Blogger erin said...

michele....I agree with you 100%

10:35 AM  
Anonymous dcakes said...

Give me a break. They knew how Dick was going to be after they lied to him and voted out Kail...AND after he was nominated. They knew what they'd be getting.

I don't like the words that come out of Dick's mouth any more than anyone else, but his game is intimidation and it works.

Oh, and JAMEKA was the first one who cried foul about Dick touching HER and he said the same thing back...

I like how they all complain about Daniele not saying anything to her Dad, yet I didn't see Dustin saying anything when he was ranting at Amber....So many hypocrites in that house, it's hard to keep up.

10:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so glad some of you are starting to agree with those of us who could see Dick's real character from the START. He is not being "real," he is not "telling it like it is," he is being IMMATURE, name-calling, and just slandering people! If that is "real" to you, then that says a lot about YOUR OWN character!

And just look at all that he's saying to them right now! It's just a matter of time before Dick drops the N-BOMB on Jameka, isn't it?!?! Then will CBS finally do something, ANYTHING???

10:36 AM  
Anonymous Ginger in GA said...

At least be fair and include Dani in the group of the "talk behind the back" crew. She is just as bad as the rest and yet the majority seem to think she is an angel and don't recognize that she does the same thing.

10:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

there all trash talking.
get over it.
and dick is the only one willing to say it to there face the other just go whisper in another room.

10:44 AM  
Blogger erin said...

To the anonymous who said this....

Anonymous said...

I am so glad some of you are starting to agree with those of us who could see Dick's real character from the START. He is not being "real," he is not "telling it like it is," he is being IMMATURE, name-calling, and just slandering people! If that is "real" to you, then that says a lot about YOUR OWN character!

And just look at all that he's saying to them right now! It's just a matter of time before Dick drops the N-BOMB on Jameka, isn't it?!?! Then will CBS finally do something, ANYTHING???

10:36 AM

Why dont you leave your name. And whether your comment was directed to me or anyone else. Me saying ED is being real well if it says anything about my charachter its that I cant stand fake people who act like they do nothing wrong. Whether EDs being immature or not he is doing right to there face. B4 all this happened Jameka and Amber would tell ED how they were "cool" and then would turn around and bash the crap out of him. Jameka, Amber, Eric, Dustin are no better than ED. And if I remember correctly Eric was talking about killing Kail b4 up in the HOH room when Dustin was HOH. Whether he was just saying it or not it still was uncalled for. Jameka called ED's mom the bword when she shouldnt have. His mom had nothing to do with how ED was talking to her. Amber swears on her daughter and then talks so much crap..Dustin has just as much a foul mouth as ED but says it behing peoples back. So even tho ED may be out of line at times..that is his strategy and everyone knows it...and he wants to make them hate him so dani stays.

10:46 AM  
Anonymous NC Rallen said...

I do agree Dick is taking it too far, even his most stout supporters agree that he does, but he does NOT go after the innocent and that is why Jess is not getting any, Zach either. He just does not be mean for the sake of mean, he is a caged wild animal.....Just do not try to feed or pet the animal and you will be fine nad remember he is a fan of the show, he is always playing to the camera....Just wait until the end to form your opinion on these people in person..well except for Dustin.....I know I will never like him Oh and Good Morning is going to be a great day....and remember "gosh, darn it People like YOU!!!"

10:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Dick is funny ROFLMAO. The other players are just as bad if not worse then Dick is. He has never been anything other then what he is. I think it is a total Dad thing to do, taking the fall so Dani can finish the game. The mom comment Jameka made was totally below the belt, since he has never talked about her family or anyones family. He didn't make any comments about Ambers kid just about Ambers lack of common sense in raising her child. I hope Dick actually makes it through this week. The feeds will be totally boring without him. This morning has been totally entertaining. You go Dick!!!!! ~~Bonnie~~

11:38 AM  
Anonymous mc said...

c'mon folks...

the shirt tells you straight up:

"I'm mean because you're stupid."

truer words were never spoken...


11:43 AM  
Blogger kriss said...

What!!!! Jen is trashing them now too?

11:54 AM  
Blogger Michele said...

Thanks Erin, and LMAO @ MC. So very true! :)

11:59 AM  
Blogger Cliff O'Neill said...

Sooo glad that some of y'all are finally seeing the light (or at least speaking up about it) about what an abusive bully Mr. Smokeface McNasty is.

And, again, everyone talks smack behind everyone else's back in reality games. Being outright abusive up in someone's grill is something else. And people are crying foul when anyone fights back against this idiot?

Gimme a break!

3:28 PM  

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