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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Eric is Now Talking to Daniele

The Plot Thickens -- A Return to Hope
10pm BBT
Dani & Eric

: So what's up?

Eric: If your dad leaves, you're in a compromised position, and I sure as f--- am also. I've thought about it, and I was hesitant, but there's definitely something to be said for taking the strongest people and going for it... Jameka can't play for 4 more weeks. Amber couldn't win anything ever... Zach... has a closer relationship with Jessica than I do? Ok, Zach. But, um, and then, you know, Dustin is straight up in f'ing lala land. As far as I'm concerned... I think Jen's an out and out liar.

Dani: Oh, I do too.

Eric: She proved it again last week... (gives examples) She processes things in her own very bizarre way. I clearly know last week, this week and every other week, Dustin clearly thinks he's aligned with everyone.. I believe that Amber's being overcome with paranoia... She has conspiracy theories... She's all what does this mean, what are the 2, what are the 9.. She's obviously a tool.. Obviously, Jameka can't compete, and Amber can't beat you, me or your dad in anything. Ya know, there;s part of me that thinks, we didn't come here to be outplayed by anyone... Numerically speaking, we will be in the first part of the jury rather than the last part... I clearly, have a different and better relationship with Jessica than the other 3. I'm interested in her being a part of anything I do, and protecting her... I would 100% need her to feel completely ok with that, and be completely ok with that,which i think she would be and could be. There's part of me that says you guys came after me, I came after you, and conceivably we could all still be here... We're the best players here. We know it, and our options may very well be, letting crappy people who haven't played and don't deserve to be here go, and the best fight it out at the end. If we don't do it that way, I think we're both going to be out. That's not why I'm here. That's not why you're here. Frankly, we have the potential to be the most bad-ass people in the house and if I stop worry about what people are going to say and just say, we're in control.. It's time to just say, ya know, f it.. and if you wanna stop it, you're gonna have to beat us.

Dani: My whole thing.. I don't know if we should all be so open about it, and I hope we would all agree that Jen should go next.

Eric: I'm not so comfortable with Zach being here, cuz i feel like I would go at the five...

Dani: I said the same thing to Jessica...

They continue discussing the potential first evictees...

Eric: I don't feel great about Zach, you don't feel great about Zach...
Dani: But at the same time I feel like Jen should go, because she's lying to everyone, and she's a competitor...
Eric: I can see that, but I can also see taking her to the 5, then tossing her..
Dani: But it doesn't always happen that way.
Eric: If I do this, I'm losing the game, cuz it pretty much guarantees I will not get Dustin, Jameka or Ambers vote...
Dani: Not necessarily. They're not gonna vote for me!

Eric: There's part of me that says, there's honor among thieves, and it's better to just have the best people competing... I've been trying to juggle personal and strategic, and it's a disaster... etc., etc...

They're both expressing their hesitancy to get into bed together, but at the same time, both leaning toward it. To the listener, it sounds as though things are back on track again, but I'm not ready to trust him again yet.

Eric: I wholeheartedly believe that if we don't do it, we're done for. We can only win so many vetoes... Eventually, we're both on the hit list. At first, it starts sounding like, this is a horrible idea.. you guys absolutely buried me.. you could do it again in 3 weeks... and put me and Jessica up against each other. It can't happen like that. it needs to be 4 solid strong people against the weak people.. and then it will simply be me and Jess, you and you dad, and whoever wins the HoH at 5... There's part of me that guaranteeing is better than guaranteeing 6 & 7... As I said, if it's something that we decide to do, we just need to do it! I know it's perceived in all different ways and I'm not here to say what's right and wrong.. and you guys struck the first blow.. and if I can forgive that, then so can you.. We desperately need ot win HoH tomorrow and set it all in action. Even if it's to people's chagrins, in the bigger scope of things, tomorrow's HoH... You, me and your dad can compete.

Dani: Jen...

Eric: There's no reason we can't approach Jen tonight. My preference is to have you, me, Jen and Zach vote Dustin out, and save Jess... I don't need to do anything to hurt her, I'm taking the bullets at this point. The only thing I wanna avoid is her buddying up with Jameka and Amber and me being on the outs... I believe you, me and you dad are capable of making the game decisions.. Jess a little less so. We have enemies already... How about you?
Dani: I feel like you and me have really played this game in the same way.. strategically. I feel like it would help us a lot. There's the whole trust factor between you and I, but if both of us can put this behind us...
Eric: We would just have to outright bury them and crush their asses out of the game. Everyone knows my shtick here. I'm the smart guy... I won the first HoH, I won the 2nd... (but took the fall both times) I could well win the next 6. It needs to sincerely be completely serious hardball - no giggling in the diary room - ha ha we got them.

Dani: With those comments, I feel like you don't trust us. This week, the 2 most hated people in this house are up on the block. He knows it. The only thing I haven't kept my word about was to Kail.. when I went in my room and cried, that was what that was about. I felt like i betrayed her so bad...

Eric: It has to be a complete ceasefire. We'd have to be a unit. I think we'll be stronger for it. And then there are options about are we open or doing it on the sly? Very important to me is making Jess feel comfortable about her HoH and how it went for her. I want Zach 100% secured. And Jen.

Dani: I've never done anything against Jessica since day one, and neither has my dad...
Eric: Forget me coming after you guys in 2 weeks... If I wanted to, I could get your dad out right now. You need to be ok with me from the standpoint of what you think I have done...

Dani: I'm willing to put things behind me. The past is the past, and it's a fresh new game. If this happens, that's what it is to me.
Eric: The options are do it, or not do it. Which is more beneficial to you?
Dani: I think it's beneficial to all of us. Especially with Dustin walking around like he runs the place...

They continue fleshing out the details... Dustin comes out to "get his laundry." Conversation halts.

Eric: There's part of me that thinks there's safety in numbers and I think there should be a fifth. It's obviously not gonna be Amber or Jameka...

(Dustin reports to the HoH crew, "Eric Is out there talking to Daniele")

There is hope...

Eric: Do you think we can get Zach's vote?
Dani: As long as Jess asks him...

Same for Jen...

Here's a clip:

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Anonymous Tella said...

Dick will not be saved by Jen. Zach is a question mark at this point. Jessica won't evict Dustin if a tie... at least not around midnight hour in the BB House.

Jen said she looks forward to a smoke free house and happily will evict Dick.

Maybe something else will save him?

11:20 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

how about we all click our heels together...

11:27 PM  
Anonymous Dick Hater said...

If Eric is smart he will get rid of Dick. He and Daniele are too powerful together. And they suck. Godspeed, Dustin!

11:37 PM  
Anonymous Cassie said...

im hoping they can get to zach!

12:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just thought of something... see what you think... The saying goes "three can keep a secret if two of them are dead" dick,jessica and dustin were the last three HGs to enter they were kept a secret from the rest of the house and two of them are up on the block with a possible double elimination week looming? So am I just reading too much into this? Jan

12:23 AM  
Anonymous Meemma said...

At first, I wanted Evil gone. I mean, boy I was getting seriously annoyed with his bullying B.S. especially it seemed like he only picked on women, blah, blah, blah.


I woke up and realized--Evil is the heart frickin' beat of the show! Yes, he's brash and aggressive, but to be honest, his nasty strategy in conjunction with his potty mouth and Malboro lights teeth make the show very, very interesting.

So I say down with Dusty! Up with Dick! (no pun intended) :)

2:24 AM  
Anonymous that guy said...

Dick = Howie.

Daniele's a smart girl. She can be a little over-dramatic at times, but I think she's easily one of the top 3 players this season.

Having said that, Dick is Daniele's Howie. He's an f'ing moron. At times I like him, but I find myself saying "just shut the f--- up dude, you have no idea what you're talking about" a lot when watching him. Granted, Dick provides WAAAY more in comps than Howie did, but his strategy and mouth are WAAAY worse than Howie's. Flat-out he's crapping on Daniele's game big time.

The worst part of it, and this is what makes him more of an anchor than Howie, is that he ALWAYS thinks he's right. When in reality, he couldn't be more wrong, while Daniele is totally on the mark. You'd think he'd learn his lesson after not listening to her about the Nick thing. Yeah, not so much.

Now, he's making an overabundance of promises to Eric (who's voting for him regardless) and giving him guarantees on Daniele's behalf without asking her permission. Then when she makes a valid strategical point about possible scenarios going forward, he does everything to squash it and not hear her out. As seen here...

Eric and Jessica talking about how they'll go along with D & D, but if someone else wins HOH and puts D & D up, "Oh well" (at 4m10s).

BUT, when Daniele considers doing the same thing, Dick completely slaps her down for it.

I like the guy, but he's an idiot, needs to listen to his daughter more, and shut his friggin' gap.


3:04 AM  
Blogger Jessica P. said...

i won't believe it til it happens. i want dick to stay but i won't get my hopes up. eric is so hard to trust as a player in the game and as "america's player". he's not been a very good a.m. b/c he does't care for america's opinions. after he didn't do what america wanted with nick, i don't trust a word out of his mouth.

5:22 AM  
Anonymous kels said...

I just thought of something... see what you think... The saying goes "three can keep a secret if two of them are dead" dick,jessica and dustin were the last three HGs to enter they were kept a secret from the rest of the house and two of them are up on the block with a possible double elimination week looming? So am I just reading too much into this? Jan

12:23 AM

that's a really good point. but i also think it means secrets can't be kept by more than one person.

as in.. if one person tells two more, it's not a secret. the others mustn't know.

6:48 AM  

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