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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Overnight Report

Jen & Kail: Secrets, Plans and Failure to Disclose
a joint effort by: Doug & Carolyn
10:50pm BBT
Kail & Jen

Kail: I picked Jameka, because I didn't have much to choose from. We need to win HOH... and try to get someone back-doored.
Jen: Definitely. I think Daniele might back-door E.D.
Kail: Are you serious?! I find that really hard to believe... Still, if E.D. was gone, the 2 of us could work with Dani, and that would be amazing.
Jen: (echoes her approval of this notion)
    ***Now there's a concept. Jen's bent if she thinks Dani'll eliminate Dick, but if the 4 of them could work together, that would be wonderful at this point! Otherwise Dick and Dani's only hope of surviving the next HoH is Dick winning it!
    ***And if Dani and Dick go, I fear I'll be flipping firmly into the Jen/Kail camp. The NH bugs!

Kail & Jen agree that their best bet is Zach winning the Veto Comp, because he would take one of them down, and then one of the LNC would have to be nominated. The discussion goes on for quite a while, and while Kail tells Jen most of the details of her private conversation with Dani, Jen does not reveal the key points of hers.

Jen does, however, warn Kail to not tell Eric too much, as she sees him sidling up to everyone in the house, and trying to create the impression that each person is his #1. Jen warns Kail that Eric is playing everyone.

The conversation continues, and Kail tells Jen how she hears Dick crying every night before he goes to sleep. Kail also reveals that Dustin told her that Dick says he feels awful about how much he blows up at Jen, and he knows he really needs to keep his temper in check. The two of them end up incorrectly surmising that Dustin is definitely working with Dick.

Jen: If the veto comp is to eliminate people, the order we should go is: Dustin, then Jameka, then Dani, then Zach, then Kail, then I win!

Kail stamps approval on the order. Do we believe her? The meat of the conversation ends with Jen and Kail swearing to each other that they will not reveal their suspicion of Dani's plan to back-door a member of the LNC to anyone!

Important Note: Jen confessed her intentional dump on last week's veto comp to Kail.
It wasn't just luck that I got the veto.

Jen & Kail share a giggle over this.

Veto Comp Practice

The Veto Comp will Involve an Over-Sized Game of Croquet.

BB has generously supplied the house guests with a mallet and ball to practice, and everyone who'll be competing is taking advantage of it.

The Nerd Herd, II
Amber,Dustin & Jameka come to an agreement that if one of them wins HoH next week, they will nominate Dick and Dani.
    ***As if this is a novel thought for them?!
Dustin: Dick and Dani want either me or Eric gone this week. If Kail wins POV, she'll use it to save Jen, because Kail thinks she's safe. The only way to make sure things go well is if Jen doesn't win POV, or get saved, so we can get her out.

Amber and Dustin comment on how "dumb" they think Dick and Dani are being.

Jameka: They're just shady! I mean, I expected this from them, but not so soon!
    ***Shady? Pot, meet kettle.
Dustin: It really doesn't matter. If Eric or I go up, they wont have the votes to get either of us evicted.

Dick & Dani Strategize & Dream of Nick's Return

Dani & Dick
12:15am BBT
They realize the tenuous situation they're in. Absolutely everything relies on Jessica, and she's Eric's other half! Good luck with that... Also, Dick is fully aware and supportive of the plan to save Jen.
Dani: If Jessica f's us over and votes to evict Kail, I am so screwed.
Dick:(laughing) Eric is so scared about going up.
Dani: You have to win HoH next week. You HAVE to get it!

Dani: I think I may be able to sway Jameka. I'll work on her tomorrow if Kail or Jen or Dustin or Zach wins the Veto.
Dick: (positively gleeful) This is the perfect opportunity to get Eric out of here!

Dani: (wishful & wistful) Perhaps someone will be coming back this year. The know America loves Nick, and they would be so happy if he came back!
Dick: Eric would sh-t a f'ing brick if Nick walked back in the house.
Dani: The DR told me another twist was coming around the corner...

CUT FEEDS - briefly

Dani: If they bring Nick back, it's great for ratings... and great for us!
    ***Since he's been filled in on so much of the goings on in the house, I seriously doubt it's gonna happen. The only scenario I can see as even the smallest possibility is as a vote in replacement for America's Player, should Eric get eliminated... but even that is pretty darn far-fetched wishful thinking.
    ***Even so, it was great to see the two of them smile so big for the first time since before the Live Show.

    Here's a clip from the wonderful TheRealDeal2006:

Since they're expecting another twist, Dick takes a few minutes to explain the Coup d'Etat from last season to Dani, and fill her in on how it could work.
Dani: I feel like everyone in the house hates me.
    ***Unfortunately dear, they do... Except Kail and Jen. Go figure.
Amber & Jameka - working out
12:20am BBT

Amber: We both need to step it up. Neither of us is perceived as a strong competitor.

Dick & Dani
12:22am BBT

Dick: You need to focus on getting in good with Jessica.

Dani's getting really bothered that no one's outside, and worried about Jen and Kail not taking the opportunity to practice.

Dick: Daniele, if you win the veto, you need to make sure you have the votes to do the back-door. Otherwise, you have to leave the nominations as is. Jameka used the veto to get Zach on the block, not because God told her to save Jen.

Sheep Go Baaaaaa

Eric, Jameka, Dustin, Amber
12:50am BBT

Eric's weaving a tale of Dick and Dani being the missing votes and trying to pin it on him as a scapegoat. They're buying it.
    ***Sheep go Baaaaaa
He also acknowledges the possibility of their putting up Dustin as revenge for Nick.

Dustin's been livid and pretty well spitting fire over this all night.

1:00am BBT
BB: Houseguests! Lights will go out in one hour.

1:08am BBT
Eric, Dustin, Jameka, Amber
Eric continues what began in the work out room, reiterating his push that Dick lied, and the real plan is to back-door him (Eric) or Dustin.

: Dick and Daniele told Jess that that they know who made the votes. They're trying to pin it on me, and that they want Dustin out because of Nick.

Eric seems to be getting the reaction he wants from them: they look upset that Dick and Daniele would do that.

Daniele & Dick
Daniele's watching the HGs on HoH-TV. She spies Jameka, Amber, Dustin and Eric in the Living room talking and tells Dick to go break it up.

Jameka, Amber, Dustin, Eric
Dick goes into the living room and everyone stops talking immediately.
Dustin: It's cool that we all have another free week.
Dick: Yeah....

Dick punctuates this with a well-timed fart that sends everyone scrambling to the backyard, except Jess and Jameka who head to the bathroom for a quick chat.

1:05am BBT
Jameka & Jessica
Jessica: Are you gonna go along with Dick and Daniele's plan?
Jameka: I don't know... I don't know.

Dustin & Dani, then Dick
They are discussing various things, and it turns to Zach, and what he will do if he wins POV.

Dustin: Zack will probably keep votes the same, as will I, as will you...
Daniele: Eric’s pissed cuz he’s not playing again, huh? I’d be mad, too.

Dick comes over, and Daniele complains to him that the more she practices, the worse she gets. Daniele keeps practicing, and Dick watches a helicopter fly overhead and theorizes that BB8 tours are being conducted.

Daniele: Why does it feel like I’m the only one who gives a crap? I don’t wanna be out here! I’m tired!

In another part of the yard, Eric, Dustin and Jessica are talking at great length about cheerleading, and how fingernails are not allowed. After Dick walks by, the nasty nerd-herd-esque sniping from Dustin and Eric continues...

Dustin : Is he aging daily?
Eric: He looks at least 73!

1:30am BBT
Daniele is still practicing her croquet skills for the PoV.

Dustin, Eric
Eric: I keep calling it the Donato family reunion tour..
Dustin: Coming home soon!
Eric: Apple doesn’t fall far from tree!
Dustin: At least she looks good.. for now!
Eric: Unlike the boyfriend.


We round out the hour with Jessica talking with Eric again, still having some unanswered questions, still a little unsure of who to believe... She's really feeling out the situation from all angles, trying to make the best decision for her game...

Jessica: Did you consider, like, did you like, try to get Dick kicked out? Like, whenever, like he did that tea thing? Like in the Diary Room?
Eric: No, no, no!

The rest of a very long night!
2:00am BBT
Jessica & Eric - discussing Dani and Dick

Jessica: They keep bringing up to me that time you came down yawning.
Eric: I know exactly when it was, When Kail was HoH... the first time he cooked me breakfast... and I think it was probably coz I don’t like him.
Jessica: You only talk to Jen-- thats his thing!
Eric: But when do I talk to Jen?
Jessica: You get to Kail thru Jen.
Eric: So if I could boil it down... they’re afraid of me?
Jessica: Exactly.
Eric: He’s gonna claim we are all liars, and I made it all up!
Jessica: No... cuz I know, and why would I make it up? I’m in the best seat in the house! Why would I start drama for nothing? After this, I’m gonna be in the worst seat in the house.
Eric: No you won’t they’ll still want me, Dustin and Jameka more than you. You don’t understand how bad Dick killed us! He killed Dustin the whole week he was HoH.

Eric continues to go from topic to topic with Jessica, trying to make sure he covers everything and anything he can think of that she might have any doubts on. It’s important for him to cover everything, because he is hoping she will support him to the others, I’m sure.

Eric on Nick..

Eric: When have I ever denied wanting Nick out? In the DR, I was like yeah, I f**ked over Nick! He was a liar. He tried to get me nominated the 1st week . When Jen was HoH, what did he ever do for me? He’s a douche bag! I’m thrilled he's gone! I hope he heard my goodbye message in its entirety. He almost got the f**k you fingers! I’ll be pulling those out shortly.

2:15am BBT
Eric, Jessica, Amber

Amber joins Eric and Jessica outside, and she lets them know that Jameka has gone to bed. Eric asks her what she thinks about all this. She hems and haws, and says “I can’t.. I just.. think it’s all f**ked up.

Dustin comes out, and joins the other three.

Talking behind everyone else’s back is something that never seems to end, especially with Amber.
Amber: Everything happens for a reason. God didn’t let us get HoH this week so we could see their (Dick and Daniele’s) true colors.
Jessica: That’s what I thought.
Amber: That was so nice of you, Jess.
***I'm gonna puke.
Jessica discusses how Dick and Daniele think they have the votes to pull off back-dooring Eric, but they don’t. Talk then turns to Dick being the mastermind of everything that has happened.

Eric: He will literally try to bring the house down with him. He is so full of s**t, I flat out don’t like him as a person. He is a cracked out, perverted, disgusting, foul, a** hole of a man. It’s no wonder they have no relationship. Look at how they behave towards people. He has shown his true colors.

Eric then adds that they need to keep Jen in the house this week to do their dirty work, and to all vote to keep her around.

3:40am BBT
All of the house guests are in bed now, except for Amber out in the back straightening the yard. Eric and Jessica were whispering in Jess' bed, then went to their own beds, and then Eric decided to go back outside.

3:45am BBT
Dustin's Mad Dash

All of a sudden, Dustin leaps out of bed and runs full force through the house.
The screen goes to Blue.

About 8 minutes later, with no mention of Dustin, the feeds resume with Eric and Amber in the Bathroom, still talking about Daniele and Dick.

Amber and Eric discuss Eric’s disqualification in the Veto comp, and she believes he “got DQ'd for a reason. That was God, right there. The karma in this house is ridiculous.” In further discussion, Eric added that he thinks Daniele is “the sneakiest person in the house”.

Eric's restraint here is commendable, cause you know he's thinkin', 'ok crazy lady... you can keep selling, but I'm not buyin'. ' (let my people go)
Screen goes to FOTH.

4:30am BBT Everyone seems to be asleep.

4:47am BBT
Jessica gets out of bed, walks around, and returns to bed with Eric. Eric tells her why he was talking to Amber and what it was about. Jessica thinks the twist is Eric and Amber know each other.

Jessica: I was so tired earlier but I can't sleep now.
Eric: The truth is you couldn't fall asleep without me beside you.
Jessica: Whatever!

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Anonymous Bianca said...

WOW ! they get a chance to practice ? i dont think that fair....

7:45 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Bianca :) When it's a game of skill, they typically get the opportunity to practice it a little bit the night before, just to even the playing field a little, and not have the comp be a total fiasco with no one able to truly compete.

8:34 AM  
Blogger Cliff O'Neill said...

Wow! This is so complicated!

I've got people I like working with people I hate against people I like working with people I hate.

My head hurts.

8:37 AM  
Blogger hannah said...

who exactly is in the nerd herd and who is in the LNC? what about jen and kail?

8:55 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

More just added...

The Nerd Herd was from Season 6.. Howie named them that. They called themselves "The Friendship," but the rest of us called them the Nerd herd. Before the LNC (Late Night Crew), the Nerd Herd held the dubious honor of being the snipiest, most back-stabbing bunch of manipulative whiners in BB history.

9:30 AM  
Anonymous Lanie said...

Yeah everything is gettting so confusing and people are going to have to pick sides. I have no idea where Jameka stands. She seems to be more aligned with The Nerd Herd II than the EDA (Evel Dick alliance consisting of Dick and Daniele), but it would make more sense for her to be the third person in the EDA than the fourth person in the Nerd Herd II. Also, I have no idea what Jessica will do. Amber and Dustin going behind each other's back remeinds me of Marcelles and Amy from big brother 3 where the gay guy and his girlfriend start turning on each other.

Jen reminds me of Janelle.

10:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is everyone on Dani/Dick train? They are just as bad as everyone in the house. Dick really wanted Nick to go and didnt Dani tell the Nerd herd that she doesnt trust Nick. I'm just confused on why one group scheming is better than another?

10:29 AM  
Blogger Cliff O'Neill said...


You got that right!

10:38 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Talise... thank you for commenting. Dani fought like hell with the LNC and Dustin privately to keep Nick. Many tears shed... Any statements she made in favor of getting rid of Nick were purely to gain favor with the LNC, which didn't work anyway. She and Dick have always been at the top of their hit list.

No one's better than the other.. it's all opinion. (it's a blog. ;))

I just find Dick and Dani likeable, and the NH2 insufferable.

10:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

UGH!! I wish that Dick would have got Kail out when he had the chance Grrr!!! I am so confused already that I don't know who is aligned with who in this thing anymore.

11:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would love to see Eric go up and ------>out of bb house

12:00 PM  
Blogger kriss said...

so what was up with Dustin and his dash through the house, anybody know?

7:53 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

kriss.. i dunno.. i've been waiting for a reference to it all day!

7:57 PM  

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