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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Janelle Responds

Janelle's taken a lot of flack from Eric fans today. Here's her explanation of the Veto Comp, and her take on what really happened.

    People need to give it a rest. I realize Eric has a lot of fans, but random strangers calling my mothers business and saying I screwed up the game is ridiculous. I have done no such thing. Let me clarify for the haters exactly what went down.

    I was super excited to be able to host a veto competition, and was even more excited when I saw the set was pink. Big Brother told me that I would get to meet the houseguests and wasn't allowed to talk about the game or tell anyone I hated them or anything like that. They said have lots of fun with it and have a good time.

    Before I was revealed to the houseguests, I was hiding behind a screen. There was a short video clip of me winning all the vetoes. All the houseguests were excited it was a video of me...except Eric. He said, "oh, Janelle meets miss Piggy. oh goodie." Three seconds after that I was signaled to walk in front of them.

    Even though Eric made that nasty comment pretty much to my face I smiled and greeted everyone. I am a buxom blonde, and no one will ever change that no matter how nasty they may be. I heard Jameka say, "uh oh Eric," and he was shaking like a chihuahua. He was obviously not very comfortable with me being there, but I was having a great time. I wasn't going to let anyone ruin the pink veto competition, and this very special night.

    The houseguests went one by one each competing in the morphomatic. I cheered for each and everyone of them. I was really awkward though, because it was just me and them behind the screen, with me cheering them on. I said things like. "yeah" "good job" "go" to whoever was competing, and let me tell you I felt like such a nerd! lol. I said the same thing for each houseguest, and didn't want to play favorites.

    In between takes I had a little talking with the houseguests. Dick started flirting with me, asking if I was engaged. When I told him no I wasn't, he goes " oh good. so there's hope for me" lol Oh Dick your such a beefcake! Embarassed

    After Dani competed she told me "you're my favorite, and I told her "oh gosh I love you," which just kind of came out. I talked with Zach briefly about music. He asked if I still listened to Trance and Tiesto. I said of course. They asked me if I knew what safety meant. I said no I didn't . They asked if I knew any codes. And I told them yes I knew what 153 meant. I saw it on the show last week.

    After they competed, they had to go inside, so Big Brother could tally the results. Before going in, Dick asked me if I wanted a cigarette. I told him yes I would and asked if he would mind lighting me up. I haven't smoked in awhile, but man are his cigs harsh. I prefer something a bit lighter.

    The houseguests came back outside to see who won. After it was revealed, I put the veto on Dani's neck and told her she's well on her way to becoming the next veto queen. I hugged each and every one of them and told them good luck in the game. Everyone! When I hugged Dick, I told him he was hot and smelled nice. lol

    Honestly, Eric is the only houseguest that didn't try to talk to me. hmmmmmm. For everyone out there that says I went in there to trash Eric, SCREW YOU. I was so damn nice to him, even though he had said I was Obese and Miss Piggy.

    Mind you, I heard this and was hiding, but in ear shot. Perhaps the houseguests read into things too much. But what everyone is not realizing is that Eric was the one giving me the cold shoulder. I was cheering him on! So maybe that's why they think I "hate" Eric. They know that I heard what he said. How could I not?

    Anyway sorry to ramble, but I wanted to share this fun experience with you all. I'm not going to let a bunch of bitter Eric fans ruin my parade. I didn't do s**t to Eric's game. He has made bad decisions in the game so don't blame me for his mistakes. I know you want someone to blame for Eric's shitty week, but please leave me out of it. I was a wonderful veto host and treated everyone fairly.

Carolyn Responds:

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Anonymous J. Penn said...

I just love this woman!! Go Janelle!

1:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't doubt Eric behaved that way.

1:15 PM  
Blogger Aja said...

I ♥ Janelle too!!! Eric is mean for saying that, I bet he felt really stupid after saying that, how embaressing !!!

1:20 PM  
Blogger Evel Girl said...

I love that girl! She's awesome.

Eric acts like a woman needs to be ten pounds soaking wet to be sexy.

Rule number one you don't crack on a girl's weight. It's not exactly cool to be so skinny that you turn sideways and disappear.

FYI Scrawn-master E: Curves are sexy!

1:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WTG Janey! Don't take any shit from Eric's fans. Next time he should watch what he says. He is no one to talk. Afterall does he ever look in a mirror!
So sick of the weasel!

Deb in NY

WTG Dani! D&D till the end!

1:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm an Eric fan, but he seems to have a real issue with fat people. It's pretty obnoxious.

Also, ironically Janelle is hardly fat! She's very beautiful and personally I'd love to have a body like hers.

It was a stupid and rude comment on Eric's part and he probably felt like an ass (as well he should have).

The houseguests loose their minds, and all sense of propriety on the show. We see it with all of them at times.

Nonetheless, as an Eric fan, sorry to Janelle that he was such a dumbass.

1:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eric's hangup with fat comments probably just has to do with him being self conscious about being skinny... especially considering I think a lot of women prefer a man to have some meat on his bones. His comments may not be the most appropriate way to express those self conscious feelings, but we all have our shortcomings.

Not to rain on this little Janelle lovefest, but I really don't see what everyone's big hangup with her is. She was a great player, but toward the end of the season last year she seemed pretty pompous and full of herself, and she said some pretty rude things in the DR about the other players. I can't be a big fan of someone who seemed as two faced as she did.


1:31 PM  
Blogger America's Player said...

...And furthermore, I find it necessary, at this particular time, to state for the record, that Janelle's description of what had transpired is (and I cannot stress this enough) completely and legitimately, 100% accurate. I feel ridiculous!

1:40 PM  
Blogger Carla said...

Eric has fans?! j/k

I love Janelle and cannot wait to actually see the veto comp!

1:44 PM  
Anonymous brittni said...

It's ridiculous of Eric to say that and I don't doubt that he did. Janelle is way too pretty for him, and he knows that if he ever had a chance in hell he'd go for it...but he doesn't. haha.

Anyways, I'm glad Janelle was back for the veto comp...can't wait to see the PINK set! :)

1:57 PM  
Anonymous jen donato said...

for starters, no one, as in, NO ONE can hold a candle to Janelle.

and i don't doubt one bit about what she said about Eric, the guy with the Napoleon complex(syndrome). he overcompensates by being funny but HE IS NOT. more than half of what comes out of his big mouth is trash.

way to go, Janelle!

2:03 PM  
Blogger Heidi Petrelli said...

I adore Janelle and she has no problem with her weight-she is beautiful!
Yet again, Eric said something
that makes me like him even less.
Plus, he was too much of a coward to apologize or face her.

2:05 PM  
Blogger Rallen said...

That video says it all!

2:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That video made my day!! ...and the music, awesome!

I've always thought Janelle was a far superior player than even Will or Boogie! Girl maxed it!! Can't wait to see the POV comp!

As for Eric's comments to Janelle...too bad he can't eat pork or I would AP vote for him to be on pork for a week!!


2:33 PM  
Anonymous Tella said...

I was not surprised about Eric's comments. This weasel has been hating on Janelle all summer on the feeds. He did not like her. Maybe his favorite was Jessica's all time favorite... Holly? I have no clue...

I love Janelle and she is the best competitor. She is buxom and blonde and doesn't take herself too seriously.

For people to call Janelle's mom's business. Creepy. Get a Life.

2:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder what people would do if it was Dick that said that? More than likely they would just say he was being honest o his own opinion and commend him for saying what he feels. Oh wait they did that the week he was saying all that stuff to each of the house guests.
Janelle is my favorite BB player and very beautiful but thats in my eyes I don't expect everyone to feel the same. Plus one also gets attached to people in these shows and they love them or hate them even if its not really how they are off the show. Maybe he wasn't a fan of hers bu liked James which I could see James's fans wouldn't like her but hey I don't agree with what he said but then I didn't agree with Dick's actions either.
I bet CBS is loving the drama caused this season to me its too soap operaish. "The Days of Big Brother Life".

2:45 PM  
Blogger Kim said...

I love Janelle, I seriously did not realize Eric had a bunch of fans. Wow so Janelle is fat according to Eric - I am bigger than her and now I really don't like him. That was a rude thing to say no matter who he said it to.

2:56 PM  
Anonymous Tammy said...

Awesome vid, Carolyn! Janie is truely a BB icon and will be forever my favorite HG. She is one bad-ass chick and doesn't owe any one an explanation as far as I'm concerned. Don't hate the playa, hate the game!!

3:05 PM  
Anonymous Jeannie said...

I saw that earlier at Jokers and that was awful of Eric but doesn't surprise me at all as he has dissed a few of the women in the house also and Jessica is a fool for witnessing this and continuing her showmance with him ewwwwwwww.IF DICK HAD SAID IT I WOULD BE UPSET ABOUT IT ALSO. LOL too bad Janelle couldn't have spent the night in the house with them had a few drinks and wooped his behind like she did BO. I could just picture Eric running and hiding lol. I love Jani too and yes she may have said some things in the diary room last season and had every right to after learning what they said about her woo hoo Jani rocked season 6&7

3:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I loved Janelle's post and I'm so glad we got to hear the other side of the story. Eric should be thankful that he got an opportunity to realize how often he speaks ill of people.

It's so strange that a bunch of intelligent people can't find more to do with their time than sleep, play beer pong, sunbathe and eat.

At least Jameka reads.

They need Supernanny to come in there and post a schedule of suggested activities.


3:37 PM  
Anonymous Melissa said...

I do agree that Eric's comment was pretty rude and uncalled for and hopefully that situation taught him a life lesson (about putting tha foot in da mouth). I still like him, he is still one of my FAVs.

But I still stand strong that Janelle should not have been ALLOWED to give any personal remarks to the HGs. Body Language says enough without words.

I do not blame Janelle, everyone has their favorites, including her, and I don't think she should be blamed or chit on. I blame the Producers/CBS b/c they should have set the rules straight before she even entered the house.

And I think the Producers made a big mistake by allowing her to chit chat with the HG between takes, have a ciggy with Dick and interact with them in any way, even if it was a "personal" level.

In my opinion this was allowing an outside influence into the house. It is one thing to "cheer" them on, it is another to let them socially interact.

Please no one get mad at me. I am just stating my opinion and believe me I need to let it out.

I am soooo stressed that JEDD won't make it to the F4 and that is my ideal scenario.

I might have to take a few days's too much...and that's, well, I AM CRAZY.

any tips on de-bigbrotherizing?

3:42 PM  
Anonymous Leticia said...

Does any one know what 1-5-3 mean?

3:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also want to know what 1-5-3 means??!!? anyone?!?!?

and I love Janelle.

4:06 PM  
Anonymous BC Broad said...


Did you read Janelle's comments. She was nice to all... including Eric who felt like a fool and did not interact.

Janelle did no more than previous visiting HGs... like when Holly was on and totally made it clear who her favorite was. This is nothing new.

Furthermore, nobody is getting more of an outside influence than Eric, America's weasely player. He knows from every task what players are liked and not. The reason he suddenly became friends with D&D is because he knew he had to. If he was in the house on his own... his ass would already have been voted out. He's never been very popular and he should thank his lucky star, Jameka, that he is the AP and making some money. As for strategy and comp skills... they guy is clueless and would have made far less. IMO

4:16 PM  
Anonymous Tella said...


1 (I) 5 (ADORE or HEART) 3 (YOU)

4:26 PM  
Anonymous Tella said...

Thanks for that video of Jedi Janie Carolyn!!!

She rocks like no other. ;-)))

PS. I wonder how Dani would react if she found out that Nick spent a night at Janie's and BF's house after being evicted.

4:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is anybody else annoyed that the sleeping princess is now back to sleeping. She never does anything around the house... and now she has left any talk of saving her to Eric. Come on! Be a Player for once, Girl.


4:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eric only wishes he could get a girl half as pretty and fun as Janelle. He sucks =(


4:45 PM  
Blogger Kristin said...

leticia: 1-5-3 means "I adore you". It's what Nick and Dani say to each other because it's too soon to say "love". Adorable, huh? :)

4:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I LOVE JANELLE!!!!! i think it's so sweet that she showed daniele & dick love because WE LOVE THEM, TOO! :)

5:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

leticia- 153 is "i adore you"

5:07 PM  
Anonymous Crystal said...

Amen Janie, Amen!

This girl is the Best Player to have never won BIG BROTHER!

6:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awsome response Carolyn!!!!!


7:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whatever I have to vote for America's player I voting to mess Eric's game up whatever he has left of it.

7:34 PM  
Anonymous Jessica said...

I loved Janie when she was in the BB house, but she was hardly a saint herself. As for being the best competitor??? I don't know how anyone but WILL can be seen as the all time best competitor of this game.

As one of erics FANS, I can say that yes, it was pretty stupid for Eric to say that. But come on, give me a break. Eric makes a fat comment, and he's the devil incarnate... Dick has said and done far worse things in the house, ALL FREAKIN SEASON! But each time he does it, he is canonized as some saint and truth-sayer. But what do I know...I guess misogyny and harrassment is the new "in" thing.

10:08 PM  

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