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Monday, July 30, 2007

Our Take on the Feeds Tonight, So Far!

Carla : Thanks. Did you see Dick throw his tea on jen?
Carolyn K: no! missed that
Carolyn K: did you see the cat fight?
Carla: then nick v jen?
Carolyn K: the feeds are amazing tonight
Carla: Jen's pushing for Dick to be evicted by the producers...
Carolyn K: Nick & Dani are adorable...
Carla: The new Nerd Herd is making me ill.
Carolyn: big time.

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Anonymous Lissy said...

Yes both Kail and Jenn have gone to the Diary Room to complain.

9:19 PM  
Anonymous Elizabeth from Canada said...

Oh my God, I have NEVER heard so much mean stuff said to one person in my entire life, I would be bawling if I was Jen and the Jen bot just stands there and takes it with a smile on her face - it was pretty low that she hit back at Dani for her involvement with Nick though.

This is Craziness - has anything like this happened on BB before?

9:20 PM  
Anonymous Elizabeth from Canada said...

If they gave Nick hell for throwing beer cans on the roof could you imagine what is going to go down after all this.

9:22 PM  
Anonymous Elizabeth from Canada said...

Dick is totally right talking to Amber it isn't about who cares more about Nick - but that is how Amber is making it.

9:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

send him packing! how can you girls think it's okay what he said??

9:46 PM  
Anonymous Elizabeth from Canada said...

Although Dick is absolutely the meanest person I have actually ever witnessed, he still really somehow is a decent person somewhere inside this crusty, mean, abrasive, disgusting (farting, grotesque burping) exterior.

9:48 PM  
Anonymous Tyler said...

AAAAAAAAAa feeds are so amazing tonight....the catfight between danielle and dick.... but my favorite part so far...was when dick and dani were on the couch...and dani said i didnt want u and nick to help me against jen..

and he said " i was quiet after you told me to be.....until i dropped the tea on her."

i dont knwo i just found it hillarious...

9:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is anyone going to post clips of this happening? I missed it!

10:04 PM  
Blogger Cliff O'Neill said...

Dick is cruel and, it may have been just tea, but that was assault and he needs to be evicted now!

He is the biggest bully and is really on the verge of seriously violent,

10:16 PM  
Blogger itybitymom said...

i just dont know what to think tonight. my mouth is on the floor, i need a shovel to pick my mouth off the floor. i was a dick fan till tonight, and no iam not a jen either, but no women deserves to be treated like that. they both are in the wrong.i think the house would be better with the both of them gone, meaning jen and dick.
i amy not get any sleep tonight. wow what a night.

10:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kail & Jen need to go and take the nerd herd with them!

Deb in NY

11:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Throwing the tea on Jen was totally
uncalled for! Dick is such a.....
DICK!!!! Jen is handling it with grace though, I have to say.! I didn't care for Jen before, but now I have a new found respect for her! I really think he should be kicked out!!!!**Vicki**

6:09 AM  
Blogger Cliff O'Neill said...


I really hope more people feel like you do.

If he acts this way against someone whose *personality* he doesn't like with a million cameras watching, can you imagine him in the outside world?

I wanna see this dude's rap sheet.

6:35 AM  
Anonymous Rallen from nc said...

OK, seriously Dick is not my fave but he is top 4, and If I was sitting there while some grimy dirty girl was insulting my child morals,Lets just say that it would have been assault..I am a mother hen and when I saw the feeds it cracked me up. She is lucky he did not have slop at the time!!
She should be arrested for assault...on my eyes..if I have to see her one more time in the ridiculous red tard or a toddler bikini again..hold up I feel a little bit of my lunch coming up...
ok that is better. 1 more thing....GET OVA IT!!!!

9:40 AM  

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