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Monday, July 30, 2007

Happy Monday!

Good morning, folks. I was up till 4:30am getting screenshots of all the pages on that other site. It was truly amazing how much content they'd copied and displayed as their own... and all while I'd had right click disabled on the site. It had been going on since the start of the show! Repulsive.

Our reader Elizabeth from Canada really came to my rescue while I was getting proof of all the plagiarism... She sent me a complete rundown of all the late night stuff, so I had it waiting in my email this morning. Thank you, Elizabeth!!!

Fortunately, the HGs were kind enough to not talk much game at all last night, while I was documenting. The only thing I really took notice of was Nick and Daniele... their flirt game is back on, and it's very strong. She's spending every moment possible with him again, because she knows in her heart she's about to lose him.

Eric, Dick and Jess trash-talking Jess
captured by auntjulie

Here's Jess, in the unitard, after losing a bet.
captured by auntjulie

Last night was just pretty relaxing and enjoyable in the house - thank goodness - Today, the drama recommences full force. Veto Ceremony and Replacement Nominee.

One more thing: you won, dishers. :)
America's Player task phrase: "I'd do that for a dollar."

Eric got to work on it last night, and had Jessica saying it in under 5 minutes. Eric told Dick that he is so sick of hearing Amber's expressions that he's going to just come up with his own random expression and just keep repeating it tomorrow till it catches on. Dick loves the idea.

That dingo over at Hamsterwatch is on the ball as always. She caught the clip of Eric performing his task. Here's the link: Click here to watch.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry you didn't get to sleep til late (or is it early?) Glad to see up and kicking ass!!!


9:14 AM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

I think it would be STUPID to backdoor Nick and not get rid of Kail or Jen.. as far as that thief.. that really sucks someone is going out and stealing YOUR work, don't get discouraged because I love your blog..


9:18 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

thanks, guys :)
it made for a very long day... typically i only sleep about 3-4 hours anyway, and i'm up by 5am.. last night i was up till 4:30 - my whole schedule's outta whack.

I honestly almost threw in the towel last night... I was that steamed.

9:25 AM  
Anonymous Elizabeth from Canada said...

I have to thank you and Carla for all of the hard work you do. I truely did not understand the magnitude of what you guys do everyday to help your readership be informed until last night. Thank you.

9:40 AM  
Blogger Cliff O'Neill said...

Aww, Carolyn. Don't quit! We love you!

(And, honestly, I'd never have known about that site were it not for the discussion here. And didn't care to go see. I'm sure there are tons of people who feel the same way.)

As for the video ....

Those two are SOO CUTE TOGETHER! Like a basket of kittens!

I'd do THAT for a dollar! (Nah, still like Sweet Chicken better.)

9:56 AM  
Anonymous Renee said...

Throw in the towel???? I will not hear of it!! I hope everything gets worked out with the A-hole who stole your work!!

PS-I sent a freind request on myspace!!

9:58 AM  
Anonymous Renee said...

Hey, just wanted you to know that Right click is enabled on the page!! As I was reading I right clicked and it allowed me too...No worried I did not copy anything just wanted you to know b4 dawg has a chance (not that stops him)

10:16 AM  
Anonymous Elizabeth from Canada said...

I don't know if you caught this but last night before anyone went to bed, Nick was upstairs in the HOH room listening to music because he drank too much coffee while he was on his slop diet and he felt really sick. He was also a littled ticked at Daniele because an altercation happened between her and Amber (re. Daniele wanted to tell Nick that she didn't know he was being backdoored and Amber saying that she wanted to do that to and Daniele saying that wouldn't be believable because Dustin is her best friend and as if he wouldn't tell her about it) Amber got really mad at Daniele - because of course everytthing has to be about Amber and the pain she is feeling that is when Amber ran to Jameka and started on their sermon in the bedroom. Daniele still hadn't told Nick what happened between her and Amber and he was worried about what it could be. I am just mentioning this because this may play out more today, for any of you who didn't know, like poor Carolyn who was busy catching theives red handed - you go girl!

11:08 AM  
Blogger Heidi Petrelli said...

I find it horrid that someone(is it just one person) who stole your hard work and words.

I also can't believe they chose that phrase. Sweet Chicken!

11:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This makes me so sad. I don't want Nick to go. Yes hes beautiful to look at but I just looooove him and Dani! I think they're so cute and I think that he's really being genuine.
And why wouldn't you wait until he gets into the sequester house? He's already said that he wants Amber, Jam or Dani to win. Keep him in one more week then make sure he'll be in there to vote for them to win. *and keep us ladies happy for another week ;o) *

12:33 PM  
Anonymous Elizabeth from Canada said...

I think that Nick knows somethings up or is it just me?

1:01 PM  
Anonymous Elizabeth from Canada said...

Zack tries tooo hard and he unfortunately makes himself looks like an Idiot!

I can totally understand everyone getting annoyed as they do have to spend 24/7 with someone with less than adequate social skills.

Amber is SUCH a LIAR! God I hate her!!!! She always has to draw attention to herself.

1:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First off- I'm really sorry someone was stealing your stuff. That's ridiculous!

But I'm very glad Kail and Jen are making it another week ;) And I am sad to see Nick leave though. I wish Dustin would of put up Zach or even Dick! But oh well.

Hopefully soon next week one of the people like Amber,Kail, Jameka, Jen or Zach will win HOH and put up Daniele and Dick again. HAHAH that would be awesome! Then Dani would be so frustrateddddd! awww.

1:08 PM  
Anonymous Elizabeth from Canada said...

Eric hasn't been keeping up with his expression "I'd do that for a dollar" what is with that, are they on lockdown outside right now?

2:18 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

i took the disable right click off about a week ago... no matter, they were getting it all when it was on anyhow.. where there's a will, there's a way.

2:37 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Everyone - Thank you so much for all your support!! I really appreciate it. You make it worthwhile.

2:38 PM  

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