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Friday, August 03, 2007

BB 8 Overnight Report

So much went on in the BB house last after the HoH comp was done, I decided to start the Overnight Report at midnight eastern today, instead of the customary midnight BBT. Frankly, otherwise you'd just miss too much. With the power shifted into Daniele's hands now, things inside the Big Brother House have gone absolutely nuts. If you haven't gotten the free trial for live feeds yet, now would really be an excellent time. There is going to be some serious game play this week.

OK, plug done. On to the Overnight Report. Since I'm running so darn late today, I'm gonna be putting it up in sections. Many thank yous to DishDudeDoug - who'll be who'll be helping me out with this again today. There's just soooo much!

Just refresh this post every so often to see what's been added. First up 9pm-10pm BBT.

9pm BBT
Dick & Jameka
They're discussing the Banner Plane that called out Eric and Amber as Liars.

Dick: Eric was trying to just blow it off.
Jameka: Maybe whoever did it just didn't know what they were talking about.
Dick: Anyone who spends that much money to send up a plane for us must know something.

Dick & Amber

Dick: Daniele is flipping out.
Amber: About the second vote?
Dick: Of course she is.
Amber: Do you think it was Jen?
    ***There's our girl. Always ready to blame somebody.
Dick: Daniele thinks she knows who it was, and she is f'ing furious. She's out of her mind.
Amber: (re: Jen) I can't wait for her to go home.
Dick: She doesn't think it's her.
Amber: I can't wait to see her leave next week.
Dick: I hate her. I'm not going to do the group crap again. We'll have a discussion the night before, and that's it.
Amber: Yeah.
Dick: Someone's been leaking out all this information. Kail knew she wasn't going and it's BS. Makes me mad as hell. Kail ate a bowl of slop an hour before the eviction. She knew she wasn't going anywhere.

9:15pm BBT
Daniele & Jameka

Dani: I didn't vote for Nick, and it's not Jen, it's someone on this side.
Dani: You know it was gonna happen, but at the same time it's like a million, million times different than you thought.
Jameka: It is.
Dani: Way, way, way harder. Jameka, this is the hardest week I've been through in the house. My dad had me in tears. Like you, I know you know, because you were there. And you saw, and that was so hard.
Dani: This week was the hardest week for me in the house. It can only get better from there, right? He knew he was going home, and he was like, 'whatever happens, happens in this game. I'm not going to change who I am and this and that.' But he was ok with it, and I think he didn't realize that he really, really didn't want to go home, as much as he thought he didn't care.
Jameka: Mmm hmm.
Dani: I talked to him, I talked to him about the entire situation, about the entire veto, how it would have been used from every single person, from every single thing that would have and could have happened.
Jameka: Mmm hmm.
Dani: From every single person winning the veto. I explained it to him, and he knows. Jameka. He knows. He knows that it is not your fault, it is Dustin's fault that he went home. And I'm telling you that right now.
Jameka: Mmm hmm.
Dani: And you know it. So don't eat yourself up about it.
Jameka: Who do you think?
Dani: I don't know, but they did it again. It's the house, Jameka. I'm here to talk if you need me.
Jameka: OK, alright.

9:45pm BBT
Jen, Jameka, Jessica
Jen is still in the dark about what the banner plane said, and the HGs who saw it have been instructed not to say anything to those who didn't.

Jen: Did you see it?
Jess & Jameka: Yes.
Jen: Was the message about us?
Jessica: It's probably just a bunch of crap.
Jen: I think all of us should be allowed to know what it said... since some of us obviously do, but I understand if you were told not to say anything about it.

Both Jessica and Jameka don't respond.

Jen: I'm gonna ask in the DR. It's unfair only some people should know and not others.

~Midnight to 1am BBT~

12:00am BBT –
Eric, Amber, Dustin, Jessica

As a plane approaches the house from a distance, Eric nervously looks up. He continues his discussion with Amber, Jessica and Dustin. Dustin believes neither Dick nor Daniele saw the banner, and Jess promised not to say anything to them. Eric and Amber figure no one is close to Jen or Kail (or Daniele and Dick), and therefore the people who saw the banner will protect them.

Eric tries to brush off what the banner said to the others by saying it is only 1 out of 12 million fans who is rumbling, and the Diary Room apologized to him for it. He then stated, “thanks, but that doesn’t do me any good.”
*** Doug: Eric, Eric.. Liar, Liar, pants on fire!

Eric then suggests to Amber that they should get into arguments so they don't look like they are flying under the radar.

After Dustin and Jessica are gone, Eric and Amber discuss how they hate being called liars, and how Amber thinks Dick is a psychopath.

Eric leaves so he can go speak with Jessica.

12:15am BBT
HoH Bedroom
Dick and Daniele

Daniel and Dick discuss Eric being the person doing the votes and know he’s a liar.

Daniele: You should have listened to me!
Dick: We got the wrong m*f*ker out for 2 weeks in a row.
Daniele: There is more there with Amber than we know, and I think Eric is the leak.

Dick is so angry he’s pacing and punching his hand and saying, as if to reassure himself and assuage the guilt...

Dick: We can recover from the mistakes. We should backdoor Eric.
Daniele: I will have a lovely speech waiting for him. Eric is the funny guy, and the guy who knows the most. He’s a threat. I'll say that no one listened to me before, when Nick was here, but now they should all pay attention!
Dick: You're a lot smarter than I am.

The doorbell rings and it is Dustin.

Dustin: Why are you so upset? You're flipping your weave.
Dick: It's not the time to talk.
Dustin: Is it the second vote?
Dick: Partially... The truth has been hiding in front of us the entire time. I don't want to talk about it yet.
Dustin: You have it figured out for sure?
Dick: I am going to keep my mouth closed and think everything through, before I say a word. Let me flip out now, and then I'll tell you.

Dustin leaves the room.

Daniele and Dick wonder how Amber and Dustin fit in. At this juncture, Daniele’s plan is to nominate Kail and Jen, then backdoor Eric.

They discuss Jessica, and they decide to tell her everything. They see Zach outside the room at the chessboard. Daniele doesn’t want to upset him, they need him this week. Dick leaves to find Jessica, and on the way asks Zach to take the board downstairs.

Shortly before 1:00am, Dick brings Jessica into the HoH and Daniele and Dick start telling her everything... It is worth noting in advance that Jessica stays true to Eric and reports back everything to him.

Here's a clip, graciously provided for the BB lovin' world by TRD2006.

More Jessica in HoH with Dani & Dick

Still more

~More to Come~
(as soon as the HGs shut up long enough)

1:00am BBT
HoH Bedroom
Daniele, Jessica, Dick

Daniele: 100% Eric's the weasel!
Dick: We have to trust you with this. If we can't trust you, it's all over.
Daniele: It's us 3 until veto, I'll tell you the story. It's perfect... Eric has been blaming Nick for everything he's been doing.

They discuss Eric blaming votes the last two weeks. They believe Eric has been saving Kail and Jen for the last 2 weeks.

Jess: Why?
Daniele: He's been in an alliance with them since week 1!

Daniele says if Jess is playing in the veto comp, one of them will take Jen off the block. Daniele said that the three of them, plus Zach will not vote out Kail this week.

Daniele: Don't trust anything Eric says! You think he (Eric) spends hours in the DR talking about a turtleneck? Give me a break! He's using you.
Jess: That's what I told him. I felt close to him.
Daniele: Are you on the same page with us?
Jess: Yeah.
Daniele: Jessica, he's so full of crap.

Jess: OK. I won't say anything, but it's weird.
Daniele: We dealt with them for 3 weeks, we can do it again. We're kicking their butts. We're all still here.

After promising not to tell anyone what was discussed, Jessica says she will pretend that Zach is going up instead, and will act surprised when Eric is. She then leaves the HoH bedroom.

1:15am BBT
Dustin and Jessica

Jessica whispers to Dustin that she thinks the leak is Eric. She told him that Dick and Daniele don’t suspect him, but didn’t really elaborate.

1:25am BBT
Eric and Jameka

Jameka said that she is happy for Dick and Daniele getting back together, but now they need to get the hell outta here. "This ain't Dr. Phil."

1:45am BBT
Eric and Dick

Eric and Dick meet and discuss a range of different topics. Eric tries to push attention away from him as far as making the “funny” votes. (Dick just played along). He also said he let the others down by getting a DQ in the HoH comp.

Dick spoke about Nick, Daniele and himself being set-up this past week, and how Kail knew she wasn’t going home. Eric thought Amber was also set-up and added that he thought the same person may have made the stray vote each week.
*** no kidding Eric!

1:50am BBT
Amber and Dustin

Amber is crying to Dustin about Nick leaving. She says she messed up. She knows she will see Nick outside the house though. She asks Dustin what he thought about Nick saying “It is what it is” in his leaving speech. Dustin said it was meant for her, and he smiled at her. She says she wasn’t there for Nick. But Dustin reassures her his goodbye speech was in fact for her when he said my favorite house guest, it is what it is.
***I think I’m going to barf..

Dustin then tells Amber that he thinks Zach is behind the idea that Eric is the leak. Amber stops him though, tells him she has to fart, backs up, does so, smiles, and says “Oh so much better”.
Amber, crying again, then asks him if he believes the banner. She explains that when she was a drug addict she lied, but she doesn’t lie now, and has never lied to anyone in the house. Dustin says no, he trusts her, and that he doesn’t think Eric has it in him to lie.

3:24am BBT
Eric and Jessica

Jessica tells Eric everything. Everything that Dick and Daniele told Jessica. Eric convinces Jessica that he is not the one making the stray votes, and that he is not lying. Jessica tells him that she believes him.

4:00am BBT
Eric, Jessica, Dustin

Dustin comes out and makes a joking remark about just telling Dick that Jess and Eric were in an alliance with Kail.
Jess: Thanks a lot!
Dustin: Look, he threatened me. I had to sell you out.
Eric: It's funny you should mention that, because your name came up a lot when he sat down with me and so did Jameka's. I want to talk to guys about that, obviously without him and Daniele a part of it, because while I dismissed everything, they said, I think that you guys should know what he's saying and where he's coming from. He thinks he's in control of the game, and I think it's time to send him a message that he's not.
Dustin: How'd I come up?
Eric: Oh every which way. Every which way possible.
Eric: There was, I mean, we might as well wait till tomorrow, but it's every conceivable way from how you wanted Zach, but then went with Nick, to why you would go with Nick, to your relationship that's been strengthening with Kail, to the time you spent in the HoH when they were handcuffed to each other, to.. I mean it was just a f***ing laundry list five days long.
Dustin: Oh God.
Eric: And I said, "Dustin didn't even vote this week." "Well, he could've planted his vote through Amber."
Dustin: That's right!
Eric: And Jameka used the veto because she was in the alliance, and Jameka and Amber and you and Kail have an alliance, because you guys are the Bible Belt Alliance.
Dustin: Ohhhh! That's right! The fag is part of the Bible Belt Alliance.
Jess: I knew it!
Eric: You were just a tag-along, but the 3 of them have united under the wings of God to take down the rest of the house, and no one can compete against their-
Dustin: Guys, he's out of control! I mean he's out of control!
Jess: I know.
Dustin: Talk about pawn of Joe, that's out of control.
Eric: Um hmm. And obviously we all saw Daniele immediately confront Amber after the vote.
Eric: To try to blame it on her.
Jess: I didn't see it, but...
Eric: Well, she tried to say all day long, "we've let this stuff come between us, we used to be close, we should really get back on the same page," then got off the thing, went right over to her and said, "I know the vote was you."
Eric: So they basically accused every single one of us of it being one us in some way, shape or form. Why? To create infighting. To create confusion. To try and create rifts that do not exist.
Eric: And why do they do this? Because they know that they're the 2 that are on the outs, and-
Dustin: I think one of those f***ing two did the opposite vote.
Eric: I think so, too.
Dustin: Just to stir the f***ing pot.
Eric: It's either Jen or them, so...
Dustin: Yeah. Well, you have to think it's been a consistent 2 weeks the two like Daniele or Dick has been able to vote. You know what I mean? I personally think that last week Daniele threw the vote in favor of Dick because the two of them have teamed up together.
Eric: And I'm gonna also point out that they think they're being stealth. I mean, they couldn't be more f***ing obvious the 2 of them if they tried. They may as well start making out. I mean, there's nothing left to f***ing do.
Jess: GROSS!
Dustin: Gross, yeah!
Eric: I mean, there's nothing hidden about it. He's f***ing holding court over her HoH room.
Dustin: Oh God, that is gonna be ridiculous this week.
Eric: It's too early for this sh*t. He's the one whose been stating that people who are overplaying it, and they have too many conspiracy theories, and they're playing too hard, and they're working too many sides of things, and they're selling out too many people, and they have all gone home.
Dustin: Well look at him!
Eric: Well let's have him eat his own words then.
Dustin: Well, here's my deal. This is what I said to him. He goes, "There's a leak in the group, and that vote and blah, blah, blah..." And I was like, well, Dick...
Eric: There he is.
Dustin: Where.
Eric: Over there.
Dustin: Oh really? Where is he?
Eric: He's coming.
Dustin: Was he back in the diary room.
Eric: Yeah, he's standing in the kitchen window, looking at us right now.
Dustin: Oh really?
Eric: Yeah. I'm not even looking over. I'm not gonna make eye contact.
Dustin: Well, whatever. This is too much for me.

Dick enters the back yard, and everyone makes nice to him.

They go to bed. Dick is alone in the backyard talking on the couch. Jessica returns a little later, unable to get to sleep.

Dick discusses Eric and what they talked about in the HoH room. Jessica does not let on that she already spilled the beans. At one point, when Dick goes inside the house, Jessica looks at the camera, shakes her head, and rolls her eyes. In her talk with Eric earlier, she confirmed her alliance with him.

What Dick doesn’t realize is that Jessica isn’t contributing much to the conversation. She is mostly just listening to Dick, and gathering information. After a while, she heads off to bed.
Dick continues his rant on Eric by himself, and decides to cancel the “Dick At Night Show”, but then decides if he does it by the far side of the yard no one can hear through the windows, so he will continue it. He’s upset with himself for not believing Nick and Daniele, and for being taken by Eric – but feels he can fix it. He heads for the bathroom and passes on brushing his teeth so he can breathe on Jen, and goes to bed.

6:00am BBT All is calm..

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Anonymous Katie said...

I agree with Jen - that is rather unfair that everyone doesn't get to know what they said! I do however, wish that it had only been Dani and Dick who had seen the banner if that is the case (that only the ones who saw it get to know) ... because than they will have known and would have had no one to talk them into thinking it was just a bunch of bull.

I do think Dick knows that it's not bull though and won't budge on that ... I think for him, he felt like there was something wrong with the whole situation but decided to shrug it off for once ... he doesn't seem like the type of man that would let someone mess with him twice !!!

How much DO the banners cost? i was just thinking that when i read that Dick suggested no one would spend that kind of money for a joke.

10:33 AM  
Blogger Cliff O'Neill said...

Damn those banners! And I'm with Jen. No one should be allowed to have more outside info that anyone else!

I mean, even Eric doesn't really get outside info. He can try to guess what's going on from who the public tells him to target. But he doesn't know why. He didn't know that the first Jessica target was just because she was annoying at first. He didn't know that the Kail target this week was because people loved Nick (not that they super-hate Kail).

10:53 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

i agree with you guys and jen on this one.. if one of the hg's knows, they should all be privy to the same info.

it came from outside... it's unjust otherwise.

10:55 AM  
Blogger Dan Halm said...

I have to say this, Jen has really started to grow on me... (don't start throwing things at me yet). I know the HGs cannot stand her, but she's a smart player and she's remained calm and collective while being attacked by all sides, all the time.

However, I feel like bacause she is such a target, people like Jessica (hello, is she even playing this game) and Zach (nobody likes or respects him) will get a lot further, which in my opinion is sad.

11:06 AM  
Blogger Cliff O'Neill said...

Yea! More Jen converts!

Like, you know, sending you Patented UnitardLoveVibes!

11:31 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

cliff, you'll be pleased to know I was actually talking about her to my boyfriend last night, giving her props for being so completely unflappable in the face of all those tirades. I sure as hell couldn't do it.

11:35 AM  
Blogger Cliff O'Neill said...

Awww Carolyn! Big hugs! Come towards the kooky!

2:08 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

lol.. kooky, sure.
cookie, no way! too many carbs. :P

2:27 PM  
Blogger Heidi Petrelli said...

If Jen wasn't connected to the Booger-I would be more proJen.
I am more for her since Dick became rabid. I know there is no way I could handle how Dick treats her.
I personally think Jessica is playing a good game. She is focused and under-the-radar.

5:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everyone is so two faced, I could not be around so many two faced people at once. I would always be on edge and never talk cuz I wouldn't know who I could trust.

7:40 PM  

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