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Monday, August 06, 2007

Overnight Report

Dustin's a Pompous Buffoon
8:40pm BBT
Dustin & Kail

Dustin: Dani's a scared little girl. You've made such strides since you've been here.. proving you're not just some small town girl who needs her man to take care of her.
    ***So sayeth the smug shoe salesman to the multiple business owner. Twit.
Dustin: (cont'd)You've done a lot of learning here, and you can take that home with you now.

Dustin and Kail's conversation continues in a similarly twisted manner. They honestly believe they can tell Dani to put up her dad, and that she'll do it, because they'll tell her it's the only way to save herself in the game...
    ***By eliminating another one of her trusted allies?! Yeah, that'll happen.

The Weeping Wonder Faces Contempt
8:40pm BBT
Dani & Amber

Amber's repeating the same tiresome refrain...

Amber: I love Nick.. That was so hard for me... People use my heart against me...
    ***You know the drill.
Meanwhile, Dani is sitting and listening, but having a really hard time keeping the complete & justified contempt from her expression.

Dustin's a Pompous Buffoon, cont'd.
Dustin & Kail
Hookah Room
8:42pm BBT

Dustin: I threw the PoV, cause I knew this was Dani's plan, and there was no way I was going on slop for her. Eric knew the night before too...
    ***Am I alone in hoping Kail will store all this info and save her hide with it by telling Dani before the re-noms? Her selling out Dustin is the only way to save herself at this point... and frankly the only way we/Eric can help Dani get someone out.
Dustin (cont'd): The Donatos are just not smart people. It's really tragic.

Dustin pontificates some more about how Kail can take this experience home with her and use it to teach her daughter.

Dustin: It's a different world that when you were 18 and in love. Your daughter has to get a job and not depend on a man.

Kail's main contribution to this conversation is the occassional "I know."

Weeping Wonder, cont'd.
Dani & Amber
8:53pm BBT
After listening to an incredible load of horse puckey from Amber about how horrible she still feels, all the time, and that she would gladly step aside if it meant Nick could come back in the house...
Dani: Don't get your hopes up about Nick coming back.
Amber: Oh, I know...
Dani: I think about it non-stop. I even dream about it... him. Still...

Shadows of Doubt
Jess & Jameka
9:05pm BBT
The ladies are whispering about Eric, his mis-placed self-assuredness about staying in the house, and his audacity to proclaim it to Dick. The window of doubt is wide open to both of them, although they both seem to agree it is not yet Eric's time to go. Still, eyes wide open... they are beginning to realize they can't trust Eric as they thought they could, but they aren't sold on trusting Dick either. Jess resolves to talk to Jen more and get to the bottom of it.

Pompous Buffoon, cont'd...
Meanwhile, Dustin and Kail's conversation in the Hookah Room draws to a close:
Kail: I'm guessin' she's free now, but I don't wanna go up there just yet. I'm just not sure how to approach her on this.
Dustin: Just bring up the fact that she promised you, swore to you, you wouldn't be leaving, and that if she puts Eric up against you, you will.

Shadows of Doubt, cont'd.
Jameka & Jess
9:10pm BBT
At this point, the girls agree they can't flip lop on the group, even if they don't believe in Eric anymore. Then they include Dustin in the discussion...

Jameka: I'm seeing such a different side of Dustin. He's so much more aggressive... And what about when ED called Eric out? That Dustin would be the 1st to go from the LNC, and Eric denied it... We know that was a lie! And Eric, he's been so nervous, he can barely eat...

Poor Shrek
Dick & Zach
9:14pm BBT
Zach's relaying Dustin's transparent approach to Dick...

Zach: I'll tell ya. I'm hear to listen. I've been here f'ing almost 40 days
Dick: Yeah... and he wants to come to you now??
Zach: Everybody always comes to me when they need stuff.
Dick : Yeah.
Zach: So... whatever you and Daniele decide, I'm a go.

More Shadows...
Jameka & Jess
9:15pm BBT
(Eric's now by the sink, so lot's of whispering & Mmm Hmm's)

Jess: ...and so I asked him (Eric) about it, and he never says anything. You never told me what it is, and you never say anything about it. Is it something he just lied to her about?
Jameka: Wow. I don't know. This house. it's too much.

after a long pause in the conversation...

Jess: I'm gonna talk to both of them at the same time.
Jameka: Mmm Hmmm
Jess: Ya know?
Jameka: Mmm Hmm
Jess: ...and then we'll see.
Jameka: Yeah

Moments later...

Jameka: D & D want to keep Kail here, because she can't play for HoH and get them out. Eric can.
Jess: I think this bought us a couple weeks, but with all this in my head, what will happen in those couple weeks??

The conversation progresses and the ladies figure out that Eric has thrown the last couple of HoH's, because he felt safe on both sides.

Jameka: I'm just thinking about it, cuz ED told me everything accused Nick of, and Eric's doing the exact same thing...
Jess: Eric just looks terrified.. ever since the banner.
Jameka: The Jig is up.

Team Donato v the Buffoon
Dick, Dani, Zach
Dani: Dustin just asked me if I'd nominate you! I'm dead serious. I'd like to punch him in the face!

Dick takes it in, and says nothing... yet. he waits a full 5 minutes, stewing, before he speaks on it.

Dick: I can't f'ing believe Dustin told you to put me up. If I get HoH next week, he's going up.
Dani: Don't say anything!
Dick: I wont. I'll store it.
Dani: I mean it!
    ***Anybody wanna peanut?

A few moments go by...

Dani: If Nick watching, he's probably dying. Him leaving... it split the whole house like crazy. I wanted to punch Dustin. He makes me soooo mad.
Dick: I'm glad the alliance is all over.
Dani: I'm just an innocent bystander.

Zach mentions having seen Kail sneaking cookies now while she's on slop, and Dick tells into his microphone... Zach says he wont push it till he catches her again, red-handed. Shortly thereafter, Zach goes on his merry way... leaving Dick and Dani alone for a few minutes.

Dick: Never in a million years... Did you ever think we'd be in an alliance with Shrek & Jen?
Dani: We're not an alliance. We're alligned.
    ***lol, semantics, dear one, no matter how distasteful.
    ***kinda like "i did not have sexual relations with that woman!"
Dick's nodding his head yes and laughing... The Donatos share a smile.
Dani: It's so weird!


Eric Crosses the Line

9:50pm BBT
Jess & Eric

Eric: Amber's using religion as a strategy in here, and she's had 2 abortions.
Jess: I can't believe you just said that on National TV!
Eric: She's said it! She said she lied about 2 abortions and had 2 real abortions when her and her BF were having problems. The tattoo on her side has her initials and her BFs initials, and the number 2, and that is what the #2 is for: the 2 fake abortions.
She was a speed addict... etc...
Jess: Why would you say all that on national TV? Why would she tell people that?
Eric: It just proves she's not trustworthy, and she's using the bible stuff to get close to Jameka and Kail. I'd throw it in her face.. if I needed to.
    ***Such Character.
Jess: That would be wrong... to throw that stuff in Ambers face.
    ***Love this girl. Humanity comes first.
Eric sidesteps and says he wouldn't.

Jess: You just did!
Eric: But if she gets all holier than thou, I can put it in her face... that if she would lie to her boyfriend about an abortion, she's capable of anything, and that right there proves she is a bad human being.

Here's the video, captured by auntjulie:

They move on from this subject, and back to Eric's concern for his safety.

Jess: I'm not sure if everyone is cool... That Banner really had an effect on people. It shouldn't, but it did.
Eric: That banner was so unfair. One Nick fan, and Amber and I are buried.
    ***One?? Dream on.

Dani & Kail
10:00pm BBT

Kail enters. Dani's in bed.

Kail: Were you sleeping?
Dani: NO. Just thinking.
Kail: Yeah. You have a lot of options. Are you sure you have the 4th vote?

Feeds cut out for a few minutes. We come back to...

Kail: It's assumed that Eric is going up. I have people from the LNC coming up to me and telling me I don't have their vote to stay. Are you sure whoever told you they'd vote to keep me isn't lying?
Dani: Maybe... it isn't my intention for you to go this week.

Kail's giving it the old college try to get Dani to put Zach up instead of Eric as the replacement nominee. Dani wont budge. She tells Kail that she wont be swayed, and she will do what she wants to do, not what anyone else wants her to.

Amber, Jameka, Dustin
10:15pm BBT
Amber is trashing Daniele personally and strategically, relaying their entire conversation plus embellishments for entertainment purposes.

Dustin: I don't care what you guys believe from the old guy, but I'm done! I am DONE with the Donatos!

Amber's thunder stolen, she quiets for a moment before resuming her bitter, pointless betrayal.


Eric & Jess
10:25pm BBT
He's still working on her about how he's the honest one, and DIck and Dani are the liars.
Jess: I'm fine! You're the one who's acting weird.
Eric: You're the one who acts weird to me every time you talk to them!
Jess: (kidding) Fine. I just wont talk to them anymore.
Eric: (trying to share her light mood, but failing miserably) That's what you said yesterday!

Dick Confronts the Pompous Buffoon
Dick & Dustin

Dustin is trying to work out, and throwing serious some serious 'tude as he's very put off by Dick's interruption.

Dick: If you trust Eric more than you trust me, you're in trouble. Putting yourself out there and trusting someone is a liability in this house...(he confronts - against Dani's wishes) How would feel if I went to Amber and said "Let's put Dustin up"?
Dustin: When I told Daniele, "you could put up your dad," it was just an option.
Dick: That's a cop out of an answer.
Dustin: Your behavior in the house reflects on Daniele.
    ***Smack him.

Dick: Whether Daniele likes me or not, I wouldn't go against her.

Dick reveals too much, as usual...

Dick: Dustin, am I gonna be sorry i trusted you?
Dustin: About what Daniele said?
Dick: Well, that depends on what your talking about. Dani and I talk a lot. Why don't you tell me what your talking about?

Dustin takes a dramatic pause to lift and make Dick wait, and responds...

Dustin: When you were yelling at Eric outside, I told Dani to put you up.

The above is just a taste. Here's the clip of the full confrontation. This is really a must-watch..
captured by xx2000xx


Thankfully, lol, nothing of much substance happened for the next little while! Until just before 2am BBT, when Eric is outside at the jacuzzi with Jess and Dustin, talking about the possibility of sequester with the Donatos and Jen, and he let's the notion of America casting his vote escape his lips.
captured by xx2000xx

More to come...
Please Refresh this post periodically for the continuation of the Overnight Report.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

As much as i want to see Eric go. I think the time is right to get rid of Dustin this week. I hope Kail goes and tells Dani all Dustin told her.
I really can't stand Dustin. He thinks he is king of the house.
It's time for Dustin to go before he does anymore damage. It' a shame that Amber, Jessica & Jameka are too dumb in this game.
Even the original nerd herd was smarter then these 3 ladies.

Deb in NY

8:57 AM  
Blogger Cliff O'Neill said...

OK, I give.

I hate everyone.

It's just a matter of wanting the people I hate most out in the order of white hot heat of hatred.

Of course, that means they'll go out in reverse order and the one I hate the most will win.

I can see it now. Dick vs. Amber at the end.

Anyone know of a good razor blade shop?

8:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Waamber's crying really started to get on my nerves so now when she cries I just close my eyes and think of the movie "Airplane!" and picture all the other HG's standing in line with bats and clubs waiting their turn to pummel her. It makes me giggle and relieves the tension in my head.


9:19 AM  
Anonymous MoNYC said...

One person I don't hate: Carolyn! She is a rock star! That was the best Overnight Report. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

What's with the Jen crying stuff. Is she against D&D again?

cliff: lol. dick v. amber has this freddy v. jason tinge to it.

9:36 AM  
Blogger JustBeechy said...

When is the veto ceremony...I so hope its Eric that goes up..get him OUT. I don't care if he is America's Player he sure isn't playing like it!! And Dustin OMG who died and left him Queen?? LOL

9:38 AM  
Blogger Jennifer said...

I agree with you Monyc.. Carolyn you are the best!! Thank you.... I am soo disappointed in Dustin.. I think the HOH last week went to his head... Amber, final 2.. I hope not... Evel yes, Amber no...

9:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Next time you see amber- imagine the lion in the wizard of oz or someone about to sneeze....that is what she looks like.....tell you see that when you look at her...I can't be alone in what I am seeing! What a big fat phony cryin' liar!

10:06 AM  
Anonymous Jeremy said...

Bravo again. I love these late night updates. Although I wish you wouldn't put so much of your opinion into it. I get that you hate Eric. But you really alienate a lot of people when you put that much hatred into the recap making it less objective.

Still, great work. It's good to read a detailed recap of what I missed while asleep.

10:12 AM  
Anonymous Terry said...

im with cliff somewhat, im getting tired of everyone.
dani has been pissin me off with her whining the past few weeks "its just not faaaaair" dick was my favorite from day 1, but a little of him goes a long way. all the religion things are pissing me off. amber crying non stop is pissing me off (notice on every episode she cries at 8:07) cbs has that timed well. erics a rat. and nicks gone. after the first week my favorites were dick nick and jessica, but with nick gone and everyone pissed at dick, and with jessica with eric makes it very slim that one of them will win.

my prediction is that kail gets to the final, jury votes for her for sympathy and then next thing u know julie tells them that everyone in town works for her and their pissed that they picked her to win.

and just one final thing in this rant..if eric goes, do you guys think the houseguests will be informed of americas player? i was thinking that they would be told by julie about the twist, but now that i think of it if that were to happen then everyone would know that dick was right about the votes.

10:13 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Jennifer & Mo :) Thank you!!
Deb in NY - Re: Dustin - Amen, sistah.

Jeremy.. 1. actually, i don't hate Eric at all. i call em all out on their b.s. perhaps you noticed dustin being called a pompous buffoon every time he spoke, or dani chided for her semantics...

I've been meaning to post something about the whole AP twist... in my free time. Hopefully there'll be some today... in a nutshell, I think Eric got a raw deal from the get-go, but it was a challenge he did accept, so he has a responsibility to act accordingly while still trying to further himself in the game. He shot himself in the foot with America over his own insecurity vis-a-vis Nick.

2. i'd really prefer dani to put dustin up... he's got more power over others than eric, and, more importantly, We/Eric can give her the vote she needs to get him out... Whereas if she re-noms Eric, it's very unlikely to stick.

3. data processors have no opinions, bloggers do. ;)

4. Thanks for coming and commenting. Glad you enjoy the updates.

Cliffy - I'm getting to the same point. But I have the most hate for Dustin... This nagging refrain keeps ringing in my head - JOE WAS RIGHT!

justbeechy - The Veto Ceremony is today... not sure what time yet, but I'll be here bloggin' :) Soon as it happens, you'll know. Also, re your Dustin comment, I'll be popping something up early this evening (if I can hold out that long) that you are gonna LOVE! :)

terry - thanks for the great comment.. wanna unpaid job?? hehe.

10:30 AM  
Blogger Tammy said...

I am kind of wondering if Eric gets voted out will they enlist another player in secret to be the new AP to keep it going?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the updates and really appreciate the job that you all do! (although I really should be working rather than reading them!)

10:40 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Tammy - Thank you :)
I was wondering the same... but I kinda doubt it.. at least not from the evictees, as they haven't been sequestered, it wouldn't be fair to the others... They've gotten WAY too much info outside.

10:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

no one answered the question about Jen and the crying. Is she against D & D again or did she forgive Dick for what he did? Great overnight report. I'm at work and don't have any access to the feeds here, is everyone up yet? are they talking game already? I can't wait for nerd herd II to get home and see how much America didn't like them and how they portrayed themselves on TV. I really used to like Jessica but now I think she is being a little two faced and I don't like it. I hate when certain people slide by so easily.
It should be a very interesting couple of days!

Jo in NY

10:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bring Nick back as AP!!!!!!!!

JO in NY

10:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

we cant get rid of eric just yet. we need his vote more then anything. he should just put Dick aside, and go talk to Daniele by himself and get dustin nominated. and then hopefully america will vote dustin out and eric can promise his vote for Dustins eviction.LNC will crumble without Dustin. Amber is useless and Jameka can only say mmhhmm. so why cant the rest see that Dustin is the brains here. oh and how funny was it when Dick said that voting Mike out was his biggest mistake and Nick was his second. i was happy he finally seen how wasted of a time his hoh was voting a non threat like Mike out.
If Kail goes hopefully we can align eric with D&D and use his vote to get LNC out of the game. Kail REALLY needs to go.

10:49 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Jo in NY - I believe Jen is still with Dani and Dick, but trying to cover her tracks a little. Dick makes a secret alliance impossible.

Jen and Kail are now awake. Everyone else is asleep.. no game talk yet.

Have faith! :P

10:53 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

anon - Agreed.. we need Eric. Dani needs Eric... Dustin should go... now if only i had 2k to throw away on a banner plane. ;) hehe. kidding...

unfortunately, Eric's pride has gotten too tied up in this, and I seriously doubt he'll be approaching dani with any deal...

10:55 AM  
Blogger JustBeechy said...

Carolyn i can't wait to see whatcha have lined up =) I'm at work and bored outta my mind right now...LOL.

11:13 AM  
Blogger Cliff O'Neill said...

Carolyn: Yer the best. Oh, and on Dustin, yeah he's being insufferable and is becoming annoying in the extreme, but have to strongly disagree on the "Joe was right" business. Just my take.

Mo: Yep!

Beyond that: Ooh, I have the most delightful idea. And now would be the perfect time before folks start going into sequester!

Can we hire one of those banner planes to ...

kamikaze into the house and end my pain already?

It would be such a pretty pyrotechnical display to brighten up my day!

11:43 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Cliff: LMAO.
re: Joe.. He said as he was leaving - Don't trust Dustin... he's a (whatever). THat's what I'm referring to.

12:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Carolyn sistah, I hope Jen goes to the HOH room now and tell her that Dustin called Dani a whore! Please get Dani to put Dustin up. Let Dani talk to Eric and say if I don't put you up would you vote Dustin out.
Oh and I think Jessica should tell Amber and Jameka what Eric said to jess last night about her abortions and her lying.
Ugh please have Dustin go up!

Deb in NY

1:02 PM  
Anonymous MoNYC said...

Seems like Dustin truly took Joe's exit as a time to become himself. Remember that sweet, mature Dustin that was the day to Joe's night, where did he go? Did he get evicted? Is this Gonorrea Gary or something? How awful!!

2:39 PM  

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