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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Eric & Jessica Talk Game in HoH

UPDATED @ 3:24pm BBT
Jess & Eric
1:32pm BBT
Jess: (sounding on the verge of tears) I just feel bad because I put up 2 people that didn't have a problem with me at all... Whereas, if I had put up Dick and Daniele, even though we have an agreement with them... They don't necessarily care about me and how I do in this game... I just feel like I made the biggest mistake. If they win in final 4, I will leave, and you will stay.

Eric: No Way! Not to be insulting to you in any way... but the 2 of them have been threatened by me since week one. Remember, I'm the "Philadelphia Lawyer." Neither of them wanna go up against me in the F2.

Eric: You have done so well.. so incredibly well.. I hate for you to feel this way, because what you have accomplished in this game is incredible... Everyone likes you.
Jess: Not anymore they don't. Now only Jameka and you like me.
Eric: Not true. Compared to the rest of us? Maybe they liked you a 10 before, and now they like you a 7, but the rest of us are still a 2.

Eric: I feel bad.. maybe I wasn't as open to discussing all the options.
Jess: No.. It's on me.. I tried to take the easy way out, and it may have helped me in the beginning, but...
Eric: It's part of their strategy to make everyone think they aren't threats... Zach came up here and offered to throw his 2 closest alliances under the bus. Why? Because he does it every week, to every HoH. And Amber? And you know this... You know that regardless of how you may feel about this, do you really think that Amber really likes you?
Jess: No.
Eric: And you do not really like her. Just because she comes up here, and she's an excellent butt licker.. That's her game.. and she plays it well... She's pulled a lot of sh-t with the 2 of us, and it's never about the game, it's personal... "Eric's sneaky, and he's gonna make a fool of you." There is now ONE WAY to get to me in this game... that's to pull sh-t about you... Amber goes out of her way to play the two of us against each other... bashes everyone... Just because she says she's a good person (doesn't make it so). Amber didn't talk to you for 40 days. When did she start talking to you? When she realized I was closer to you than she was. To me, Zach and Amber want to tell you and me and everyone else, "Look, there's bigger threats in the house! They're gonna come after you! Leave us alone!" And if we do that, that's just handing them 500,000 dollars.

Here's a clip, captured by romie1218:

Eric: Zach gives the same basic routine to everyone... What? We should just let him win?
Believe it or not, I don't think they're gonna try and f us. I don't think it's in their best interest either... and if they do, then you side up with Zach or Jameka... If something happens, and one of us isn't there, the other one just goes with Jameka... Next week is a scenario in which they have a decent chance at winning HoH, and in order to get to the 4 or the 2, you need to make it thru next week.. To me, not attacking them is a better way of them not attacking us.
Jess: I guess it just makes me worry, cuz I can't compete for HoH next week.
Eric: I don't believe they'll come after you...
Jess: It's not just me.
Eric: You can dispute this.. people wanna perceive, and this is fantastic for you.. anything the 2 of us do, is all my fault.. you've won the Hoh's, you're carrying us.. and their perception is, we have to get rid of Eric.
Jess: That's weird. Cuz I have nominated 5 people now. All 5 people will be in the jury house.
Eric: Do you really believe I'm gonna stand there and try to bury you to the jury?
Jess: No.
Eric: I'm gonna try to win, but not that way.
Jess: I'm gonna bury you.

both are laughing now..

Eric: I have never been this close to 500,000 dollars. When you're worried, it is so obvious. I see the weight of the world in your eyes.

Eric: Everything I am doing, and have been doing for a while now, I am sincerely doing with the best intentions towards you.

Eric and Jess continue... moving on to personal trust issues... Jess has some. She's impressed that Eric figured that out.

Eric: Well, I completely trust you.
Jess: I've just been burned too many times in my life.

They're moving on to adorable now... Spark up the feeds, folks. Here's another clip to get you started...

Captured by romie1218

2:22pm BBT
Eric: My game has been helped dramatically by you. You have helped me so ,much, it's unbelievable.
Eric: You have kept me sane, you've kept me relaxed, you've kept me happy.
Jess: You're never relaxed!
Eric: Imagine me without you!!
Eric: 2, in a place where you can't trust a word anyone's saying, you've given me someone I can believe in and I can trust.
Jess: Ok, I'll give you that one.
Eric: If you didn't come to me and tell me what Dick and Daniele were doing when they were doing it, I wouldn't have had a chance to stay that week...
Jess: Gaaahh.. there are so many.
Eric: There really are.

Eric: People talk a lot of sh-t about people here, and you see me for the real me, and not let other people's bs skew your opinion of me..

Eric: Alright, wait.. your list of things you've done for me here... You've cooked for me..
Jess: A cheese bagel.
Eric: That meant the most.
Jess: Why?
Eric: Cuz it was late at night, and you cut yourself, and it was delicious...

Eric: I'm an insomniac, and you stay up with me.
Eric: When I absolutely hated everyone here, and felt like I couldn't take another minute, you talked me down from that...

They move on to lighter moments, and spend the next hour joking around. Here's another clip from romie1812:

They've been beyond adorable for about 2 hours now... Way beyond.

3:08pm BBT
Enter Amber. In tears. Kill mood. Complete assassination. Full court press to save herself... Frankly, I've never heard her so articulate... Still over her, though.


OK.. game talk. I highly recommend listening in yourselves and turning on the feeds. Here's the link for the 2 weeks free: Click Here to Gettem!
    ***I'll see you guys in a bit. Time for my pm ride! :)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This seems like a really good convo between these 2. I hope there's video of this whole thing. It seems like Jess has really fallen for Eric, and is worried a tiny bit that he is playing her. I just hope he's not. But I feel like the AP is gonna make Jess feel that way, and ruin anything these 2 have together. I kind of wish Eric would just tell her about before he's forced to tell her and everyone.

Mike, Del

2:10 PM  
Anonymous Tresa said...

I think she will totally understand the AP thing and demand the money he made at her expense LOL

I'm so glad they have worked out their insecurities once again.

Eric's brother has a thread on another site and he said everything Eric says to Jess about personal things (except the woobie of course) is 100% true.

2:26 PM  
Blogger Cindy said...

I think their feelings are real.I don't think Eric is permitted to tell anyone about the AP thing.

Most people don't talk about all of the things they talk's fun to hear them make plans.

They are cute

2:26 PM  
Blogger Beth & Eric said...

I also agree that she'll understand the AP thing and the "game" -- it has not affected the way that he interacts with her at all. He had already kissed her, etc. I also believe it's real... They are super adorable!

2:41 PM  
Anonymous Taylor said...

pretty much the funniest line of the summer for me:

(On the subject of being married)

Jess: "You'll need to drop your friends..."

Eric: "Ok, lets be fair, you drop your friends and I'll drop mine and we'll only have friends that we meet mutually."

Jess: (thinks about it) "... nope. only mine."

2:46 PM  
Anonymous Jeannie said...

I still say its another repeat of Erica and Boogie or pretty darn close to it. We all knew in the begining that she wanted to put up Dick and Dani and Eric changed her mind and now it's getting to her and ofcourse he's brainwashed her again into thinking she did the right thing just like Boogie did last season to Erica. Eric making the statement about her boobs is also the same as Booger's talk last season. Ha Ha Eric thinks this season is more entertaining than last season, NEWS FLASH ERIC IT ISN'T.

2:55 PM  
Blogger Beth & Eric said...

taylor -- I LOVE when she says funny things like that!

I wonder if they're really talking about him moving to Wichita... or if it's all a joke?

2:57 PM  
Blogger America's Player said...

...Everything is going exactly as planned. All that America's Player needs to do is continue toying with Jessica's emotions, and I'm in the Final Two... Excellent... Excellent... I just hope her Marine brother isn't paying attention... My feelings may be real, but so is my greed... Hmmmm, I still wonder if SHE is playing ME... Nah! She couldn't. She wouldn't. Would she?...

3:08 PM  
Anonymous Taylor said...

I think Eric realizes what position he's in. He is lucky to have someone like Jess, inside and (especially) outside the house and I think he is head over heals. It's true, he was talking about how Jess affects him and his game; no one but Dick has shaken him, except for Jess. And it isn't because she is controling him; it's because he is scared of losing her. He likes her a lot; it's true.

I think Eric is serious, way more so, about things when they joke about things like Wichita or being in love or dating. He is very very smiten.

Oh, and for the people who were advocates of the "Jess is stiff as a board" arguement she explained it all today. She talked about her trust issues/feeling really uncomfortable being affectionate in front of others. She likes him for sure, and I don't think he's playing her.

3:11 PM  
Blogger Cindy said...

Amber, Please shut up! Geez, I've been wanting Zach to go home this week, but if I have to hear her say one more time what a good person she is........

3:31 PM  
Blogger Cliff O'Neill said...

OK, I believe in these two. But the whole Kansas thing is gonna kill this. I just don't see him making that work. And she's so young, unless she were really motivated to move to the City That Never Sleeps, I don't think she would.

Would like to be proven wrong on that.

3:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the video clips!!! I'm at work and can't watch the live feeds, but I can definitely watch the clips, so thank you!

3:46 PM  
Anonymous idespisedick said...

Does anyone else find it silly that Dani dares accuse Am&Zach of being down when all she does is lay around and pout?

5:06 PM  
Blogger Evel Girl said...

Jeez, Wahmber didn't make it 5 min on Power of Ten w/out kissing that necklace and crying.

5:12 PM  
Anonymous Tyler said...

Carolyn...i may be TOTALLY behind on this...but i was LJC. aka the little julie chickens lol... the ljc that dani mentioned in her goodbye speach to nick?!?!?! did they already have that planned out... in nicks house calls ep he said that ljc had to do with julie chen..but he didnt want to out that yea., i may be totally behind but i just thought i made a discovery...

5:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think she will understand at all. She has said several times that she does not like cheats and liars and that what he is bottom line! And when she finds out she was a tool and and a means to an end its not gonna matter if he has feelings or not. I am happy to see Jess is finally wising up but its a little to late!! And she and the rest of the group are gonna wonder what info he was given and what cbs did to keep him in the house. If he wins does he get to keep the money he won and the 1/2 mil or just the 1/2 mil??

5:39 PM  

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