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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Jen Stirs the Pot

Jen goes to work on Amber and Jameka...

Jen, Jameka & Amber
5:40pm BBT
Jen: Eric won't put up Dick and Daniele if he gets HoH. He wants them in the house. Why would he want to be against either of you in the end?
Jameka: Mmm. That's obvious.
Jen: I'm playing for 2nd place. I know that. The only way I want people to vote for me to win is if I'm sitting there next to Dick, because I'd kill myself if I didn't win against him. It's a personal thing.

Jen: Eric and I were really, like, very close through the 3rd week, and then we decided to pretend we weren't, but Eric told me everything.
Jameka: Well, then, how do you explain the fact that Eric was talking so much trash about you?
Jen: (pauses) He told me he was going to do that.
Amber: Do you think he's a bad person?
    Jen: Well, he told me some of the stuff he was doing, so I feel like the bad person. It's bad that he did it, but...
    Amber: I never thought about it like that.
    Jen: So that's why I was, like, crying.
    Jameka: Mmmm. Yeah.
    Jen: It's not my strategy, but I guess it's a good one to play everyone. I'm not going to fault him for that.
    Jameka: But at the same time, you're saying he told you everything, but the thing you are talking about he told you and amber, did he tell you that?

    CUT TO:
    6:42pm BBT
    Amber & Jameka
    Amber: We need to get Eric out! I want to go to E.D. tell him I'll convince Dustin to vote Eric out.

    Amber and Jameka debate whether or not to tell Jessica, and they discuss Dustin's possible reactions.

    Jameka: Maybe you can sell it to Dustin as a way to get the Donatos off his back.

    CUT TO:
    Amber & Dustin
    10:40pm BBT

    Amber is trying to convince Dustin to vote Eric out, since she can't because she swore on her daughter's life she wouldn't.

    Amber: I can't go back on my word. You should tell Dick and Daniele that you'll vote to evict Eric, and be the 4th vote, and that will make Dick & Daniele so happy they won't come after you.

    Dustin voiced his opposition, but Amber stood her ground.

    Amber: I don't want somebody in here I can't trust!

    Dustin tried to strong arm her into back under his spell, but Amber wasn't having it, and she walked out on him.

    Here's the clip, captured by auntjulie:

    It's getting VERY good again, folks... Turn on those feeds! :)

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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    AMEN Amber finally saw the light!!!
    Let's hope Dustin doesn't change or mind or jameka. BTW why can't Jameka be the one who votes eric out?

    Deb in NY

    8:39 PM  
    Anonymous Katie H said...

    VERRRY interesting!! I think someone needs to tell Amber that she can vote for eric to leave regardless as she already swore on her daughters life that she's never lied and we all know THAT is not true ... sooo ... that owth really means nothing. I personally think they should approach Jess with it, I didn't realize how on the fence she was about it all until tonight - I think she could be swayed with the right words.

    ps. I agree with Jill from your previous post Carolyn .. I miss your comments too and it IS your blog, you can say whatever the heck you want!! If they don't like it - they can read someone elses blog ... blogs are supposed to be opinionated .. and I personally think that you haven't been bashing anyone in particular either - you're just posting the facts ... with some personal comments a long with them ... come on people - every one is allowed put in their two cents ... ESPECIALLY the person who is being kind enough to feed us all this information daily!!!!! Thank you for everything you're doing Carolyn and don't let anyone make you feel badly about your own comments on your own blog!

    8:40 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    YaY Jen! Help get that weasel out of there ;)

    8:45 PM  
    Blogger Cliff O'Neill said...

    (Repeating to myself): No matter who goes home, I'll be happy with it. No matter who goes home, I'll be happy with it. No matter who goes home, I'll be happy with it.

    9:09 PM  
    Blogger Carolyn said...

    thanks, katie :)

    9:34 PM  

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