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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Race to Jessica - Eric Wins

1:49am -4:30am BBT

1:49am BBT
In the race to make it first to Jessica's HoH Room for the night, after a great deal of anticipation, DR sessions and drama, Eric wins! PHEW!

After the amount of trashing Jameka and Amber did earlier (to Jess - see previous post), this was a big concern...

Jess: So, um, what'd you tell the guys about why you didn't sleep up here last night?
: I didn't tell them anything.
Jess: Are you sure? When you went to the Diary room, Dick was like, "have you kissed? have you kissed?" and I said "no," and Zach...
Eric: Why would I say anything to Zach about anything.. or Dick..
Jess: I don't know.. F you Zach, you're goin' home.
Eric: I didn't say anything to either of them.


Here's a clip, captured by xx2000xx:

Eric: I don't really know how to say this without making myself sound like an idiot, but I don't really know if you understand the degree to which I really care about you... and I don't want to do anything to hurt you... It's kind of an awkward thing to say.. You're the first girl that I've kissed in like 5 years.. part of why t took me so long to do it is.. it's a big deal for me... it took me like 4-5 years..
Jess: since you were my age.
Eric: I don't take it lightly.. I didn't make the decision lightly.. this is a big deal. It changes a lot of things for me.. and I wanted to so badly that it wasnt even a question any more.
Jess: Thanks for telling me that.
Eric: do you mean that?
Jess: I do.. really do.
Eric: It was a big deal for me..

Eric: I have no idea what you think about me... I'm a little slow on the uptake sometimes... You sincerely mean a lot to me. Any time I do something joking around, I feel like such a sh-t..
Jess: mm hhm.
Eric: But I am a bit of an idiot sometimes.. I don't make the same mistakes twice normally.
Jess: That's good.
Eric: I feel really badly... I think like.. with what I was saying about you're the 1st person I've kissed in a long time.. my friends are gonna have a heart attack.
Jess: Why?
Eric: Cuz I'm really guarded about stuff like this... and to be in this situation...
Jess: What do you think they're gonna say?
Eric: I think they're gonna say, "we didn't see this coming.. but she's really sweet, she's really cute, she's really hot, and we can't wait to meet her... if she lets you talk to us.. cuz we've been watching the live feeds..
Jess: laughs.

They move on to the girls...

Jess: Whenever they talk bad about you, I defend you..
Eric: No you don't.
Jess: Well, they're not gonna keep talking trash if I defend you...

Here's the clip, captured by xx2000xx:

And Zach...

Jess: So Amber says to me, do you guys have a deal with Dick & Daniele? And she says that Dick said, "All debts have been paid, all deals are off."
Eric: He's lying to her. He's lying to pretend we don't have a deal with each other.
They're misdirecting other people...
Jess: She said that D&D specifically said that they had a deal with us.. All I know is that, what was the thing with Daniele last week? She told Jen.
Eric: I don't think she told Jen anything. Do you think anything they say to Amber has any meaning?

Eric: One thing at a time. Which conversation were we on?
Jess: Amber, Dick and Daniele.
Eric: Ok.. Why would he tell Amber the truth and not us?
Jess: If you think they're not scheming you're out of your mind.
Eric: You're giving them way too much credit. Dick and Daniele...

Jess: Why don't we keep the original 4 together? (paraphrase)
Eric: Amber doesn't like you. Why would Amber be nice to you this week? Please tell me that you understand that.
Jess: Yeah, I do, but I don't have a vote this week, so why isn't she talking to other people.
Eric: She already did... She already talked to Dick. She already talked to Daniele.

Enter c-blocker extraordinaire... Jameka.

Eric: So.. what do we feel about Daniele's special friend in the studio audience?
Jameka: Well, one thing's for sure. Her boyfriend's history.

They go on to discuss how surprising it was that Amber beat out Daniele, and that had Amber won any significant money, she woulda been so outta here... In short order, Jameka returns to trashing Daniele. They're amazed by the intensity of Nick and Daniele... and surprised that they didn't fly Amber's boyfriend in. Jameka's the only one who really gets it: "It's like they're promoting this."

2:24am BBT
Enter Zach! Sheesh.. orgy in the HoH room. Not really.. just an orgy of c-blockers.
Zach: Dick fell into the pool - shoes, socks, jeans... too funny.
Eric: That's funny.
Zach: Since I heard them mention your mike, I knew you guys were still awake.. had to come tell you... I'm gonna go make fun of Dick.

Zach leaves. Jameka et al return to talking about Nick and Daniele.

Jameka: She was blown away. She didn't know he was there...

Eric: Her boyfriend is probably in an asylum by now...

2:28am BBT
ENTER Dick... to share his story about falling into the pool.. microphone and all.

2:33am BBT
Re-Enter Zach.. so everyone but Amber and Daniele are in HoH.

2:36am BBT
Jameka leaves. Hoorah! Zach & Dick are still up there... The mood is jovial... Jess gets called to the DR, and it's descends into guy talk... and then talking more about Power of 10.

2:46am BBT
Jess comes back from her DR session. The boys are still up there... going on about how Amber didn't know the word tripod or scrutinize...

2:52am BBT
Zach: I'm going to give Eric and Jess their moment. You should do the same, pool crasher.

Dick stays on... and finally leaves at 3:07am BBT.

3:07am BBT
Eric launches straight back into the conversation from earlier... and this time he's on the attack.
Eric: Why were you lying? You, Amber and Jameka. What were you discussing?
Jess: Hmmm.. lets see. What were we talking about?
Eric: Why don't you just tell me what you discussed?

Jess is hiding the truth, big time.

Jess: She asked me like 500 times if you had a deal with Dick and Daniele.
Eric: Why do you want her to stay all of the sudden?
Jess: Cuz I like her.
Eric: When you put them up, you said, of the 2, I really want her to go.
Jess: I don't know. At least Amber's campaigning to me. Zach's just being a jerk.
Eric: I'm really put off by her putting her nose into our business.
Jess: What do you mean?
Eric: Like the stuff she said to Jameka. I don't think that's having your or my best interest at heart.
Jess: Well that would be having my best interest..
Eric: Well, when she talks to me, it's completely different. She's completely gung ho on the 2 of us..
Jess: That's weird.. But on the other hand, she talks about how she used to manipulate her boyfriend all the time...
Eric: Let's not forget she's also a drug user.. and with a 5 year old child... and she sits here and talks about what a good person she is..
Jess: She means in the game..
Eric: how in the game? She wants a "good person" to win.. How is she good in the game? Please don't look at it just in terms of the last 3 days..
Jess: OK, so when Zach wins, and puts me up..
Eric: That's not gonna happen. Who do you think he likes more? Me or you?
Jess: Well he use dot like me.. until I nominated him.
Eric: Here's the deal. We'll talk about it tomorrow.. We'll talk to Dick and Daniele tomorrow..
Jess: Obviously, Dick wants Amber to go, you want Amber to go..
Eric: You haven't liked Amber for weeks on end.. I don't get why you suddenly like her now.
Jess: I feel less threatened by her than Zach.
Eric: Well, what if i can create a scenario where you feel less threatened by Zach.

They discuss the "deal" Amber mentioned Dick having talked about.

Eric: Just like, how many times have you told Amber and Jameka there's nothing going on?
Jess: A million times... You better win HoH. If you go out on a Carol question, I will kill you.

Eric: I think he was trying to mislead her...
Jess: Don't tell her I said anything...
Eric: Why would I tell her anything when she's backstabbing me to you? Amber's talked a ton of shit about you, You've talked a ton about her. Just because she's kissing your ass now... What is she telling you about me?
Jess: The Dick stuff.. and the deal..
Eric: Do you understand that she's trying to make you have problems with the only person who really cares about you in the house? Did she tell you more stuff as it relates to us personally?

Jess admits it.

Jess: Yes. but it didn't mean anything.
Eric: Go ahead. tell me.
Jess: Basically, that next week it'll be me and Jameka that'll be up, no matte who wins..
Eric: What else?
Jess: that's it.
Eric: You're lying to me..
Jess: And then there was some other stuff that I'm not supposed to talk about... Don't say anything.. I'm not supposed to tell you.
Eric: Why would you have Amber's back and not mine?
Jess: I don't wanna tell you, cuz it didn't matter to me. And you wont say that you wont say anything...
Eric: I wont.
Jess: She said you've come to her 3x this past week..
Eric: That's not true.
Jess: She said twice within the last 8 or 9 days..
Eric: No, she didn't speak to me for 10 days before that becaus eof the Dustin thing.
Jess: You're freakin' out.
Eric: Cuz you wont tell me. I don't know what she's claiming that I said... I said to her that... (thinking..) Oh.. Jen's comment.. I said I don't really give a sh-t what Jen said.. it's totally f'd up. I've never had that conversation with Jen. You know what the situation is... It's really strange being on tv, it's strange having feelings for someone here, and she said yeah i can tell you guys really have feelings for each other... and she said she knew Jen's comment was totally out of line.. follow your heart, do whatcha gotta do, and she acted like she was in total support... and I shouldn't worry about it, cuz I should just worry about what I'm feeling about you. Le me guess, that's not what she said to you.
Jess: Right. She said you don't wanna win HoH, because of the pics up in the room.. and she can see my mom and family at home just sitting there going, no jess, don't get played by this guy... and the girlfriend at home...
    ***Ahhhh.. again, relief she told him the truth.. just wish it didn't take so long.
Eric: And this is the reason why you like her?
Jess: It just feels like she's looking out for me.

Eric rolls over.. silence.

Jess: I'm just tellin you... (pause) There's goes my case for trying to keep Amber, right?
Eric: Yup. She's done. Whatta f'ing bitch.
Jess: Aaaah! I shouldn't have told you!
Eric: The 2 of them sit up here pretending they're my friends.. All 3 of you lied to me about what you were talking about... Why would I not be upset about those comments? I have a conversation with her, telling her how much I care about you...

Eric and Jess get into it about him calling her a liar...

3:30am BBT
Eric: Do you know why these things upset me? Not on a game level. She says to you that I'm playing you, which is your absolute worst fear in the game, and then she campaigns for my vote?? Do you know why else this bothers me?
Jess: what?!
Eric: You know how I feel about you?
Jess: That's why I said it doesn't f'in matter.
Eric: How would you feel if it was reversed?
Jess: Terrible.

Eric: You know what? Amber most certainly is tryuing to use the men against women thing... Get rid of Zach, Eric's evil.. girl power to the end.
Jess: yeah.
Eric: I know you don't think I'm stupid...

Jessica's concerned she's gonna be 4th in the alliance with D&D.

Eric: If someone said or did these things behind your back, you'd be furious... In those situations, I'd appreciate it if you would support and defend me.
Jess: I do.
Eric: She's such a bitch. Good person, my ass. It's honestly getting to the point where I could give 2 sh-ts whether I win or not.
Jess: Yeah right.
Eric: It would bother you if people kept saying sh-t that was untrue about you also. You're not the butt of everyone's rude bitchy comments all day. I am. I don't get why you're defending her. Then she comes out there and says, "We're your girls, Eric. We're your girls." And you ask me why I trust D&D more than Amber? They're not trying to sell me out every 5 minutes.
Jess: OK, well she's going this week.

Eric: Please tell me that would make you furious if someone did that to you.
Jess: It would. Just don't say anything please.
Eric: Has there ever been a word you've said to me that's ever gotten back to you, ever?
Jess: No.
Eric: I wanna walk up to her right now and tell her. Congratulations. You're going home, 3-1, bitch. (He wont, but he'd like to)

He turns the tables to make Jess see it from his perspective... Hypothetically, with Zach as an example... Jess is getting very frustrated... Frankly, I wish they'd just shut up and find another way to communicate right now. ;)

3:53am BBT
Eric: I said this to you earlier. There is one thing people can use to get to me right now.
Jess: Yeah.
Eric: And that is bringing in personal things, and specifically personal things as they relate to you.
Jess: Yeah...
Eric: The personal stuff just crosses the line with me. It's none of their business, none of their concern... None of it makes any sense. It's totally inconsistent with my actions. It's totally inconsistent with my feelings. And worse, I know and they know, it gets to you.
Jess: Well, Amber'll be gone on Thursday, so it wont happen anymore...
Eric: I can see it happening whenever anyone wants to get to you about me...

Here's a clip, captured by bbfanz:

Jess: You did look cute tonight, by the way...

Eric: I've been single for a year, and you're the 1st person I've felt this way about. Is she gonna be happy about it?
Jess: No.
Eric: Would it be easier if it wasn't on National television, or if I could pick up a phone... I don't know what I should do.. If I should stand on the balcony and shout it? If I should have 15 more diary room sessions than I've already had.
Jess: Awwww!!
Eric: Of course it's a difficult situation for me. I came to play the game... I have a crazy weird situation outside the house that's gone on too long... This is not an easy situation.. Do you think that someone I was with for 4 years, that I wanna give them a big final f you while she's watching it on tv?
Jess: That's what you're doing...
Eric: I know.. but it's the exact opposite of what I'm being accused of doing...

OK... and they ease back into flirt mode... Ahhhh...

Eric: The reason I get so upset about these things, is because I do have these feelings... It's a big deal... It's the 1st time in 5 years... and I am on national television saying these things and doing these things.. which is going to hurt somebody else... and I'm making myself vulnerable... this is my kryptonite right now, and anyone who's smart will realize it.
Jess: I guess Amber's smart.

Eric: I wish you could read my mind and understand how serious I am about you...
Jess: Me too.

4:30am BBT
Eric & Jess
Still up. Happy talk... Flirting... chill...
Game talk too... but I need to get some sleep...
Turn em on, folks.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i can't believe i watch the feeds ALL NIGHT and when i run out to get a coffee evel falls in the pool! damn! i was only gone for 10 minutes!!!

3:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jessica just came clean to eric about the whole Amber/Jam talk from earlier tonight. I hope we got video of that!

Mike, Del

3:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

if eric hasn't kissed a girl in 5 years - who is this real life "girlfriend" cheryl?

were these pictures taken more than 5 years ago? (i hope it's okay to post a link? :))

3:39 AM  
Blogger kevin said...

Reading the headline of this I was like ... "whew!"

I LUV LUV LUV JESS, and she is great at winning HOH's when it counts... but this being easily manipulated is worrying me and showing her delicate 22 years.

Did Amber not look TWEAKED OUT when she was working Jessica with (wif) Jameka? The Bible Readers think they have it all figured out... and I'm sure Jess just wants them to think she's vulnerable (so they'll give her the money and not Dani Dick or Eric.... say it with me... JURY VOTES!)

Amber is such a bonehead though. And even though I think its really presumptuous to assume America hates Amber (in a head-to-head with Zach)... she's probably gone.

Has anyone confirmed that Eric is voting to evict Amber? for sure?

addressing Eric's GF... They were on for a long time, but off after she cheated on him... its been a year or so of him staying in her life in case she wants him back and her NOT reciprocating (i know how that feels-shitty)... She's not giving interviews, so the truth is still out there somewhere.

4:13 AM  
Blogger kevin said...

really great (and loooong) post C-

thank you and GET SOME SLEEP!

forget all us crazed up glorified peeping Toms!

4:48 AM  
Blogger Ray said...

Thanks Carolyn. I was in bed sick and could not keep up last night. Great recap. As much as Im not a fan or Eric, I feel bad for him. Jam and Wamber are really talking crap about him. Jessica should know that its all lies.

Im ready for Amber to be gone. As much as I like the NJC Crew (Was that what there called?) I think Dani and Dick will be the first to break it. BUT, I think that if they dont break it this week, Eric and Jess will next week.

5:19 AM  
Anonymous im~ said...

Anon @ 339

i believe he mean he hasn't kissed someone NEW in 4.5/5 years cause he was with her for 4 years and been not so with her for the last year.

5:23 AM  
Blogger Cliff O'Neill said...

Man that was long!

Jess, believe the Metal Man!

5:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

aw carolyn thank you so much for typing that whole post! and thank you for working so hard to keep us updated everyday!


6:23 AM  
Blogger Beth & Eric said...

anon--I think he hasn't kissed a NEW person in 5 years... at least that's the way that I understood it.

I was getting worried with the Jameka/Amber conversation... I couldn't tell if Jess was playing dumb or believing them!!!

6:51 AM  
Anonymous cai said...

EJ keep on saying how hard it is to be in their situation, especially E since there is someone out there who might get hurt, and yet, they seem to be amazed that Nick and Dani have developed such strong feelings for each other in a short period of time.

same with Dumber. she felt bad when DustiKong left yet she thrashes Dani for feeling the same way about N.

as for Jameka, no words can further describe her holier-than-thou attitude. maybe lightning will strike her when she gets out of the house or something...

7:10 AM  
Anonymous Jeannie said...

Cannot believe Jess what a blabber mouth and once again he sucked her in can anyone say HELLO ERICA LOL. Eric says Amber is a B---- and Jessica just sits there duh, I would tell him off for that one. Jess told Eric she defends him when Amb and Jam put him down, hahahha thats a lie, she didn't defend him once last night when Jam and Amber were in the hoh with her.

8:08 AM  
Blogger JudyD said...

Like I said in a post last night get Amber out of the house before it's to late.
Amber is one of the biggest sore losers and liars in BB8 history.She is sooo jealous over the Jessi and Eric romance that she'll say anything to destroy it.
I am so glad Jessi told Eric the truth and they were able to talk about it.But the seeds of doubt have been sowed by Amber's lies.
Jessi may have made a mistake in placeing Zach up instead of Jameka.Next week hopefully Jameka goes then Zach.
Carolyn you are doing a fantastic job today.

9:03 AM  
Anonymous Krissy71 said...


9:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This Blog rocks!!

The more I watch Eric and Jess, the more I love them together! I HATE what Amber and Jameka were doing to Jess last night, making her doubt him... AHHH, it's makes me so mad to watch. Amber tells her how honest she is and the second she walks out of the room, she says to Jameka, I lied to Jess about Dustin. I HATE AMBER!!

10:32 AM  
Anonymous gigglechick said...

jessica and eric sicken me.

10:59 AM  
Anonymous lola said...

WOW! Jessica is soooo extremely indecisive! Her thoughts and feelings chance way too much, way too fast. Thank goodness I'm already used to it.
But I'm so glad Eric is always good at making her see the real intentions behind all the BS.
Amber is a little witch. Doing the same thing she did to Dani about Nick... open your eyes kids!

And thank you Carolyn for all your hard work and sleepless night! :]

11:10 AM  
Blogger kevin said...

i think i recognize gigglechick from jokers'

and her opinions are apparent from her updates

not that i mind.

11:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG, those pix of Eric and Cheryl are so cute!

He makes it sound like he just fell off the turnip truck.

Thanks for the odd and stupid dot com link!

11:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey gigglechick, love ya on Jokers!

11:58 AM  
Anonymous Tella said...

Thanks Anon 3.39AM,

I LOVED those pictures of the GF. It shows that she's more than a cardboard. Also, Eric said they had two good weeks before he came into the house. Don't try to tell me this guy did not have sex with her during that time. Just saying...

Either way, I am sure he likes Jess... but to what degree. No clue. I am not him. And she's just gullible. I hope she leaves at F4... since she has no game play of her own. Then it would be interesting to see which of the F3 would get the Jury. Probably Eric or has he burned too many bridges?

12:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow and he say Amber is a manipulator please can we serious for just one sec Eric? and he needs to make up his mind is he or isnt her in a relationship? If he was not he would not be worried about hurting her and her seeing him with Jess now would he?? and he has not kissed anyone in a year ? then it was 5 hello make up your mind Eric... Your mad cuz people are figuring you out thats all!!
And when Jess gets run over by the buss called Eric who will be crying then??

3:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

jeanie~ I agree is that a speed bump in the middle of the road... oh no wait its poor Jess being run over by the bus. D&D will put them up to bust them up one way or another i bet one of them goes home next week then everyone will be crying for america's puppet/ america's sweetheart and no one will be to blame but them selves at that point!!

" gosh i didnt know you guys would be right about all that you said about him"

3:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One thing jessica seemed to forget to tell eric was how amber is putting him up if she wins HoH,yet jess. still wants her to stay,it just shows shes not being loyal.I know she told eric most of the story but thats after she lied and trust me she tried to keep things from eric shes just a horrible lier and eric knows this.All he has to do is ask,r u lying to me?R u sure? Stare at her and in seconds she"ll blab it all,but i like that about her,even after promising Amber/Jam that she wouldnt tell eric and its obvious she meant it at the moment,she just couldnt keep up the lie.I also find it funny how Jam. and Amb. r suddenly offended at erics bitch and whore joke although crud it was a joke and jessica knew that at the time,She only became offended cause she thinks if Jamica and amber say its bad then AMericA thinks the same.Cause there"the good people."

Oh!and i like how jen considered eric such a good friend for most of her stay but hated dani for the same thing turns out eric was doing and jen knew all along.Shows jen was really in love with nick.

4:52 PM  

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