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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Happy Wednesday, Big Brother Lovers!

It's 4:53am BBT.

Dick is awake. He's outside on the couches, having a smoke and thinking...

Eric and Jessica are still awake too, chatting and flirting. I'll cut to the chase - it seems from Eric's demeanor when he left the DR around 1:20am, that America voted to evict Jameka. Among his first words upon leaving the DR were, "I'm in a great mood." Another key point is this: Eric gets it. He said, "For the first time, collectively, our votes don't count this week... mine in particular." He couldn't be more right.

OK, that covers the America's Player Task.

The next 36 hours on the live feeds are going to be intense. Will we see the Eric of a few weeks ago? Pulling out all the stops to get what he wants? Or will he roll over and let Jess die, so to speak? He definitely has more than an inkling that Dick and Dani are waivering from the alliance.

Will Jess step up to the plate and Save Herself??

Will Jameka do something to piss off Dick so much, he flips and sends her packing?

Only time - the next 36 hours - will tell.

It's getting hot in there! ;) Can you believe we'll have a final four at 9pm eastern on Thursday?! Boggles the mind how fast this summer has gone.

The Overnight Report will go up in sections, between 9-10am BBT. Please check back for it starting at 9am BBT...

Jessica and Eric are whispering in bed as I type. It seems Jess is coming to terms with the possibility:

Jess: At this time on Friday, I could be on my way to Mexico..

Spark em up, folks. Here's the link for the 2 week free deal from Real. Check em out.

OK.. I'm off. See ya back here around 9am BBT!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I voted to have Eric evict Jessica, not because of Jessica, but because Eric is a very strange guy!

P.S. I can't believe that Danielle blew it - CC

5:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

im confused...why would eric be in a great mood if he has to vote to evict jessica? did i miss something?


5:29 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

I'm off riding. :) Back to publish comments in a bit.

5:29 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

sorry - i goofed... fixed now.. thanks for the heads up.

5:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Question? Its double eviction week on Thuursday. Does anyone know if Zach will have to evict the 2nd person? Or will it be the new HOH?

5:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank goodness that was just an editing mistake! I was so depressed for a few minutes!

Carolyn, thanks so much for the blog and the constant updates! You are a great editor and I'm constatnly impressed by your writing and video entries. They capture the mood in the house perfectly.

5:44 AM  
Blogger Evel Girl said...

Good Morning!
I figured that it would end up being Jam when they showed Eric getting all weepy talking about how hard it is for him....things outside the scope of the game...I really care about her...yada yada yada. That was a total pity thing. Don't vote for Jess, poor Eric. They definitely played it up to keep people from voting Jess.

6:03 AM  
Blogger America's Player said...

I'm playing hard for you, America!

And for the record, I cannot express enough my complete and total gratitude, thanks, and sincere, heart-felt appreciation for those of you who selected Jameeka in last night's voting.


Now I won't have to cast my vote against Jessica. Which, frankly, (and you and I already know this) translates directly to more makeout time with the cheerleader between now and Thursday.

I'll stamp that!

6:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I voted for him to evict Jessica. I don't think she would be dating him in real life. He seems serial killer strange to me. Watch out, Jess!

6:28 AM  
Anonymous cai said...

g'morning Carolyn. i hope you had a pleasant ride. a good way to clear your mind before you deal with the craziness again - us and the game. =)

i can't wait for thursday either. regardless of who goes home and who gets HoH, it will be a lot of fun. but of course i'm rooting for the Ds... =)

6:31 AM  
Blogger ALo said...

I have to say, that while I am a big JEric fan and want them in the F4 with the Donatos (who I just do not like), I would have to say that the winner this season should be Dani.

Yes she is a baby and rotten to her father (not that he helps it), but she is the brains in that operation. She was the one who figured out that Eric was making those votes. She also was smart to befriend Zach at the right time, essentially using him and assuming total control this week.

In the end though this game is about lying, whether fans like it or not. There are no good people. Dani and Dick will go back on their alliance with JEric and be the same liars that all the Dick and Dani fans and Eric-haters think Eric is. Dick has prided himself on not lying and being true to his word and he will be negating all of that. Greed is a horrible thing.

Oh and as much as I like Eric, he and Jess are fools. They have spent like .5% of time with Zach and D&D since Zach's HOH. They should have been more in the game and probably could have prevented all this.

6:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Didn't vote last night...ended up watching the show at midnight and then I crashed in bed...

The episode really bummed me out. I don't want either of them to go! Jameka is from MD like me and Jess has been my favorite the whole season (sorta jealous of her too cause she gets to kiss Eric -- I have a lil' crush on him and yes I'm absolutly serious don't make fun!!) I guess I just have a weak spot for the jew boys :)

Thursday is going to be a really sad day...

~Lisa (6th time commenter)

6:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whew! I'm very pleased by this. If Jess goes home I will be sad, but what was driving me crazy is that Eric didn't see what was happening around him. It made me want to shake him.

Now either Eric and Jess will pull it, off or they won't - but it's a real horse race. Good players all working the game. As it should be.

May the best/luckiest/most manipulative/creative/etc game player win!

6:56 AM  
Blogger C-Lake Winnipesaukee said...

Does anyone know if Eric will lose the money he has earned as America's player, if he reveals his identity to Jessica or the other houseguests?

Happy biking Carolyn! I've biked a lot this summer myself - Carol

7:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alo - Daniele only figured out that Eric was the one making those votes because of the hired plane/banner. So she's not as smart as you give her credit for.

Also, because of Eric, JEric should be... JERK


7:09 AM  
Blogger Evel Girl said...

Lisa- I can't say you are weird for crushing on Eric cause I am totally crushin on Dick (Cliff cover your eyes) and I am sure plenty of people will think that is crazy too. All I can say in my defense is Janelle thinks he's hot too. So there.

7:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When you first had posted that based on Eric's demeanor that America had voted to evict "Jessica" and that he then said he was "in a great mood" - I thought Eric was saying that he was in a great mood sarcastically!- CC

7:17 AM  
Anonymous renee said...

Alo-ITA...Except I do like the D's! I think the alliance is/was a good thing but now D&D have to get Jess out b/c she is hell bent on getting one of them out if she stays???
Jess actually "backed" out of the alliance first she just was not in a postion to act on her desire (or she was in a position but Eric would not allow her to act)Anyways, someone has to act first...I Honestly believe that if Jess would at least stand up and talk to D&D and confirm the alliance they would probably change their strategy...but she would rather stick her head up Jamekas but and listen to everything that lunatic has to say???

7:19 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

anon@5:36 - if it's anything like past seasons, ZAch will not evict the 2nd person. The new HoH will.

anon@5:44 - Thank you very much! :)

Evel Girl - Good Morning! :)

cai - you get me - completely and totally... every morning when i ride alongside the ocean i think, this is what keeps me sane! ;)

Everyone - Good Morning... I'll ba back in a bit. Gotta get the Overnights together!!

7:36 AM  
Anonymous Michael said...

Seems like ED is having a hard time sleeping...wonder if his conscience is bothering him. He has always been very loyal in this game so far!

7:38 AM  
Blogger Cindy said...

So, I wonder if the decision will change when they are all told today to pack their bags? Isn't usually sometime on Wednesday that the nominees are told to pack? If Dick and Daniele are smart, they will realize that they should evict Jameka and go after Zach immediately. Will they have enough time to decide?

7:46 AM  
Blogger kevin said...

i really hope it comes out (much much) later that BB didn't really count the "America's Player" votes... like the BBC and those scandalous revelations, and those were KIDS SHOWS-shame shame.

but taking money for uncounted votes would be beyond the pale, and basically proof that CBS rigged the game for Dick/Daniele/Eric/Jessica.

all in the name of good tv, though, so i dont blame them

7:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


This IS bothering Dick. He and Dani have discussed it.He prides himself on keeping his word and told Dani that "up until now" he hasn't had to break it.That doesn't sit well with him at all.

Eric should be using that.


"Dick, whatever they say about you, they can't say you're not a man of your word. I ,and I'm sure the viewers, respect that...yada, yada, yada..."

It's crunch time Eric.Step it up!


P.S.- The real winner of BB8 should be the one with all the qualities it takes to survive the BB8 experience; brains,humor,dedication,,stamina and patience.

Namely, Carolyn!

8:33 AM  
Blogger Innamorata said...

Morning all :-)

Ok, a few things...........

1st, I was VERY happy to see that CBS chose to air the comments Eric made about Janelle. It was only fair. If it does in fact hurt his game, he has no one but himself to blame since he said it :-)

2nd, the tide is turning against Jess everyone. Last night I went to the local dig around Boston here that airs BB8 on it's scheduled nights and where fans can get together over some wings and beer to watch the show. I thought I would join them last night instead of watching from home (am on vacation from work so what the heck!)

By the end of the show, nearly the entire place was fed up with Jess. There were people there who have been HUGE supporters of hers (they were BOOYAH shirts just to give you an example!) that were very disgusted with her behavior.

The points they were making were this: 1.) tired of her just laying around and expecting Eric to do all the campaigning, talking and strategizing for her. She hasn't ONCE tried to talk to D&D or Zach. They all feel this is pathetic and almost gives the impression that she is too good to fight for herself.

2.) the way she is both treating Eric and the way she has been handling being nominated. Last night a clip showed where she told Eric she was pissed. Well no duh! Who's thrilled about being on the block?!?!? She is heated and taking it out on Eric.

What really got people was when she had the nerve to tell Eric to his face that HE should be on the block not her. If showed how selfish she is and how she feels she is above being nominated. I have to agree with these points people were making.

Last night's show did not reflect well on her. She really is behaving like a spoiled little prima donna and is actually putting Dani's usual antics to shame. The fact that she hasn't once approached anyone to talk or save herself is really turning people off and I have to agree it speaks volumes about her......

I'm pretty aggravated cause i too have been a BOOYAH rah rah cheerleader for weeks now, and now, well.........not so much. This side of her is stomach turning and I don't think I will care now if she's tossed. See ya!

Think about the way she has been behaving, truly think about it. Pathetic. To the extent of blaming Eric for not winning Veto. Hello Miss Thang, you didn't win it either! Do you simply refuse to fight for yourself?!?! Have others do it for you and when they fail, blame them for your fall? Grow up love.

As people have pointed out for some time now, Jess was the 1st to want to turn on her alliance, so for anyone to deem D&D monsters for beating her to the punch is ridiculous. Don't be bitter that they got there before she did folks :-)


8:41 AM  
Anonymous mel said...

With all the drama and the thought of Jess leaving-which really upsets me- I have been plotting some possible revenge scenarios. I am trying to stay positive, but if Jess goes, I want Dani,(would settle for Dick, but prefer Dani), following Jess out the door!....

Of course, Eric winning HOH and then nominating them both would be great, but that does not GUARANTEE D or D eviction, but I had a few ideas that would be ore "concrete" in "hanging" one of the Donatos....

I hope there is a twist to the double live eviction on Thursday....

I think it would be great if the evicted HG gets to choose one or both of the remaining HG to put on the block. Not sure how they would work HOH, maybe they wouldn't do an HOH comp at F5 and.....

After the first eviction, the evicted HG nominates 2 people, maybe they wont even do a POV, or everyone plays for POV, the POV ceromony takes place (with evicted HG replacing nominee if used) and then everyone left, besides the nominees, vote and the second HG is evicted.

Then they have the new HOH comp with 4 left.

Or maybe to make it easier, they do a POV right after the first eviction, and whoever wins cannot be nominated and then the first evicted HG gets to evict whichever HG they want, (minus whoever won POV).

HeHeHe.....I can dream....

8:43 AM  
Blogger Evel Girl said...

Alida- I couldn't believe she had the cajones to say those things to Eric either. They hate you more than me.....rude. I didn't understand how she was mad at him for the veto comp either.

9:22 AM  
Blogger Ray said...

hs1994Humm...The CBS/Big Brother website boards were all a buzz with people voting Jessica off last night. I would have bet the farm on it after reading all the stuff they were saying about Jessica.

9:27 AM  
Blogger Innamorata said...

Eval Girl, wasn't that about a bitch?!?!?!? My jaw dropped at the blatant selfisheness she smacked the kid with!!!

She's making out with him every other hour and then she feels the need to tell him she thinks HE deserves to be in her place, unreal! What's even more bizarre is that Eric never once picks up on her attitude this week since she has been nominated, not once.

I would be MORE than fed up with her behavior right about now if I was him, I just don't get it.

10:06 AM  
Blogger Evel Girl said...

Alida- Two words: Big Boobies.

10:37 AM  
Anonymous mel said...


Everyone has bad days. And that house and situation is very stressful. Not to mention she is on the block with her close friend and ally. I really think that is part of the reason she is not campaining.

I have loved her and Eric from the begining and prolly will continue to love them no matter what. I am a true fan and supporter. Just b/c of a few negative words/actions, I won't turn on her. Everyone has their own positives and negatives that change daily.

So with that said, wanted to give JESS some LOVE & POSITIVITY :)!!!

10:52 AM  
Anonymous jen donato said...

Evil Girl and Alida:
two more words - wet kisses

11:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

are we gonna see any of the sequester house this year?

8:22 PM  

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