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Friday, October 05, 2007

Janelle's BIG Ebay Sale

And now the auctions you've all been waiting for:

Janelle is auctioning off various Winelle Memorabilia, along with her red date-night dress, her finale dress from All-Stars, and some other very cool stuff, like her hockey puck from one of the Veto Comps.

You've really gotta check these out!

Here's the link:
Janelle's Ebay Auctions

Here's what Janelle wrote about her auction of the Winelle memorabilia:

"This auction is for various Winelle memorbilia. All of the items are from Will and signed by him. I am also including a picture of Will handing me a rose that will be autographed by me. This package is priceless.

The only reason I am getting rid of it is to help my little brother out. Since it is for a good cause I am sure Will won't mind.

Over the course of our friendship Will gave me several things. I am including most of it because my current boyfriend will flip out if he finds any of it. It is also time for me to get rid of this hurtful Winelle stuff. Here is what is included Card that Will gave to me in December. It is very cute. I am not posting pictures of it because it could be copied and shared with others. The card is for the winner of the auction to see and anyone else of their choosing. The entire card is written in and it is very nice. A signed Winelle picture...

A mystery BONUS bag containing a special Winelle gift that you will love. It is a little "Winelle dirt" that you have been waiting for... All of the stuff is priceless. If you are a fan of Winelle or even a hater you will love it! Because it is the last of Winelle you will ever see. :) This stuff is some of the rarest Big Brother items out there. Happy Bidding! And yes I always ship to Canada!"

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sure she is selling her Winelle stuff because Will is now living with his long time love.... Erin. The fact that she put it on eBay right after Erin was on Dr. 90210 with Will speaks volumes.

I cannot believe that anyone would pay that much money for a photo of them. This is a crazy world.

2:26 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

anon - she's doing it to help her brother... he's not well.

7:03 PM  

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