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Monday, August 06, 2007

The Creatures are Stirring

11:00am BBT
Kail & Jen in their Bunny Suits

Jen and Kail are the only ones up and they're talking game already. Jen's letting Kail know she is safe, and how stupid Dustin is for trying to get Dani to not put Eric up, since he's the replacement.

Jen: Me, Dick and Zach are definitely voting for you to stay. We only need one more.
Kail: Maybe Jameka?? Well, I will be shocked if both of us survive another week.
Jen: I know. The exact same pattern.
Kail: If Eric does go up, he's gonna freak out.
Jen: Dick and Daniele swear to me they didn't do the mustard. They think Eric did it to keep me at odds with them... and he did joke about it, so... I'm so glad I slept all night... I woke up about 2 and Amber was up reading the bible by herself. Jessica and Eric were in the hot tub. Jameka was sleeping. Zach was sleeping. Dani was sleeping. I didn't see Evel.. maybe he was upstairs... Like, Amber shut herself off from the world...
Kail: What do you mean?
Jen: Like, since the banner.

They talk about the banner and clarify that it said Late Night Crew = Nerd Herd.

Jen: Daniele said she was asked about it in there, which is weird, since they say they don't wanna promote em...
Kail: Maybe cuz Nick...
Jen: Isn't the PoV meeting usually at 1 or so? I thought it was earlier than later...

Everyone else is still sleeping... As it's 11:15am, BB ought to be waking them soon.

Kail: My heart did break for Eric with that thing with Evel... It was very confrontational. It was sad.
Jen: You don't actually think that Eric was working with Evel too?
Kail: I didn't think he was working with anybody. I thought he was just friends with everybody.. but you tell me he's watched all these reality shows, so who knows..
Jen: Do you think Amber's just friends with everybody?
Kail: I do. I'm just surprised with Eric and Evel.. they stay up so late together...
Jen: My clue that Eric was working with Evel was when i won HoH, Evel said, If Eric had won HoH, things would be a lot different... Why else would evel have said that?
Kail: Oooh... Right.. otherwise, why all of a sudden is Evel all mad at Eric.
Jen: Cuz he realizes Eric's working with other people.

Kail: Hm.

A bit of silence, then Jen launches into a big complaint about how she's losing money being in the BB house... how she could have made more money in a day outside the house... Kail agrees. Cry me a river, ladies.

12 noon BBT
Jen and Kail are still outside talking. Everyone else is still asleep, except Zach, who just woke up and is now in the SR, changing his batteries, like a good giant bunny.

Jen is advising Kail how to go about getting Jameka and/or Jess' votes. Bringing up the Jury to them, etc.

12:20pm BBT
Jess & Dustin are up now too, fixing breakfast... Slowly but surely.

1pm BBT
Everyone's up and getting ready for the Veto Ceremony, but no sign of Dani yet. A few minutes ago, Dustin was outside with Kail and Jen, and he was calling Dani a skank and a whore...
    ***like I needed one more reason to hate Dustin?!*@

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Anonymous Renee said...

Carolyn, THis is my cry for help!!! This is my 1st BB season (rookie, I know) so I am having trouble with a couple of things:
1. What does WS mean?
2. Last night did Jen flip on Dick and Dani?
3. Does crack fumes seep out of you rcomputer while watching the live feeds b/c I signed for the 2 week trial but there is no way in hell I am cancelling before the season ends!!!
Thanks for all your updates!!

11:38 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

renee - lol..
1. Pretty sure WS=Weird Situation
2. Nope. She just got some heat off her back. She's outside with Kail now, and she's not filling her in completely either...
3. hehehe.. yup! welcome to the best summer addiction ever. ;)

Thank you for coming to the blog. :)

11:41 AM  
Anonymous MoNYC said...

Bunny batteries, he he. You don't suppose those batteries are Energenizer batteries?

12:06 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

hehe... if they were, i'm sure we'd see some product placement... but i'd like to think they are.

12:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has the POV ceremony happened yet. Ha! I have watched Big Bro since season 1. I havent been really into this season, till this whole situation with Eric has occured. I feel bad for the guy b/c hes not being able to play the game he wants to and is being blamed for what america has made him do. Poor guy! So within the past 48 hours I have been completely obsessed with everything, even to making a spreadsheet of everything (NERD!!!)

This is my favorite BB8 Site!!! Thanks Carolyn for all the info, and Im sure you will post the POV information ASAP!!! Thanks for all that you do!

Kent, TX

1:34 PM  

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