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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Overnight Report

My, my, how things change in a few hours. FYI... as of 6am BBT, Eric, Jess and Dick are STILL up and talking on the live feeds. Spark em up, folks. They're having a great time. :)

Here's the overnight report:

10:56pm BBT
The house guests are all playing a drinking game.
Eric: Are we allowed to curse on Showtime? (takes a drink) F-ck you, America!

The Plot Thickens - Jen's going up.

11pm BBT
Dick, Dani and Zach are outside on the couches chatting. Dani can't stand her being around anymore. Can't stand anything about her. Dick and Zach can't believe it took Dani so long to get to this point. They've been there for ages. The plan, as of 11pm BBT, is to put Jen up as the replacement nominee.

Dick: Man, that beer made me full.
Dani: Jen made me sick...
Dick: She's a bozo and the place is gonna be so much nicer with her gone.
Dani: I'm at wit's end with her. I can't take it anymore.

Here's the clip:

Dick & Eric
12:42am BBT

Eric: Of course I wanna play, but it really doesn't make a difference.
Dick: There's never been a veto comp that was so meaningless to me...
Eric: Who the F cares if I play next week?

Discussion turns to Jen, and they begin whispering.

Dick: As soon as her ball didn't come out of the Veto bag, it was over... I can't wait to see her face when Daniele uses the veto! She's gonna sh-t!
Eric: Well, because as soon as she goes up, she'll know she's in a world of trouble...
Dick: As soon as she goes up, she'll know she's going home.
Eric: Amber thinks she's leaving for sure...

The go on to discuss future plans involving the end game and the rest of the HGs.

Here's the clip:

Dick & Eric
1:10am BBT

Dick: (pensive) Every time I hear sirens, it reminds me that there is a real world out there...

Dick: There's gonna be some big drama on Monday (when Daniele puts Jen up).
Eric: Of course there will be. There always is.
: This is so awesome.

A few minutes later, Dick excuses himself to go to sleep.

    As of 4:52am BBT, Jessica and Eric are still up and chatting in the backyard. They've been switching between game talk, plotting and casual flirting all night long. For quite a while, Jameka was outside with them...

Jameka, Eric & Jess
2:34am BBT

Jameka: Let's say its Jen and Daniele in the final two... Who would you give it to?

Eric and Jessica say Jen. Jameka agrees.

: If those 2 made the final two, I would kill myself.
Jameka: I think Dani will keep me on the block... if she wants her way to get someone else out.
Jess: You have 2 votes right here.
Eric: If she puts up Jen, it's a slam dunk. Whereas, if she put up me, she wont have the votes.

Jameka tries to convince Eric to talk to Dani about putting Jen up.

Eric: If it's the 2 of them (Dick & Dani) sitting there at the end, I would give the money to him... but it's a practical impossibility that it would be the two of them in the end. No one wants that!
    ***Speak for yourself, Eric.

They move on from Dick and Dani to start trashing Jen and her weight gain...

3:13am BBT
BACKYARD - Lounger
Eric and Jess are still talking game. They've been running every possible scenario, including betraying their deal with Dick and Daniele. Jess seems a bit more committed to the ideal of staying true to it than Eric does.

Eric: There is a chance that Amber or Jameka is staying, but whatever happens, it could be the 4 of them taking the two of us out... Maybe we need to choose one side and entirely stick with it... or have an array of people at the final 4. Having one of Dick or Daniele doesn't kill me...We have to convince them to get Zach out next week, then they are in a bad position... (because Jameka and Amber will vote with us) If they wont go for that, and go after Amber next week, and Jen is gone, then they are getting in a hairy position...

Here's a clip of Eric and Jess (flirting, big time) from 4:30am BBT, captured by Quirkydude:

Eric: "There's going to come a time when we just can't resist each other anymore, and we're going to say screw the cameras and just start wildly making out... "

5:23am BBT
Dick, Jess & Eric

Dick has woken up and joined them... Spark up the feeds, folks! :) It's gonna be a fun Sunday in the Big Brother House.

Dick: I can't wait to see that bitch's face... She thinks she's so fine.. She's gonna die. She's gonna f'ing die. She's gonna throw a fit, talk a bunch of shit..
Jess: She's never had to pack her bags.
Dick: Not only will she be packing her bags, she'll be joining Dustin...
Eric: She's had a nice little run of it, sad to see her go.. Not really.
Dick: She shoulda been gone week one.

Dick then starts to talk sh-t about Zach, then they all pipe in about Amber... and how she's been getting dangerously close to winning things.

Dick: She's getting too close. We need to get f'ing rid of her.
Eric: She's playing really hard. Not necessarily well, but very hard.
Dick: Boy has her demeanor changed from week to week.
Jess: I like her better now that Dustin's gone.
Eric: They were a bratty duo.
Dick: I'm so glad he's gone. I probably woulda' been tossed out for slapping him.
Eric: He was such a tool. i actually believe we just underwent our game defining moment...
Dick: Absolutely, and whatever big twist is to come, and it will come... No matter what it is, the 4 of us will work on it together, and come up with the answer... and if we need to use it, we use it, and if not, eff em.
Eric: Maybe they've heard me talk about the land mine enough they'll actually use it...
Dick's Overjoyed
Captured by BBMeme

5:45am BBT
Dick: In the scheme of things, she's gone this week, and I'm so happy.
Jess: There's only 5 people that'll compete for HoH then...
Eric: Yeah.. The three of us, Zachy boy..
Jess: And Amber... Wow.
Eric: That sounds pretty good to me!
Dick: Then again, Zach could stumble of his own Dick and win HoH next week...
Eric: Has he ever even been close?

Now they're tossing around the idea of getting rid of Zach (which is the best thing for Eric & Jess), and Dick's keening to it. Talking about how he doesn't deserve to be here, etc., etc... Then again, neither does Amber...

Turn em on, folks... Happy Sunday on the 24/7 Live Feeds!

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Blogger Peace Vet said...

I think eye boy might blow the game for Jess. am i wrong?

6:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think removing amber or jen would be a good move. i hope zack wins next hoh and takes eric out.

6:46 AM  
Blogger Peace Vet said...

i think if Jen survives the bs jjee should jump

7:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also think Eric will blow it for Jess. She needs to open her eyes. Amber needs to go before Jen...But at the same time Jen is sneaky. I don't trust her. She has flown under the radar for far too long. Eric is a smuck he needs to get out. Dick wants him there, but spoiled lil girl (Dani) still wants him gone. She does get her way alot so we will see.

8:27 AM  
Anonymous Trisha said...

Ok enough with Eric and his lies! He said F America? What is that? He needs to go! He is sneaky, and he is blowing this game for Jess. She hasn't been the greatest player, however she isn't as bad as the rest of the nerd herd. She just got picked with the sour grapes. I hope she realizes it before it is too late for her also.

8:36 AM  
Blogger Cliff O'Neill said...

Cliffie confused!

Still watchin' ya, Chickie! Ya cost me my BunnyTard and I'll ... I'll steal your bandana I will!

(He woefully examines the recently repaired remains of his home and wonders if he'll have to destroy it all over again)

10:30 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

cliff.. hehe.. i look at it this way - if you bunnytard does get nominated post veto ceremony, she just has to work a bit of magic (a la dick last week & eric the week before), and she should be just fine.

10:33 AM  
Blogger Cliff O'Neill said...


But my Bunny is stupid!

(He wonders if Jen is actually a nuclear physicist and does a real good job of disguising her smarts what with that amazing backside to distract people.(

10:45 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

cliff.. just designed a myspace comment JUST for you.. hope you like :)

11:06 AM  
Blogger Cliff O'Neill said...


Hubba hubba! Love me the crazysexycool JenBot!

11:58 AM  
Blogger Daniel said...

Did Eric really say F*** You America? Cuz he really doesn't want to get on our bad side again..

12:56 PM  

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