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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Happy Saturday Big Brother Lovers

As much as I was hoping for a D&D final 2, I gotta admit it, after the initial celebration period, which was great, I'm bored to pieces with the last couple days... There's no end of season drama with who will win, because it just doesn't matter, and both of them keep saying it. They won. Period. Ok.

Last night was one of those nights. Daniele couldn't even be bothered to get out of bed and come play a game with her father, so he played some alone, then went outside to give us all a rundown of just about all the players from all the seasons, and offer his opinion on each and every one... and compare them all to season 8. That's what I fell asleep to... the Dick at Night Show takes on every former BB HG.

As I write this, it's 4:18am BBT. Dick had a bit of sleep earlier, and while he did, Daniele got out of her bed. Now he's back up, sitting at the kitchen counter, and she's in bed again, playing with her split ends. Will the excitement never end?? ;)

Here's the good news: today is jury day. At some point today, the jury will be asking Dick and Daniele their questions, via satellite. The bad news - that's typically blacked out from the feeds. We do, however, usually get to hear all about it from the 2 remaining HGs after the fact - just like with most comps. I suspect the jury questions will spark some conversation and bonding between the Donatos after the fact, and likely before as well, in terms of preparation for it and aftershock.

I'm not sayin' there hasn't been any communication.. just that Daniele has had more than enough being cooped up in the house with her dad now. Given her age and how long they've been captive, I'm not really surprised.

The jury coming to break up the boredom will be good for them... and for us. I'm quite looking forward to hearing all about it from Dick and Dani, in terms of who was most outrageous, and how they handled the questions.

Until then, it's now 4:30am BBT, and the Dick at Night Show has moved back outside to the smokers lounge. "It's chilly" in L.A., says Dick. (I'm jealous.) He has his cigarette and heads back inside to the kitchen. Riveting.

4:47am BBT
Oh sweet lord! Daniele has gotten out of bed and deigned to have her father fix her some scrambled eggs! Let the jury discussion begin - I hope!

5:17am BBT
Mmm.. so far that's a big nope. Dani's talking about how the house smells like puppy breath, and how much she hates that. Hey, at least she's stopped playing keep away.

5:20am BBT
Breakfast of Champions... They both just had scrambled eggs and bacon, and Daniele is enjoying some ice cream for dessert. Ahh, to have the metabolism of a hummingbird.

5:24am BBT
Dani: Remember how weird Dustin used to get about vacuuming? How if anyone else did it, he would get all mad?
Dick: He didn't do anything otherwise though... There were so many people here who did nothing to help at all. Jessica for one. Kail! Eric was a real half ass... He was one that always would say about other people, and then do something once, and make a big deal about it.
Dani: (hiccup!)
Dick: How is your ice cream? Is your ice cream good?
Dani: Yup. Very good.
    ***Riveting, like I said, but I'm glad they're talking.
The two of them do some cleaning.

Dick: Boy, this is something I never thought I'd be doing. Cleanin the house with my daughter at 5 o clock in the morning.
Dani: 5:30.
Dick: (laughs) 5:30.
Dani: how about Eric cleaning all the windows with 409?
Dick: (laughs) There were so many stupid people here. How about everybody cleaning their asses off when there were a bunch of people here, and Jen was arranging the place by color, instead of helping clean?
Dani: I thought it was funny that when there were 6 people here, we all got it done so much faster than when there were 14.

More talk about cleaning.... Dick gives props to Mike for his non-stop cleaning.

Dick: He would clean, and he would also plot with Kail.
Dani: And then he went around and told everybody that if he became HoH, he would put people up based on their cleaning habits. That's why Jess and Eric wanted him gone. Seriously, Jess came to me and said, "How's that gonna help me?"

Dick goes on about how Jessica spent a whole lotta time sleeping... The talk moves into Eric and Jessica or maybe hooking her up with Vincent...

Dani: If Eric had a chance, that means there's definitely hope for Vincent.

Dani brings up her acronym for Eric - CEP (crazy eyed person).

Yada yada yada.. Like I said, I'm just glad they're talking... even if it's about other people. It beats the heck out of watching them in silence.

Dani moves from Zach to Amber and the advice she gave her regarding Nick. Amber told Dani to stop hanging out with Nick so much... she told Nick the same...

Dick: What's worse? Amber saying "I never give wrong advice," or nick actually taking her advice?
Dani: I actually listened to some of her advice early on.
Dick: You did?
Dani: I didn't know she was a mental patient!
Dick: There were so many, like, outpatients here. She needs some serious help. She's on all kinds of anti-depressants and stuff.
Dani: You know who used to go around telling people she was on all these meds? Dustin! What a great best friend!
Dick: How stupid was it of her to tell Eric this horribly personal thing of hers?

OK.. lots of talking, lots of laughing... all about the other HGs, but, like I said, it beats the heck out of silence.

Dick: I can't wait to tell Kail I applied for season 5 & 6 too.
Dani: They were just waiting to put you two in the house together.
Dick: (Big Laughs)

Dani: I wonder who we think made a bigger impression on the show than they actually did.
Dick: Joe.

Dani disagrees... They both agree Jameka and Mike probably didn't make a big dent. Dick asks Dani to play a game with him, and they have a bit of a tiff. She doesn't want to play Chinese Checkers. It's over quickly. They move back on to talking about the season gone by.

Dani: I wanna play Go to Sleep. If only I was Jessica. (pause) I have to say, one of the most annoying things was when Jessica and Dustin spent the whole day in bed, and kept yelling "Jameka!!!"

At 5:53am BBT, they're still up and chatting... Enjoy. :)

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Blogger The Sage Advisor's said...

No excitement left? I knew it hit the D/D crowd evntually. Zach would have been a good plot twist. I would have been happy with dick winning and zach in second place. I hope Allison relaizes their ain't much wind in the sails for the Tuesday finale like it could been with a Zach/Dick can dick win for daughter or will the jury punish him show.

5:46 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

hi sage - slim pickins.. i'm at the point where i'm excited if they talk to eachother.

5:51 AM  
Blogger Doc Rocket said...

Morning Carolyn & everyone!

I'd go out of my mind if I were stuck there for days on end and nothing to do! You'd think BB would give them a board game at least...

I can't believe Tuesday is the fast it flew!

5:53 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Morning Doc :)
Ditto. BB actually gave them a 9 in 1 set of board games last night... So far though, Dani hasn't deigned to play anything.

5:57 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

i'm off to go for a ride...

check in with ya later. :)

5:57 AM  
Blogger Evel Girl said...

Morning All! :)

Carolyn- Hope you enjoyed your ride. It is a balmy 45 degrees here this morning.

Why don't they give them a movie?

7:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

G'Morning Carolyn. I hope your morning bike ride is/was peaceful & refreshing?

Wanted to let you know that the past 34 hours have made it *real* easy for me to vote for Dick. And if the jury is provided with any realisitic footage of the F2's time together, I think it will be an easy vote for Dick to win!

Thanks for your encouragement to go with my gut!


7:10 AM  
Anonymous Michael said...

I believe this is the first season that BB has not givin' the houseguests perks in the house. I can't remember what seasons but I do recall Will getting a trampoline,Sheryl Crow throwing a concert for the HG's,a movie night. Something for the HG's to do! I usually watch BBAD and last night when they gave them "BORED" games, I wondered why BB is so cheap this year?

7:46 AM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

evel girl 45F?? omg, i'm jealous! i'll be lucky to see that in the dead of winter! it's like 90 here. maybe more. bloody hot. but nice ride, thanks. :)

sts - g'morning :) thank you! yes.. a good ride down by the ocean - it always helps to clear my mind. glad you went with your gut! ;)

michael - i dunno, man. definitely a lack of perks goin on... but i'm sure the pvt jet to NY cost plenty (for Power of 10)... perhaps they shot their wad on that?

8:27 AM  
Blogger Evel Girl said...

This is just the beginning. I will be wishing for warmer places when we are in the dead of winter and it's -20 for a high. Then I will be jealous. :)

9:07 AM  
Anonymous Tella said...

the Sage Advisor's

What are you implying?

"I hope Allison relaizes their ain't much wind in the sails for the Tuesday finale like it could been with a Zach/Dick can dick win for daughter or will the jury punish him show."

It's not Alison's fault that Zach choked!

1:14 PM  

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